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7075 Aluminium Rod

7075 aluminum rod is a heat treatable alloy with good wear resistance and good weldability. It belongs to super duralumin alloy, which is close to the hardness of steel. 7075 alloy is an ultra-high-strength wrought aluminum alloy and is used in the aviation industry.

7075 aluminium bar rod

7075 aluminum rod product series

Chalco can customize 7075 cold drawn aluminum rods, 7075 ground aluminum rods, 7075 forged aluminum rods, aircraft 7075 aluminum rods, special-shaped 7075 aluminum rods and other products, and can also provide customers with 7075 aluminum rod CNC lathe processing services, military special 7075 T6 Aluminum rods, 7075 T6 aluminum rods for turbines, various specifications can be customized.

7075 F extruded aluminum round bar

7075 F extruded aluminum round bar

7075 F extruded aluminum round bar rod is a free-processing temper of aluminum rod, suitable for products that do not have special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the extrusion molding process, and the mechanical properties of products in this temper are not specified.

It is mainly used as a blank for forging 7075 aluminum rods, etc.

7075 T6 T651 T6511 extruded pre-stretched aluminum rod

7075 T6 aluminum rod is in artificial aging temper after solution heat treatment. If there is no precision requirement for dimensional stability and elastic margin, 7075 T6 aluminum rod can be used.

7075 T651 T6511 aluminum rods are stretched to eliminate the residual stress after solution treatment. For precision workpieces, 7075 T651 T6511 aluminum rods should be used to avoid elastic recovery after processing and unable to maintain dimensional stability.

Tensile Strength: >77 ksi

Yield Strength: >66 ksi

Elongation: >7%

7075 aluminum rod bar can be used in aerospace industry, blow molding (bottle) molds, ultrasonic plastic welding molds, golf ball heads, shoe molds, paper molds, foam molding molds, dewaxing molds, templates, fixtures, mechanical equipment, and mold processing. It can also be used to make high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frames.

7075 T6 T651 T6511 extruded pre-stretched aluminum rod

7075 T652 forged aluminum alloy rod

The temper of the forged 7075 aluminum rod is T652, and its specification is generally above 200mm. Correspondingly, the extruded 7075 aluminum rod is in the temper of T6511 and T6. The chemical composition of the two is basically the same, but the processing technology is quite different, and there are certain differences in the mechanical properties, the compactness of the material and other related requirements.

The forged 7075 aluminum rod has been forged and deformed for many times, and the aluminum material has been fully deformed to obtain a high-performance aviation 7075 aluminum alloy rod with a more uniform structure, a denser material, and higher hardness and strength. After the sensitivity double-A flaw detection, the forged 7075 aluminum rod can be used in various high-demand fields, such as military industry, aerospace, electrical control system, medical treatment, construction engineering equipment and other fields.

7075 T652 forged aluminum alloy rod

Chalco forged 7075 aluminum rods generally have a diameter ranging from 200 to 1000mm, and the length can be determined according to actual needs. Our company can also customize various high-strength forged 7075 rings, forged 7075 aluminum tubes, and various 7075 special-shaped forged pieces for customers.

7075 T73 T7351 aluminum rod

7075 T73 T7351 aluminum bars are stabilized after solution treatment. Improve dimensional stability, reduce residual stress and improve corrosion resistance. T73 is graded aging after solution treatment, the strength is lower than T6, and the corrosion resistance is significantly improved. T3511 is stretched after the above treatment, which improves the corrosion resistance of the 7075 aluminum rod and releases the residual stress.

