7050 T74 T7452 T736 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forging
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7050 T74 T7452 T736 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forging

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7050 is known as the "flying aluminum" due to its outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking and excellent peel resistance. Additionally, 7050 exhibits improved toughness, corrosion resistance, and excellent anodizing performance.Quick Quote

Its low sensitivity to quenching allows 7050 to maintain high-strength performance for extended periods, especially in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 inches, surpassing other high-strength alloys.

It is advisable to avoid conventional welding with 7050, as the welding process can compromise the strength of the alloy.Quick Quote

features of 7050 aerosapce aluminum forging

Why Chalco 7050 aluminum forgings?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

AMS 4107 7050-T74 die forgings, AMS 4108 7050-T7452 hand forgings, AMS 4201 7050-T7452 die forgings

We meet international aviation certification

AS9100, OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, ISO 9001, NADCAP HT, NADCAP NDT, IATP16949

Meet military standards

MIL-DTL-32341, MIL-DTL-45225, MIL-DTL-46027, MIL-DTL-46083E, MIL-DTL-32375B, GJB 9614-2019, GJB 1540-2021Quick Quote

aerospace certification

Specification of 7050 T74 T7452 T736 aluminum forgings

Open Die Forging Cube ≤9T Length≤7000mm,
Disk ≤5T Diameter≤2500mm
Ring ≤5T Outer diameter of quenching parts≤2500mm,
Outer diameter of non-quenching parts≤4000mm,
Cylinder ≤5T Outer diameter 200- 800mm, Length≤2000mm;
Outer diameter 801- 2000mm, Length≤1500mm;
Axle ≤8T Length≤7000mm,
Backward Extrusion Forged Pipe Outer diameter≤830mm,
Inner diameter≤650mm,
Closed Die Forging Common Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤3.0 ㎡(Diameter≤1950mm)
Complex Closed Die Forgings - PVA≤1.5 ㎡(Diameter≤1400mm)

7050 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Machining

Performance of 7050 Aluminum Forgings

Mechanical behavior Metric imperial
Hardness, Brinell 140 140
Hardness, Knoop 177 177
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 524 MPa 76000 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield 469 MPa 68000 psi
Elongation at Break 11% 11%
Modulus of Elasticity 71.7 GPa 10400 ksi
Poissons Ratio 0.33 0.33
Shear Modulus 26.9 GPa 3900 ksi
Shear Strength 303 MPa 44000 psi

Chemical composition of 7050 aluminum forgings

Element Mass Fraction %
Aluminum 86.4-90.0
Zinc 6.0-7.0
Magnesium 2.1-2.9
Copper 1.4-2.0
Manganese ≤0.10
Chromium ≤0.04
Titanium ≤0.06
Germanium ≤0.06
Strontium ≤0.03
Any other single impurity ≤0.05
Total impurities ≤0.15

Physical property for 7050 aluminium forgings

Physical Property value
Melting Point, °F(°C) 1060-1180 (571-638)
Thermal Expansion, in/in/°F(µm/m/°C) 13.1*10-6 (23.6*10-6)
Electrical Resistivity, µohm-cm 3.5
Thermal Conductivity, Btu/(ft * h * °F) (W/m * K) 79.4 (137)
Specific Heat, Btu/(lb * °F) (J/kg * K) 0.24 (1005)
Density, lb/in^3 (g/cm3) 0.101 (2.81)
Elastic Modulus, ksi (GPa) 10.8*10-6 (74.5)
Poisson's Ratio 0.33

Melting property requirements for 7050 forgings

Melting Property value
Solidus Temperature, °F(°C) 1010 (544)
Liquidus Temperature, °F(°C) 1090 (588)
Brazing Temperature Range, °F (°C) 1125-1175 (607-635)

Chalco 7050 Aluminum forging related hot selling products in stock

Chalco Aluminum forging product type

Our factory has special planing, cutting, heat treatment, straightening, machining and testing equipment to ensure consistent high quality and fast turnover of forged bar products. Our bar forging products are used in a variety of applications, such as aerospace, defense, infrastructure, mining, nuclear energy, oil and gas, heavy industrial equipment and power generation.Quick Quote

  • Forging block
    Forging block

    Our custom forged block, not only allow for a near-net shape, but they also have inherent advantages achieved through the forging process.

