7075 O/T3/T4/T74511/T76511 Aerospace Aluminum Profile Extrusion
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7075 O/T3/T4/T74511/T76511 Aerospace Aluminum Profile Extrusion

7075 aluminum alloy has high strength and is one of the main structural materials in the aviation industry. The development of modern aviation industry requires aviation structural materials to have higher strength, better fracture toughness, and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Chalco's capacity for producing aerospace grade aluminum: AS9100, OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, ISO9001, NADCAP HT, NADCAP NDT, IATP16949

Production standard for Chalco's 7075 aerospace aluminum profile: GB/T3190–1996, JIS H4000-1999 JIS H4080-1999, EN573-3-1994, AMS 4154, AMS 4166, BSL160 etc.Welcome contact

aerospace certification

Specifications of 7075 aerospace grade aluminum extrusions

Temper T3, T6, T8, T651, T6511, etc.
Surface treatment Anodizing, plating, painting/coating, polishing, sanding, chemical etching, etc.
Open Profile dimensions Min 4mm*3mm, Max.850mm*50mm.
Closed profiles dimension Min.6.35mm*1mm, Max. 573mm*10mm.
Section area 0.2-90cm2
Wall thickness 1-100mm
Outline size 10-530mm
Profile length Maximum 28m (standard 6000mm)
Extrusion Type Dimension range (inches) Wall thickness range (inches)
7075 aluminum round tube 1-10 0.125-0.75
7075 aluminum square tube 1-8 0.125-0.5
7075 aluminum rectangular tube 1*2-8*12 0.125-0.5
7075 aluminum angle 1*1-8*8 0.125-0.5
7075 aluminum T-profile 1*1-6*6 0.125-0.5
7075 aluminum U-profile 1*0.5-6*2 0.125-0.5
7075 extruded aluminum round bar diameter Φ0.20-8.0 -
7075 extruded aluminum square bar diameter 0.20-8.0 -
7075 extruded aluminum flat bar specifications Thickness: 0.006-1.6 Width: 0.4-8.0 -
7075 extruded aluminum hexagonal bar diameter 0.2-8 -

7075 aerospace grade aluminium extruded profile products

7075 T6 T651 aluminum extrusion profile

Shape: I-beams, angles, channels, and T-profiles...

Application: Structural components in fuselage, wings, and landing gear.

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7075 T6 T651 aluminum extrusion profile
7075 T73 T7351 T73511 aluminum extrusion profile

7075 T73 T7351 T73511 aluminum extrusion profile

Shape: I-beams, angles, channels, and T-profiles, etc.

Application:Critical components requiring superior corrosion resistance.

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7075 Extruded Tube

Shape: Round, square, rectangular, and oval profiles...

Application: Structural tubing in frames, hydraulic systems, and engines.

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7075 Extruded Tube
7075 Extruded Bar

7075 Extruded Bar

Shape: Round, square, hexagonal, and flat bars...

Application:Structural components, fittings, and fasteners.

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7075 Extruded Profile in Other Shapes

Shape: D-shaped, C-shaped, L-shaped, angle and custom profiles...

Application: Various structures and components, including fuselage frames and interior fittings.

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7075 Extruded Profile in Other Shapes

Chemical composition of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion

Element Composition (%)
Si 0.40
Fe 0.50
Cu 1.2-2.0
Mn 0.30
Mg 2.1-2.9
Cr 0.18-0.28
Zn 5.1-6.1
Ti 0.20
Other 0.20
Al Remainder

Mechanical properties of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion

Aluminium Alloy/Temper Tensile strength Rm/Mpa Yield strength Rp0.2/Mpa Elongation /% A HBW
530-540 460-470 6 150
485 420 7 135
510-515 440-450

Characteristics of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum profiles

  • High tensile strength and yield strength, which can usually reach more than 550 MPa.
  • Good corrosion resistance and good resistance to most corrosive media.
  • Good heat treatment performance, and higher strength and hardness can be obtained through heat treatment.
  • Lower density, so it has a lighter weight and is suitable for aerospace and other fields.
  • Good fatigue resistance under cyclic loads and can withstand long-term dynamic loads.
  • Good stability and corrosion resistance in high temperature environments, and are suitable for applications under high temperature working conditions.
  • After proper heat treatment, 7075 aviation aluminum profiles can obtain higher hardness.

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7075 aerospace aluminum profile

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FAQ for purchasing 7075 aluminum aircraft extrusion

Q: What capabilities should the manufacture have for aerospace material production?

A: Chalco Aluminum possesses advanced aerospace materials R&D, testing, and analysis instruments, ensuring efficient new product development and swift technological advancements. Our R&D, innovation, and verification capabilities save time and cost in new product development.

Q: How is the material quality ensured for 7075 aluminum alloy?

A: Chalco Aluminum strictly adheres to standards such as A97075, AMS 4154, and AMS 4166 to produce 7075 aluminum alloy profiles. This guarantees the material quality and adherence to relevant standards.

Q: How is the heat treatment temper controlled for 7075 aviation aluminum profiles?

A: Our profiles are produced in strict accordance with aviation standards to ensure the heat treatment status, including aging and temperature, meets usage requirements.

Q: Why choose Chalco Aluminum as the aerospace grade aluminum supplier?

A: Chalco Aluminum is a reputable supplier known for its quality and reliability. Choosing us ensures confidence in your purchase, along with excellent after-sales service and quality assurance.

Q: where can buy 7075 aviation aluminum profiles at the lowest price?

A: Chalco offers competitive pricing, making us a preferred choice for aviation parts manufacturers.

Q: How do you handle delivery time and service?

A: Chalco provides timely delivery and high-quality after-sales service, ensuring your supply needs are met efficiently.

Q: How are packaging and transportation managed for 7075 aviation aluminum profiles?

A: Chalco offers suitable packaging and transportation solutions to safeguard profiles during transit, preventing damage.

Chalco can provide you the most comprehensive inventory of aluminum products and can also supply you customized products. Precise quotation will be provided within 24 hours.

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