2017 T4 T451 Aluminum Bar
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2017 T4 T451 Aluminum Bar

The 2017 alloy combines excellent machinability with high strength, making it one of the most widely used alloys in automatic screw machine processing. It is a tough, ductile alloy suitable for heavy-duty structural components. Its strength is slightly lower than that of 2014.Welcome contact

Purchasing of Chalco 2017 aluminum bar

  • Chalco 2017 T4 T451 T6 aluminum bar conforms to ASTM B221, ASTM B211, ASTM B316, AMS 4118, AMS-QQ-A-225/5, AMS QQ-A-200/9, UNS A92017, EN573, EN485, JIS H4040 etc. specifications.
  • Relying on Chalco production line and its subsidiaries, source procurement, lowest price guarantee.
  • Chalco has the largest inventory and can allocate its subsidiary's inventory products at any time, seven-day delivery guarantee;
  • The quality of large and small batches is the same, and be provided at the lowest price.

Note, customized sizes can be provided. Click to inquire about how to produce customized products with free mold fees.Quick Quote

Chalco 2017 aluminum round rod inventory list

Inventory information is being updated in real-time, and the length can be cut according to customer needs. Welcome to click the button to obtain the latest inventory information and the lowest quotation...

Product Metric diameter inventory mm Inch diameter inventory (inch) Ordering
2017-T4 φ30 1 1/6 Quote
2017-T4 φ40 1 1/2 Quote
2017-T4 φ50 2 Quote
2017-T4 φ60 2 3/8 Quote
2017-T4 φ70 2 3/4 Quote
2017-T4 φ80 3 1/8 Quote
2017-T4 φ90 3 1/2 Quote
2017-T4 φ100 4 Quote
2017-T4 φ110 4 1/3 Quote
2017-T4 φ120 4 3/4 Quote
2017-T4 φ130 5 1/8 Quote
2017-T4 φ140 5 1/2 Quote
2017-T4 φ150 5 7/8 Quote
2017-T4 φ160 6 1/4 Quote
2017A-T6 φ43 1 11/16 Quote

Chalco 2017 aluminum bar hot selling products

2017 T4 T451 aluminum bar

2017 T4 T451 aluminum bar

2017 T4 offers high strength with excellent machinability, while 2017 T451 provides outstanding strength and hardness for applications requiring corrosion resistance.

2017 T6 aluminum bar

2017 T6 aluminum bar

High strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance, commonly used in structural components, aerospace manufacturing, and high-pressure vessels.

2017 cold drawn aluminum bar

2017 cold drawn aluminum bar

Excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy, suitable for precision machining and high-end product manufacturing.

2017 extruded aluminum bar

2017 extruded aluminum bar

Good surface quality and uniform mechanical properties, commonly used in construction, transportation, and electronics industries.

Shapes and size reference of Chalco 2017 aluminum bar

  • 2017 aluminum round bar
    2017 aluminum round bar

    Diameter: 3-600mm

    Length: 1-12m

  • 2017 aluminum square bar
    2017 aluminum square bar

    Side length: 4-100mm

    bar length: can be cut

  • 2017 aluminum flat bar
    2017 aluminum flat bar

    size: thirty-three × 30mm-295 × 1066mm

    Length: can be cut

  • 2017 aluminum hex bar
    2017 aluminum hex bar

    Size: 4-100mm A/F

    Length: can be cut

2017 aluminum round rod performance parameter table

Melting point range(°C) 513-640
Tensile strength Rm/Mpa 390
Yield strength Rp0.2/Mpa 245
Elongation 13
Hardness 115
Elastic modulus average tensile and compressive force: 72.4GPa (10.5×106psi);
Stiffness modulus 27.5GPa (4×106psi)

Equivalent name of 2017 aluminum bar

European Standard OLD WNr UNS ISO USA (AA) GERMANY (DIN)
AW-AlCu4MgSi AU4G 3.1325 A92017 AlCu4MgSi 2017 AlCuMg1

Weight calculation of 2017 aluminum bar products

Calculation of weight of aluminum round rod: π R 2 * h × 0.0000027 (3.1415 * square of aluminum rod radius * aluminum rod length * density, radius length in mm).

Calculation of the weight of aluminum square rod: A side * B side * 0.0027 * h (side length * side length * density * aluminum rod length), unit: mm.

If the length is short, the cutting loss will increase.

The length and width of the incision should have a tolerance of 1-3mm.

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Hot selling products of Chalco 2017 aluminum bar

  • Aluminium alloy 2017 hot finish bar
  • 2017 aluminium cold finish round bars
  • Astm b211 aluminium 2017 cold drawn bars
  • 2017 aluminium half round bar
  • 2017 aluminium hot rolled round bar
  • Aluminium 2017 cold rolled round bar
  • Aluminium 2017 pump shaft quality bar
  • Aluminium 2017A threaded bar
  • 2017a aluminium forged bar
  • Aluminum alloy 2017A extruded rod
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Advantages of Chalco 2017 aluminum bar

  • Good cutting performance, high strength, excellent fatigue strength, and good machining performance.
  • A certain degree of heat resistance, when the temperature is above 125 ℃, the strength of 2017 alloy is higher than that of 7075 alloy.
  • The formability of the hot, annealed, and newly quenched states is good. The strengthening effect of heat treatment is obvious, and the process requirements are strict.
  • Poor corrosion resistance, but using pure aluminum coating can effectively protect it.
  • Cracks are prone to occur during welding, but special processes such as resistance welding or riveting can be used for welding.
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Application field of Chalco 2017 aluminum bar

  • 2017 alloy combines excellent cutting performance and high strength, making it one of the most widely used alloys in automatic screw machining.
  • It is a tough and ductile alloy suitable for heavy-duty structural components.
  • It has high strength (slightly lower than 2014), excellent fatigue strength, and excellent processing characteristics.
  • 2017-T451 T6 aluminum rods are widely used in high-strength structures such as aerospace, machine manufacturing, military equipment, rivets, and sports equipment.
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Chalco 2017 aluminum bar related products recommendation

Chalco can provide you the most comprehensive inventory of aluminum products and can also supply you customized products. Precise quotation will be provided within 24 hours.

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