7039 Aluminum Alloy Armor Plate
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7039 Aluminum Alloy Armor Plate

7039 aluminum alloy is a medium and high strength Al-Zn-Mg aluminum alloy with excellent welding performance, anti-ballistic performance and good processing formability. It can be used to manufacture fire-fighting pressure equipment, military equipment, and armor plates.

Why choose Chalco 7039 aluminum armor plate?

Chalco Aluminum can provide high-quality armor plates, as well as high-quality technical services.

Quality could full meet Aluminum armor sheet plate standard MIL-DTL-46063H standard.

Aluminum alloy customer reference for armor includes UKROBORONPROM, ASELSAN, HEAVY INDUSTRIES TAXILA, Raytheon Company, SF Enginnering etc.

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The specs of Chalco 7039 aluminum armor plate

Alloy Temper Nominal thickness Nominal width
7039 T6; T61; T64 1/2 inch - 4 inches 500-2000mm

The chemical composition of 7039 T64 aluminum armor plate

Element Composition (%)
Si 0.30 max
Fe 0.40 max
Cu 0.10 max
Mg 0.10-0.40
Mn 2.30-3.30
Cr 0.15-0.25
Zn 3.50-4.50
Ti 0.10 max
Al Remainder
Remainder(total) 0.15 max

Thickness tolerances of 7039 T64 aluminum armor plate

Thickness tolerances for production armor and ballistic test plates shall be a specified in the table below.

Ordered Thickness, inches Tolerance (inch)
Minus Plus 1/
0.500 to 0.625, incl 0.025
0.626 to 0.875, incl .030
0.876 to 1.125, incl .035
1.126 to 1.375, incl .040
1.376 to 1.625, incl .045
1.626 to 1.875, incl .052
1.876 to 2.250, incl .060
2.251 to 2.750, incl .075
2.751 to 3.000, incl .090
3.001 to 4.000, incl .110

1/ The values for the plus column are derived from the full range of tolerances specified (for sheet and plate not specified for aerospace applications) in table 3.1 of ANSI H35.2 less the value shown in the minus column. For example, the plus tolerance on a 2.0 inch thick by a 73 inches wide plate would be as


Thickness tolerance (from ANSI H35.2) ±0.060"

Tolerance value shown in minus column 0.060"

Full tolerance less minus tolerance 0.120" - 0.060" = 0.060"

Derived plus tolerance 0.000"

Physical and mechanical properties of 7039 aluminum armor plate

Physical properties

No Properties Metric
1 Density 2.74 g/cm3
2 Melting point 482-638°C

Mechanical properties

No Properties Metric
1 Tensile strength 450 MPa
2 Yield strength 380 MPa
3 Elongation at break 13%
4 Elastic modulus 69.6 GPa
5 Shear strength 255 MPa

Characteristics of 7039 aluminum armor plate

High strength: 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate has excellent strength, which can provide excellent impact resistance and penetration resistance. It is widely used in military and protection fields, and can withstand high pressure and external impact.

Lightweight: despite its high strength, 7039 aluminum alloy armor plates are relatively lightweight, having a higher density to strength ratio than other materials such as steel. This makes it advantageous in applications where weight reduction is required, such as in aerospace.

Good corrosion resistance: aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and can resist common corrosion factors such as water, moisture, acid and alkali. This allows the 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate to maintain its performance and appearance during long-term use in harsh environments.

Easy to process and form: 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate can be processed and formed by hot rolling, cold rolling, forging, welding and other processes. This makes it suitable for application needs in different shapes and sizes, and to meet specific design requirements.

Stable performance: 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate has good stability at different temperatures and can maintain its strength and performance. This allows it to function reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Note that specific features may vary by manufacturer and product specification. If you have specific needs, it is recommended that you contact the supplier or manufacturer directly for accurate and detailed information.

Characteristics of 7039 aluminum armor plate

Key points for choosing 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate

Specifications and dimensions: determine the desired thickness, length and width of the armor plate to ensure that it meets your specific application needs. Different applications may require armor plates of different sizes and thicknesses.

Strength requirements: determine the strength level of armor plate you need to meet specific protective performance requirements. Different armor plate strengths can vary according to application requirements.

Surface treatment: find out if an armor plate requires a specific surface treatment such as blasting, coating, etc. to enhance its corrosion resistance or increase adhesion.

Certification and quality standards: make sure the selected armor plate complies with relevant certification and quality standards, such as military standards or international standards, to ensure its quality and reliable performance.

Supplier reputation and experience: choose a supplier with reputation and experience, they can provide high-quality 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate, and can provide technical support and after-sales service.

Prices and lead times: compare prices and lead times between different suppliers to ensure you are getting quality products with reasonable prices and proper lead times.

Testimonials and case studies: view vendor testimonials and case studies to learn about their experience and performance on similar projects.

When choosing 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate, it is also very important to communicate with suppliers and get their professional advice to ensure that you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Key points for choosing 7039 aluminum alloy armor plate

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