2014 T3 T4 T6 T651 T6511 Aerospace Aluminum Forgings
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2014 T3 T4 T6 T651 T6511 Aerospace Aluminum Forgings

Chalco has AS9100 certification, produces 2014 aerospace aluminum forgings according to AMS 4133, AMS 4134, QQ-A-367, BS 2 L77, BS L 103, MIL-A-21180, ISO 209-1, etc. standards. The common forged products of 2014 aluminum alloy in the aerospace field include forged bars, forged balls, forged shafts, forged discs, forged gears, etc. It is mainly used for airfoils, supports, connectors, wheels and flight control parts.

Chalco high quality 2014 aerospace aluminum forgings

Chalco 2014 aerospace aluminum forging standards

AMS 4133, AMS 4134, AMS 4120, AMS 4121


BS 2 L77, BS L 103


ISO 209-1

Chalco accreditations


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specifications of Chalco 2014 aerospace aluminum forgings

Open Die Forging Cube ≤9T Length≤7000mm,
Disk ≤5T Diameter≤2500mm
Ring ≤5T Outer diameter of quenching parts≤2500mm,
Outer diameter of non-quenching parts≤4000mm,
Cylinder ≤5T Outer diameter 200-800mm, Length≤2000mm;
Outer diameter 801-2000mm, Length≤1500mm;
Axle ≤8T Length≤7000mm,
Backward Extrusion Forged Pipe Outer diameter≤830mm,
Inner diameter≤650mm,
Closed Die Forging Common Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤3.0㎡(Diameter≤1950mm)
Complex Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤1.5㎡(Diameter≤1400mm)

Chalco 2014 aerospace forging purchase guide

Chalco 2014 aerospace forging production capacity and price

Chalco has many years of experience in manufacturing various high-performance, key and safe forged parts, focusing on the performance of aluminum alloy materials, mold design, process design and key technologies of aluminum alloy heat treatment.

Chalco has mold manufacturing and design equipment, multiple forging production lines, and complete testing equipment. Provide comprehensive services and customized services from concept to product design, manufacturing, testing and verification. Ensure the stability and consistency of the products produced.

Chalco has created necessary conditions for high production reliability and optimized process. The 2014 aerospace forgings provided are first-hand sources of goods with stable prices. For specific prices, please contact our customer service personnel to obtain quotations and free samples. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Chalco 2014 aerospace forging performance advantages

High strength and rigidity: 2014 aluminum alloy has high strength and rigidity, especially in high temperature environment, so it is suitable for aerospace structural parts and components with high strength, high load and high temperature stability requirements.

Good corrosion resistance: 2014 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and can effectively resist atmospheric, seawater, oil corrosion and other environments, so it is suitable for complex environments in the aerospace field.

Good machinability: 2014 aluminum alloy is easy to process and form, and can obtain forgings of various shapes through forging, extrusion, stretching and other processes.

Excellent weldability: 2014 aluminum alloy has good weldability and can obtain high-strength and high-quality welded joints through various welding processes.

Reliable mechanical properties: 2014 aluminum alloy forgings show reliable mechanical properties under complex loads, which can ensure the structural safety in the aerospace field.

Characteristics of 2014 aviation aluminum forgings

Chalco 2014 aerospace forgings chemical composition

Element Composition %
Al 90.4%-93.0%
Cu 3.9%-5.0%
Mn 0.4%-1.2%
Mg 0.2%-0.8%
Si 0.5%-1.2%
Fe 0-0.5%
Zr 0-0.25%
Cr 0-0.1%
Ti 0-0.15%

Note: The above percentages are approximate and may vary depending on the specific composition of the alloy.

Chalco 2014 aerospace aluminum forgings hot selling products

Chalco 2014 aerospace forging hot alloy tempers mainly includes T3, T4, T6, T651, T6511.

The main types of forged products include 2014 aluminum alloy open-die forged products, such as forged bars, aluminum alloy forged pipes, aluminum alloy forged rings, etc; And various closed die forging products and special-shaped forgings.

The alloy, shape and size of the product can be customized according to customer requirements.

2014 aerospace forged aluminum bar

Tensile strength ≥415 MPa
Yield strength ≥345 MPa
Elongation ≥10%
Reduction of area ≥20%
Density 2.78 g/cm3
Melting point 535-635°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.8×10-6 /K
Thermal conductivity 121-151 W/(m·K)
Electrical conductivity 42-48% IACS

Landing gear parts: 2014 forged rod is usually used to make landing gear parts, such as suspension bracket and leg, due to its high strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.

Aerospace structural components: 2014 forged bar is usually used to make aerospace structural components, such as strength frame, fixture, support structure, etc., due to its high strength, rigidity and corrosion resistance.

2014 aerospace forged aluminum pipe

Yield strength (0.2% deviation) 324 MPa
Tensile strength 469 MPa
Extend 10%
Hardness (HB) 120
Density 2.78 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.6 µm/m-K
Thermal conductivity 121 W/m-K
Conductivity 33.6 % IACS

Aircraft main landing gear, hub, wing beam, fuel tank and other structural parts;

Helicopter rotor, missile shell and other structural components.

Flight control system components, such as connecting rods, brackets, connectors, etc.

2014 Aviation Aluminum Forged Pipe Application

2014 aerospace aluminum forged disk

Tensile strength (MPa) ≥485
Yield strength (MPa) ≥240
Elongation (%) ≥10
Hardness (HB) ≤145
Density (g/cm3 2.80
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6/°C) 23.1
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 120
Specific heat capacity (J/kgK) 910
Melting point (°C) 533-638
Permeability (T) 0.33

2014 Forged aluminum alloy discs are widely used in the aerospace field to manufacture high-strength and lightweight components, such as engine components, structural components, chassis components, hydraulic components, aerospace propulsion systems and parachute components.

2014 forged aluminum alloy discs are usually used to make gas turbine engine parts, such as compressor blades, turbine blades, front turbine discs, etc., due to their good high-temperature performance and fatigue resistance.

2014 aerospace aluminum alloy forged shaft

Physical properties AMS specification required value Typical value
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥414 490
Yield strength (MPa) ≥290 390
Elongation (%) ≥10 18
Hardness (HB) ≥95 115
Density (g/cm3 / 2.78
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6/°C) / 22.4
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) / 125
Conductivity (% IACS) / 35.7
Weldability / good
Corrosive / good

In terms of aircraft structure, 2014 forged shaft can be used to manufacture aircraft main shaft, landing gear parts and structural support parts;

In terms of engine components, 2014 forged shaft can be used to manufacture turbocharger and combustion chamber parts;

In terms of missiles and satellites, 2014 forged shafts can be used to manufacture structural parts and engine parts of missiles and satellites.

2014 Aviation Aluminum Forged Shaft Application

2014 aerospace aluminum forged hub

Tensile strength ≥450 MPa
Yield strength ≥345 MPa
Elongation ≥8%
Hardness (HB) ≤120
Density 2.78 g/cm³
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.1 µm/m-°C
Thermal conductivity 121 W/m-°C
Conductivity 33.5 % IACS

Landing gear, hub and brake of aircraft and helicopter;

Parachutes, brake parachutes and other components of spacecraft and rockets;

Hub and brake of aircraft ground equipment.

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