6082 T6/T4 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forgings
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6082 T6/T4 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forgings

Why Chalco 6061 aluminum forgings?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

BS L112 Alloy 6082 Forging Stock and Forgings.

We meet international aviation certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Chalco can ensure that our 6082 aluminum forgings have sufficient strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and reliability in aerospace applications.

features of 6082 aerospace aluminum forging

Specification of 6082 T6/T4 aluminum forgings

Forging Types Max Weight Max Measurement
Open Die Forge cube ≤5T Length≤7000mm;
disc ≤5T diameter≤2500mm
ring ≤5T Outer diameter of quenching parts≤2500mm;
outer diameter of non-quenching parts≤4000mm;
cylinder ≤5T Out diameter 200 to 800mm; Length≤2000mm;
outer diameter 801 to 2000mm; length≤1500mm
axle ≤8T length≤7000mm,
Closed Die Forge PVA≤3.0 (Diameter≤1950mm)
Complicated closed die forge parts PVA≤1.5㎡\ (Diameter≤1400mm)

Chemical composition of 6082 aluminum forgings

Element Weight Percentage
Si 0.70-1.30
Fe 0.5
Cu 0.1
Mn 0.40-1.00
Mg 0.60-1.20
Cr 0.25
Zn 0.2
Ti 0.1
Other Each 0.05
Other Total 0.15
Al Balance (Aluminum)

Typical material properties for 6082 aluminium forging

Condition T4 T6
Tensile Strength UTS (MPa) ≥240 ≥310
Yield Strength YS (MPa) ≥105 ≥275
Elongation EL (%) ≥8 ≥8
Heat Treatment Natural Cooling Artificial Aging

Guarantee of Chalco promise

The size and geometry of 6082 aluminum forgings comply with relevant standards, including requirements for length, width, thickness, diameter, flatness, straightness, roundness, etc.

Chalco conducts quality control on materials, including the control of raw material selection, production process, testing methods, etc., to ensure that the quality of products meets relevant standards and regulations.

Our products should have clear marks and logos, and the logos include information such as material type, specification, production batch number, etc.

Chalco 6082 aerospace aluminum forging

Application of 6082 aviation aluminum forgings

6082 T6 aluminum forgings

  • Aircraft structural components: wing, skin panel, fuselage and other parts.
  • Engine components: air intakes, turbine blades, housings, etc.
  • Aerospace components: missiles, satellites, rockets, etc.

6082 T4 aluminum forgings

  • Interior decorative parts: seat brackets, fasteners, handles, etc.
  • Fuel system components: fuel tanks, fuel pipelines, etc.
  • Aerospace electronic equipment components: instruments, control panels, etc.

application of 6082 aerosapce aluminum forging

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