2618 Aluminum Bar Rod
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2618 Aluminum Bar Rod

2618 is a heat-treatable Al-Cu alloy, offering versatility. Copper and magnesium boost strength and hardness, though impact elongation, yet maintain good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Widely used across aerospace, mechanical, construction, and transportation industries.

The 2618 aluminum rod, heat-treated, has the ability to operate in higher temperature (200-250°C) applications. It is commonly used for pistons and rotating aircraft components, high-performance automotive sports applications, etc.Welcome contact

Specification of Chalco 2618 aluminum bar rod

Chalco provide high quality 2618 aluminum bar rod products in T1, T6, T351, T851, T62, T6511, T8, T8511, F etc, temper, and the quality can strictly follow the Spacifications below:

AIR 9049, EN3553, AMS4132, NFA 50-702, BS L100, BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

2618 T6 aluminum bar: DTD 717A, DTD 731B, DTD 745A, DTD 5084A

2618 T351 T851 aluminum bar: AIR 9048.640, EN 2123

2618 T651 aluminum bar: AIR 9048.640, WS 3.1924

2618 T6511 Aaluminum bar rod: EN 3553, DTD, 5014, DTD, 5014A

EN 10204 3.1, Third Party Inspection, Buyer Inspection, Mill Test Certificate. also can be procvided according to the customer requirement to ensure tue quality.Quick Quote

 2618 aluminum bar rod

Chalco hot selling 2618 aluminum bar rod products

2618 forged aluminum square bar rod 2618 forged aluminum round bar rod
Maximum weight ≤ 9T Maximum weight ≤8T
Width ≤ 2000mm Diameter ≤ 800mm
Height ≤ 500mm - -
Length ≤ 7000mm Length ≤ 7000mm
Available temper: O, F, H112, T3, T4, T5, T6, T62, T652, T73, T74, T7452, T852, etc.
Executive standard: GBn223, YS/T479, ASTM B247, AMS series standards
  • 2618 alumunum CF bar
    2618 aerospace alumunum CF bar

    Cold-worked for precise dimensions and smooth surface, ideal for aerospace and precision instrument components.

  • 2618 aluminum extruded bar
    2618 aerospace alumunum extruded bar

    Formed through extrusion, providing structural support in construction and machinery.

  • 2618 aluminum round bar
    2618 aerospace aluminum round bar


    Length: less than 7500mm

  • 2618 aluminum square bar
    2618 aerospace aluminum square bar

    Height: 6-50mm

    Length: Less than 7500mm

  • 2618 aluminum flat bar
    2618 aerospace aluminum flat/rectangular bar

    Thickness * Width: (3-10)*(10*130)

    Length: 100-3000mm

  • 2618 aluminum hex bar
    2618 aerospace aluminum hex bar

    Across Flat: 12-65mm

    Length: 100-2500mm

Chalco 2618 aluminum bar rod alloy series

  • 2618 T6 aluminum bar

    High strength and hardness, suitable for aerospace and high-performance structural applications.

  • 2618 T61 aluminum bar

    Offer enhanced strength and toughness, ideal for high-pressure applications.

  • 2618 T651 aluminum bar

    Exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, used in aerospace structures and marine components.

  • 2618 T351 aluminum bar

    Good machinability and moderate strength, commonly used in automotive and mechanical components.

  • 2618 T851 aluminum bar

    High strength and excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, suitable for aerospace and marine.

  • 2618 T62 aluminum bar

    Superior machinability, used in automotive components and fasteners...

The mechanical properties of 2618 aluminum bar rod

2618-T6 T6511 aluminum rod 2618-T8 T8511 aluminum bar 2618-T1 T62 aluminum rod
Tensile strength Rm/MPa 375 MPa 385 MPa 365 MPa
Yield Strength Rp0.2/MPa 315 MPa 325 MPa 305 MPa
Elongation % 6% 5% 5%

The chemical composition of 2618 aluminum bar rod

Element Composition (%)
Si 0.10-0.25
Fe 0.9-1.3
Cu 1.9-2.7
Mn -
Mg 1.3-1.8
Ni 0.9-1.2
Zn 0.10
Ti 0.04-0.10
Other 0.20
Al Remainder

2618 forged aluminum bar Rod

The typical features of Chalco 2618 aluminum bar rod

  • Chalco 2618 aluminum rods has high heat resistance;
  • Chalco 2618 aluminum bar has good thermoplasticity and pressure workability;
  • After crystallization, Chalco 2618 aluminum bar rod has a small critical deformation degree of coarse grains (2-4%);
  • Chalco 2618 aluminum rods have good process performance during casting and pressure processing (whether it is forging, extrusion or rolling).
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The application of EN AW2618 aluminum bar rod

2618 aerospace aluminum bar is a commonly used material in the aviation field, and it is famous for its high strength and high temperature resistance.
2618 aerospace aluminum forgings has the better properties, and used more widely in the aerospace, automotive and military fields.
  • Aluminum alloy 2618 is prized for its high heat resistance, ideal for parts used at elevated temperatures, such as aero-engines and automotive turbochargers.
  • Its thermoplasticity and pressure processing properties make it a go-to choice for aerospace components like large casings and wing beams, especially at temperatures below 150°C.
  • Widely utilized in crafting load-bearing components for supersonic fighter jets, 2618 alloy rods excel in applications requiring high strength above 150°C, including cockpit floors and engine blades.
  • Chalco's 2618 forged aluminum bar rod, primarily employed in aviation forging, offers precision for complex parts, with minimal deformation and machining requirements.

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The application of Chalco 2618 forged aluminum bar rod

2618 aluminum bar rod molds (cold dimensions)

Ø 160 mm Ø 178 mm Ø 201 mm
Ø 215 mm Ø 227 mm Ø 252 mm
Ø 280 mm Ø 314 mm Ø 350 mm
Ø 372 mm Ø 425 mm Ø 435 mm
Ø 518 mm Ø 607 mm Ø 682 mm
Ø 750 mm* Ø 930 mm Ø 1150 mm*

The price composition of Chalco 2618 aluminum bar

FOB price of 2618 aluminum bar rod /cold drawn aluminum rod bars 2618/2618 forged aluminum bar rod= SMM A00 aluminum ingot price on the day of inquiry + processing fee / exchange rate


Aluminum ingot price is SMM A00 aluminum ingot price

FOB price can be US dollar price, Euro price, or Renminbi price, according to customer requirements.

Aluminum alloy 2618 F aluminum bar rod, Aluminium alloy 2618 T6 round bar rod are the 2 most ordered tempers by customers

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We have passed the AS9100 certification required by the aviation industry, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of aerospace materials produced by our company.

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AS9100 certification

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