    High Strength Precision Shapes Improved Material Properties
  • Forged bar products
    Forged bar products

    Our factory has special planing, cutting, heat treatment, straightening, machining and testing equipment to ensure consistent high quality and fast turnover of forged bar products.

    High Strength Good processability Good mechanical properties
  • Forged aluminum pipe
    Forged aluminum pipe

    Forged aluminum tubes can not only be produced into straight cylindrical shape, but also have an infinitely variable outer diameter and inner diameter. We also provide various wall thicknesses and configurations to meet customer requirements.

    High Strength Corrosion resistance Exact dimensions
  • Forged aluminum ring
    Forged aluminum ring

    When purchasing hubs and spindles, product integrity is critical often making or breaking a part in the field. Machined castings or hot-rolled machined bars tend to have poor structural integrity or inclusions that lead to problems with cracking and part failure.

    High Strength High precision Good internal quality
  • Hub and tool forgings
    Hub and tool forgings

    When purchasing hubs and spindles, product integrity is critical. Machined castings or hot rolled bars often have poor structural integrity or inclusions, leading to cracking and part failure.

    High Strength Lightweight Good heat dissipation
  • HForged step shafts, crankshafts and rotor shafts
    Forged step shafts, crankshafts and rotor shafts

    Our years of custom forging expertise allow us to manufacture custom forged crankshafts to meet the most exacting specifications. At Chalco, we produce guaranteed sound-centered forged step shafts, crankshafts and rotor shafts with any combination of round, square, rectangle or polygonal dimensions, concentric or eccentric configurations and tapers or custom shapes.

    High strength and stiffness good mechanical properties High reliability

If you have any forging needs, please contact us.Quick Quote

What is the difference between 7050 and 7075?

Alloy 7050 exhibits better toughness/corrosion resistance characteristics than alloy 7075. Because it is less quench sensitive than most aerospace aluminum alloys, 7050 retains its strength properties in thicker sections while maintaining good stress corrosion cracking resistance and fracture toughness levels.

7050 Aluminum: 7050 is known for its combination of high strength and toughness. It has slightly better stress corrosion cracking resistance than 7075.

7075 Aluminum: 7075 is known for its exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio and is often considered one of the strongest aluminum alloys available. It might not have the same level of toughness as 7050 but is still widely used in applications where high strength is crucial.Quick Quote

Guarantee of Chalco promise

  • Surface Quality: no scratches, pits, cracks, or other surface defects that affect the serviceability of the product.
  • Workability: good formability and machinability.
  • Fracture Toughness: minimum KIC of 28 ksi√in (31 MPa√m).

Application of 7050 aluminum forgings

Application of 7050 T74 aluminum forgings

This type of aerospace aluminum forgings has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue performance, and is commonly used to manufacture aircraft fuselages, wing-fuselage structures, wing frames, as well as spacecraft and missiles.Quick Quote

Application of 7050 T7452 aluminum forgings

Compared to T74 type, this type of aerospace aluminum forgings has better plasticity and toughness, and is usually used to manufacture structural components that require high strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue performance, such as aircraft wings, flaps, control surfaces, etc.

application of 7050 aerospace aluminum forging

To reduce heat treatment stress and prevent quenching deformation

pre-compression should be applied to free forgings after solution treatment and before artificial aging, with a permanent deformation of 1.5%-5.0% to eliminate internal stresses.

The formability of this alloy is similar to that of 7075 aluminum alloy. If the initial forging temperature is too high, hot forging is prone to occur, which is unfavorable for the hammer forging process.Quick Quote

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