2B50 T6 Aerospace Aluminum Forgings
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2B50 T6 Aerospace Aluminum Forgings

2B50 aluminum forgings not only have good formability and machinability, but also have high heat resistance and fatigue resistance, which can be used in extreme environments. The excellent performance of 2B50 aluminum forgings makes it one of the indispensable important parts in modern industry.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 2B50 aluminum forgings?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

GJB 2351-2004

HB 5204-96

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specs of 2B50 aluminum forgings

Open Die Forging Cube ≤9T Length≤7000mm,
Disk ≤5T Diameter≤2500mm
Ring ≤5T Outer diameter of quenching parts≤2500mm,
Outer diameter of non-quenching parts≤4000mm,
Cylinder ≤5T Outer diameter 200-800mm, Length≤2000mm;
Outer diameter 801-2000mm, Length≤1500mm;
Axle ≤8T Length≤7000mm,
Backward Extrusion Forged Pipe Outer diameter≤830mm,
Inner diameter≤650mm,
Closed Die Forging Common Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤3.0㎡(Diameter≤1950mm)
Complex Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤1.5㎡(Diameter≤1400mm)

Chemical composition of 2B50 aluminum alloy

Element Composition %
Si 0.70-1.20
Fe 0.90-1.50
Cu 1.9-2.50
Mn 0.20
Mg 1.40-1.80
Ni 0.80-1.40
Zn 0.15
Al Remainder

Mechanical property of 2B50 aluminum forgings

Standard GJB 2351 HN 5204
Type Free forgings Die forgings Free forgings Die forgings
Temper T6 T6 T6 T6
L Rm/MPa 365 380 365 380
Rp0.2/MPa - 275 - 275
A5% 8.0 10.0 9.0 11.00
LT Rm/MPa 345 365 345 365
Rp0.2/MPa - 245 - 245
A5% 6.0 7.0 6.0 7.0
ST Rm 335 345 335 345
A5% 4.0 5.0 4.0 5.0
HBS 95 100 95 100

Features of 2B50 aluminum forgings

High strength: 2B50 aluminum forgings are high-strength aluminum alloy forgings with high strength and rigidity, which can meet some applications with high strength and rigidity requirements.

Good machinability: 2B50 aluminum forgings have good forgeability and machinability, and can be processed by various processing methods, such as milling, drilling, stamping, etc.

Good corrosion resistance: 2B50 aluminum forgings have good corrosion resistance and can be used in some harsh environments, such as marine environment, acid rain, etc.

Good thermal stability: 2B50 aluminum forgings have good thermal stability, and can maintain good mechanical and physical properties even in high temperature environments.

Easy surface treatment: the surface of 2B50 aluminum forgings is easy to undergo various treatments, such as anodizing, spraying, etc., to meet different appearance and functional requirements.

features of 2B50 aerospace aluminum forging

Uses of 2B50 aluminum forgings

  • 2B50 aluminum forgings are mainly used in the aerospace field, applications include but not limited to the following:
  • Aircraft structural parts, such as wings, fuselage, engine casing, etc.;
  • Rotating parts of aerospace engines, such as turbine blades, compressor impellers, guide impellers, bearing shells, high-pressure cylinders, etc.;
  • Structural parts of aerospace vehicles, such as missile fuselage, satellite casing, rocket engine components, etc.
  • 2B50 aluminum forgings have excellent properties such as high strength, high toughness, excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and can meet the high requirements for material properties in the aerospace field, so they are widely used in the aerospace field.

application of 2B50 aerospace aluminum forging

What precautions should be taken when purchasing 2B50 aluminum forgings?

When purchasing 2B50 aluminum forgings, you need to pay attention to the following items:

Choose a reputable supplier: to purchase 2B50 aluminum forgings, you need to choose a reputable supplier. You can find out about its reputation by inquiring about its corporate qualifications and customer evaluations.

Confirm material standards and specifications: 2B50 aluminum forgings have different material standards and specifications. You need to confirm whether the required material standards and specifications meet your needs, so as not to buy the wrong product.

Check the surface quality of aluminum forgings: when purchasing 2B50 aluminum forgings, it is necessary to check the surface quality of aluminum forgings, whether there are obvious defects such as oxidation and unevenness.

Confirm the quality certificate and test report: to purchase 2B50 aluminum forgings, you need to confirm whether there are relevant quality certificates and test reports to ensure that the quality and performance of the product meet the standard requirements.

Confirm the delivery date and transportation method: when purchasing 2B50 aluminum forgings, it is necessary to confirm the supplier's delivery date and transportation method to ensure that the product can arrive on time and not be damaged during transportation.

key points for buying 2B50 aerospace aluminum forging

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