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Top 5 Aviation Manufacturers & Aircraft Aluminum Supplier

Updated : Apr. 28, 2023

This article mainly introduces the top 5 global aerospace manufacturers and their high-quality aluminum product suppliers, helping you quickly find aerospace grade aluminum product partners. Welcome contact


Top 5 global aerospace manufacturers

Top 5 global aerospace manufacturers


Founded in 1970 and based in the Netherlands, France, and Spain, is a global leader in manufacturing passenger aircraft, military aircraft, and helicopters, surpassing Boeing as the world's largest passenger aircraft manufacturer since 2019.


Founded by William Boeing in Seattle in 1916, Boeing quickly became a leading airline in the region, boasting a $58.16 billion annual revenue and over 143, 000 employees worldwide, manufacturing various aircraft products.

Collins Aerospace

A top global aerospace firm, serves a diverse clientele and partners worldwide, specializing in avionics, electromechanical systems, aviation communication, navigation, airborne equipment, materials, and maintenance services.

Air Industries

A New York-based aerospace manufacturer with 80+ years of aviation legacy, specializes in airframes, engines, parts, and accessories, boasting total assets of $98 million and revenue of $120 million by the end of 2021.


A Spanish aerospace manufacturing company established in 1953. The main business covers aerospace manufacturing, including the design, manufacturing, and maintenance. Chalco is a major supplier of its aerospace aluminum products.

Top 5 global suppliers of high-quality aviation aluminum products

Top 5 global suppliers of high-quality aviation aluminum products


  • Famous aerospace aluminum supplier in the United States.
  • Provide high-quality aluminum products for industries such as aerospace, national defense, automotive, and semiconductor.
  • Provide a wide range of product combinations, including differentiated KaiserSelect for numerous structural aerospace applications ® Product.


  • Provide high-performance aluminum alloy materials, widely used in aircraft fuselage, wings, engines and other components.
  • Participate in many important projects, such as the U.S. Apollo moon landing program, NASA's Space Shuttle program, etc.
  • Alcoa is committed to promoting material innovation and developing new lightweight materials.


  • Complete aerospace level certification: AMS, QQ-A -, EN, BS, DTD, etc.
  • Partners of numerous well-known aerospace manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Kling Airlines, etc.
  • One stop processing and services, such as cutting, stamping, forming, surface treatment, etc., to meet customer needs.


  • Provide high-performance aluminum alloys such as the 2000 series, 7000 series, and 1000 series.
  • Committed to developing innovative material solutions to meet the performance needs of the aerospace industry.
  • The comprehensive production equipment and production line make it one of the important suppliers of aerospace aluminum alloy materials.


  • Aluminum products are renowned for their high strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance.
  • The production capacity meets the high requirements of the aerospace industry for material performance.
  • The commercial aviation field and the defense aviation field have an irreplaceable position.

Application of aluminum in the aerospace field

The aerospace manufacturing industry has always been a high-tech and high value-added industry, and it is also an important manifestation of the national defense strength of many countries. At the same time, high-quality aerospace aluminum product suppliers are also providing essential components and materials for these manufacturers.Quick Quote

  • 2024 aerospace aluminum

    High strength and good machinability, used for aircraft structural components and wings.

    aluminum plate; aluminum profile

  • 7075 aerospace aluminum

    High strength and corrosion resistance, used for manufacturing aerospace components.

    aluminum plate; aluminum profile

  • 6061 aerospace aluminum

    Good weldability and machinability, used in aircraft structures and aerospace equipment.

    aluminum profile, aluminum tube

  • 5083 aerospace aluminum

    Excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, used in aerospace for ship hulls and platform.

    aluminum plate; aluminum profile

  • 2219 aerospace aluminum

    High strength and heat resistance, used in manufacturing high-temperature components.

    aluminum forging; aluminum profile

  • 2618 aerospace aluminum

    high strength and heat resistance, used in high-temperature engine components and engine pistons.

    aluminum plate; aluminum extrusion

  • 7050 aerospace aluminum

    High strength and fatigue resistance, used in structural components and aircraft parts.

    aluminum plate; aluminum profile

  • 6082 aerospace aluminum

    excellent weldability and machinability; used in fabricating aircraft structures and equipment

    aluminum bar; aluminum extrusion

  • 5052 aerospace aluminum

    5052 aluminum foil is commonly used to manufacture honeycomb cores, utilized in the aerospace structures.

    With: 500mm-2800mm

    Length: 1000mm-12000mm

    Surface film

7 tips to quickly choose an excellent aerospace aluminum supplier

1. Product quality and stability

Aircraft manufacturers need to select aluminum product suppliers with stable quality to ensure the performance and safety of the aircraft.

2. Production capacity and scale

Aircraft manufacturers need to choose aluminum product suppliers with sufficient production capacity and scale to meet large-scale production demands.

3. Manufacturing process and technology

Aircraft manufacturers need to choose aluminum product suppliers with advanced manufacturing processes and technology to ensure high-quality products and desired processing performance.

4. Supply chain management capability

Aircraft manufacturers need to select aluminum product suppliers with a sound supply chain management capability to ensure coordination and efficiency in raw material procurement, production, and distribution.

5. Compliance and sustainability

Aircraft manufacturers need to choose aluminum product suppliers that comply with environmental regulations and sustainable development requirements to fulfill corporate social responsibility and market demands.

6. Price and cost-effectiveness

Aircraft manufacturers need to control costs as much as possible while ensuring quality and performance, and choose aluminum product suppliers with reasonable prices and cost-effectiveness.

7. Cooperation experience and reputation

Aircraft manufacturers need to choose aluminum product suppliers with good cooperation experience and reputation to establish a long-term stable partnership and jointly promote business development.

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