Tensile Strength: >68 ksi

Yield Strength: >56ksi

Elongation: >10%

Mainly used in aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, fixtures, especially in the manufacture of aircraft structures and other high-stress structures that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

7075 T73 T7351 aluminum rod

Chalco -7075 aluminum rod specification

Product Diameter/Size (mm)
7075 aluminum round bar Φ4mm-Φ200mm, Φ200mm-Φ1000mm
7075 aluminum square bar 6.3mmx6.3mm-250mmx250mm
Length 2500mm, 3000mm can be customized according to requirements
Temper F, T6, T651, T6511, T652, T73, T7351
Production standard AMS B211, EN755-9-2008

7075 aluminum rod chemical composition

Alloy 7075 min Alloy 7075 max
Al Rem Rem
Si - 0.4
Fe - 0.5
Cu 1.2 2
Mn - 0.3
Mg 2.1 2.9
Cr 0.18 0.28
Zn 5.1 6.1
Ti - 0.2
Other Each - 0.05
Others Total - 0.15

7075 aluminum rod physical properties

Material Temper Size (") Tensile Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Elongation in 2" %
Alloy 7075 Bar T651 - 77 66 7
Alloy 7075 Bar T7351 <4" 68 56 10
Alloy 7075 Bar T73511 <0.25 68 58 7
Alloy 7075 Bar T73511 0.25 - 1.5 70 61 8
Alloy 7075 Bar T73511 1.5-3.0 69 59 8
Alloy 7075 Bar T6511 <0.25 78 70 7
Alloy 7075 Bar T6511 0.25-0.5 81 73 7
Alloy 7075 Bar T6511 0.5-3.0 81 72 7

Advantages of Chalco A7075 aluminum rod material in the industrial market

1. Compactness: The unique grain refinement process of 7075 aluminum rod guarantees that there will be no bad phenomena such as sand holes, trachoma, horizontal lines, air bubbles and impurity cracks.

2. Internal stress: The perfect pre-stretching (T651) process can completely eliminate internal stress, and it is not easy to warp, crack and deform during processing and stress.

3. Tolerance accuracy: All products conform to American Standard ASTM B211 specification and Aerospace Materials (AMS) specification.

4. Processing performance: Minimize the deviation of chemical composition, strength and hardness, and prevent adverse phenomena such as "sticky knife" and "knife collapse" during processing.

5. Uniformity: The heat treatment technology is excellent, and the product has a thickness (or diameter) below 300MM, and its strength and hardness are basically consistent.

6. Stability: The production process is all controlled by computer, and there are few human deviations. Different batches of Chalco 7075 aluminum rods can also guarantee basically the same performance.

7. Dyeing effect: uniform and glossy, no streaks, spots or different colors on the surface.

8. Corrosion resistance: Passed the microscopic inspection of metals and alloys, it has excellent stress corrosion resistance and exfoliation corrosion resistance. It will not produce pits, cracks or black phenomenon when used in various media (such as water vapor, weak acid and weak alkali, etc.) for a long time.

9. High temperature resistance: 7075 aluminum rods will not undergo permanent deformation under the working environment of 400 degrees Celsius.

10. Bending degree: 7075 aluminum plate will not crack when bent 180 degrees through semi-conductive bending test.

11. Our company has a large inventory of 7075 aluminum rods, which can provide customers with precision sawing, leveling, wire drawing and other services.

7075 aluminum bar weight

7075 aluminum alloy with a density of 2.85 g/cm3.

Calculation of the weight of the aluminum round rod: πR²*hx0.0000027 (3.1415*the square of the radius of the aluminum rod*the length of the aluminum rod*density, the unit of the radius length is mm).

Calculation of the weight of the aluminum square rod: side A*side B*0.0027*h (side length*side length*density*aluminum rod length), the unit is mm.

7075 aluminum rod price

7075 aluminum rod price: (LME ingot price + processing fee) x weight + packaging fee + transportation fee

price calculation

Please contact Chalco aluminum to inquire about the price, and how much is the processing fee per ton for the relevant type of aluminum square rod. The processing fee for 7075 aluminum rods of different sizes is quite different, and we will provide you with the best quotation.

7075 aluminum rod packing

Packed in export wooden boxes or wooden pallets, fumigated wooden pallets, and provide fumigation certificates.

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