7050 T74/T7452 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forging
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7050 T74/T7452 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forging

Why Chalco 7050 aluminum forgings?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

AMS 4107 7050-T74 die forgings,

AMS 4108 7050-T7452 hand forgings,

AMS 4201 7050-T7452 die forgings

We meet international aviation certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Chalco can ensure that our 7050 aluminum forgings have sufficient strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and reliability in aerospace applications.

features of 7050 aerosapce aluminum forging

Specification of 7050 T74/T7452 aluminum forgings

Open Die Forging Cube ≤9T Length≤7000mm,
Disk ≤5T Diameter≤2500mm
Ring ≤5T Outer diameter of quenching parts≤2500mm,
Outer diameter of non-quenching parts≤4000mm,
Cylinder ≤5T Outer diameter 200- 800mm,Length≤2000mm;
Outer diameter 801- 2000mm,Length≤1500mm;
Axle ≤8T Length≤7000mm,
Backward Extrusion Forged Pipe Outer diameter≤830mm,
Inner diameter≤650mm,
Closed Die Forging Common Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤3.0 ㎡(Diameter≤1950mm)
Complex Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤1.5 ㎡(Diameter≤1400mm)

Chemical composition of 7050 aluminum forgings

Element Mass Fraction %
Aluminum 86.4-90.0
Zinc 6.0-7.0
Magnesium 2.1-2.9
Copper 1.4-2.0
Manganese ≤0.10
Chromium ≤0.04
Titanium ≤0.06
Germanium ≤0.06
Strontium ≤0.03
Any other single impurity ≤0.05
Total impurities ≤0.15

Physical property for 7050 aluminium forgings

Physical Property value
Melting Point, °F(°C) 1060-1180 (571-638)
Thermal Expansion, in/in/°F(µm/m/°C) 13.1*10-6 (23.6*10-6)
Electrical Resistivity, µohm-cm 3.5
Thermal Conductivity, Btu/(ft * h * °F) (W/m * K) 79.4 (137)
Specific Heat, Btu/(lb * °F) (J/kg * K) 0.24 (1005)
Density, lb/in^3 (g/cm3) 0.101 (2.81)
Elastic Modulus, ksi (GPa) 10.8*10-6 (74.5)
Poisson's Ratio 0.33

Melting property requirements for 7050 forgings

Melting Property value
Solidus Temperature, °F(°C) 1010 (544)
Liquidus Temperature, °F(°C) 1090 (588)
Brazing Temperature Range, °F (°C) 1125-1175 (607-635)

Guarantee of Chalco promise

  • Surface Quality: no scratches, pits, cracks, or other surface defects that affect the serviceability of the product.
  • Workability: good formability and machinability.
  • Fracture Toughness: minimum KIC of 28 ksi√in (31 MPa√m).

Application of 7050 aluminum forgings

Application of 7050 T74 aluminum forgings

This type of aerospace aluminum forgings has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue performance, and is commonly used to manufacture aircraft fuselages, wing-fuselage structures, wing frames, as well as spacecraft and missiles.

Application of 7050 T7452 aluminum forgings

Compared to T74 type, this type of aerospace aluminum forgings has better plasticity and toughness, and is usually used to manufacture structural components that require high strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue performance, such as aircraft wings, flaps, control surfaces, etc.

application of 7050 aerospace aluminum forging

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