2618 2618A Aerospace Grade Aluminum Sheet Plate
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2618 2618A Aerospace Grade Aluminum Sheet Plate

In the aerospace industry, the 2618A 2618 aviation aluminum sheet produced according to DTD 5070, MSRR 8016, AIR 9048, DIN EN 2123 etc standards has the characteristics of high strength, high corrosion resistance, high machinability and high thermal stability, and is widely used in Manufacture of aircraft structures, turbine engines, rocket engines etc components.

Why choose Chalco 2618A 2618 aerospace-grade aluminum plate?

Chalco Aluminum provides excellent quality aerospace materials, as well as the best technical services in the market, and has a deep knowledge base on how to support customers in meeting the challenges of the future.

Quality could full meet AMS aviation standard

DTD 5070,

MSRR 8016 ,

AIR 9048,

DIN EN 2123 etc.

Chalco accreditation

We have passed AS9100, OHSAS 18001 and other certifications required by the aviation industry, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of aerospace materials produced by our company.


OHSAS 18001






aerospace certification

We have a complete set of domestic advanced aerospace materials research and development, testing and analysis instruments, which guarantee the efficiency of new product research and development and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In addition, our R&D & innovation and verification capabilities can help enhance customers' competitiveness by saving time and cost in new product development and marketing.

The Chalco brand stands for quality, delivery and a solid reputation. With leading technology and globally competitive products, we can continue to develop together with our customers in the future.

The specification introduction of 2618A/2618 aerospace-grade aluminium plate

Alloy 2618A 2618
Temper O, T6, T62, T651, T351, T81, T851 etc.
Thickness 0.5mm-300mm
Width 500-2650mm
Length 500-12000mm

The chemical composition of 2618A 2618 aviation aluminum plate

Element Composition %
Si 0.10-0.25
Fe 0.9-1.3
Cu 1.9-2.7
Mn -
Mg 1.3-1.8
Ni 0.9-1.2
Zn 0.10
Ti 0.04-0.10
Other 0.20
Al Remainder

The physical properties of 2618A 2618 aircraft aluminum plate

Density 2.77 g/cm3
Melting range 529°C
Thermal Expansion 21.6×10-6 /K
Modulus of Elasticity 71 GPa

What are the characteristics of 2618A 2618 aircraft aluminum sheet?

High strength: the strength of 2618A/2618 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Sheet plate is higher than that of most aluminum alloys, especially at high temperature, its strength is more prominent, and it can meet the high strength requirements of parts manufacturing in the aviation field.

Good corrosion resistance: 2618A/2618 aerospace-grade aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist some acidic and alkaline corrosive media, as well as the erosion of chloride ions and other chemical substances, which can ensure the safety and stability of aircraft parts.

Good machinability: 2618A/2618 aerospace-grade aluminium plate has good plasticity and processability, and can perform complex forming and processing processes, such as stamping, stretching, bending, etc., and can meet the forming requirements of complex shapes of aircraft parts.

Good thermal stability: 2618A/2618 aviation aluminum plate has good thermal stability, and will not have obvious plastic deformation and creep at high temperature, which can ensure the stable performance of aircraft parts in high temperature environment.

Solderability: 2618A/2618 aircraft aluminum plate has good welding performance, and can be processed by conventional argon arc welding, laser welding and other welding methods.

Good low temperature performance: 2618A/2618 aircraft aluminum sheet has good low temperature performance, and can maintain its strength and stability in extremely low temperature environments.

Good fatigue resistance: 2618A/2618 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate has excellent fatigue resistance and can withstand long-term cyclic load without fatigue cracks.

2618 aerosapce aluminum plate

What items should be paid attention to when purchasing 2618A 2618 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate?

Specifications and dimensions: understand the specifications and dimensions of the panels, including parameters such as the thickness, width and length of the panels, to ensure that the purchased panels meet your needs.

Chemical composition and performance: Chalco Aluminum ensures that the chemical composition of 2618A 2618 Aluminum Sheet meets the standards, and the performance meets the requirements, such as hardness, strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

Material certification: you need to ensure that the purchased 2618A 2618 aviation aluminum plate meets the relevant material certification standards. In the field of aerospace and defense, Chalco Aluminum has passed standard tests such as DTD 5070, AIR 9048, DIN EN 2123, and obtained corresponding certifications.

Supplier reputation: Chalco Aluminum is a supplier with a good reputation and good service record, which can ensure you to get high-quality products and timely after-sales service.

Price: considering the cost of 2618A 2618 Aluminum Plate, Chalco Aluminum is moderately priced and widely favored by aviation parts manufacturers.

Production process: Chalco Aluminum has a complete aviation quality control system to ensure that the products meet your quality requirements.

Packaging and Shipping: Chalco Aluminum has fully considered the packaging and shipping methods of aluminum sheets to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation.

key points for buying 2618 aerospace aluminum plate

The application of 2618A 2618 aviation aluminum plate

2618A 2618 T351 aerospace-grade aluminum plate

With high strength and toughness, as well as good fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, it is mainly used to manufacture important aircraft parts such as structural parts, landing gear, propellers and aerodynamic parts.

2618A 2618 T851 aerospace-grade aluminium plate

With high strength, high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance, it can be used to manufacture important aircraft parts such as hubs, engine parts and structural parts.

2618A 2618 T6 aviation aluminum plate

With high strength and toughness, it is suitable for some aerospace parts that require high strength and rigidity, such as structural parts, aircraft engine parts, brakes, drive shafts, etc.

2618A 2618 T651 aircraft aluminum plate

With high flatness and dimensional stability, it is suitable for some aviation parts that require high flatness and precision, such as aircraft fuselage, cockpit, wing, vertical tail, avionics equipment, etc.

2618A 2618 O aircraft aluminum sheet

With good plasticity and formability, it is suitable for some aerospace parts that require high formability and plasticity, such as aircraft shells, aviation brakes, etc.

2618A 2618 T62 aviation aluminum plate

With a certain strength and toughness, it is suitable for some aviation parts that require less strength and toughness, such as aircraft propellers, wing structural parts, etc.

2618A 2618 T81 aerospace grade aluminum sheet plate

With high strength and rigidity, it is suitable for some aerospace parts that require high strength and rigidity, such as aircraft engine parts, brakes, etc.

application of 2618 aerospace aluminum plate

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