6061 6063 T6 Aluminum Street Light Pole
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6061 6063 T6 Aluminum Street Light Pole

Why choose Chalco aluminum street light pole?

Aluminum alloy light poles are already quite mature products, especially in European and American countries. For safety reasons, the European Union has mandated that light poles must be made of aluminum alloy materials. Chalco aluminum light poles have obtained the European Union's CE certification.

street light pole

Specifications of Chalco aluminum street light pole?

Alloy 6061, 6063
Temper T6
Length 3-12m
Wall thickness 3-10mm
Max OD 166mm
Top OD 90mm
Bottom OD 166mm
Surface treatment Color coating, polishing, anodizing
Color Black, silver, gray or customized
Package Wooden box packaging or customized

Chemical composition of Chalco aluminum street light pole

Element Composition (%)
6061 6063
Al Remainder Remainder
Cr 0.04-0.35 0-0.1
Cu 0.15-0.4 0-0.1
Fe 0-0.7 0-0.35
Mg 0.8-1.2 0.45-0.9
Mn 0-0.15 0-0.1
Si 0.4-0.8 0.2-0.6
Ti 0-0.15 0-0.1
Zn 0-0.25 0-0.1
Other(each) 0-0.05
Other(total) 0-0.15

Mechanical properties of Chalco aluminum street light pole

Alloy Temper Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Hardness (HB)
6061 T6 276 241 12 88
6063 215 185 12 73

Advantages of Chalco aluminum street lighting poles

Lightweight yet strong: Chalco aluminum alloy poles are relatively lightweight while still providing high strength, enabling sufficient support and stability.

Corrosion resistance: the oxidation film on the aluminum alloy surface offers excellent corrosion resistance. Chalco poles can withstand humid and rainy environments, resulting in a long service life up to 50 years.

Aesthetics: Chalco aluminum poles feature a modern and elegant design that blends with urban and community environments, enhancing visual appeal of streets and public spaces.

Eco-friendly: damaged or end-of-life Chalco aluminum poles can be directly recycled, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Easy maintenance: Chalco aluminum poles resist rusting and corrosion, eliminating the need for frequent repainting and reducing maintenance costs.

Safety: the high strength of Chalco aluminum poles provides excellent stability and wind resistance, ensuring reliable and safe operation of luminaires in various weather conditions.

Advantages of Chalco aluminum street lighting poles

Shapes of Chalco aluminum street light poles

Round tube aluminum street light pole

Round tube aluminum street light pole

This is the most widely used aluminum street light pole shape. Generally, a circular hollow aluminum tube with a diameter of 140-160mm and a wall thickness of 4-6mm is used. It is simple to make, but the torsional strength is poor. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for public lighting such as urban roads and parks.

Square tube aluminum street light pole

Square tube aluminum street light pole

It adopts hollow square or rectangular aluminum pipe with inner wall partition, which has good torsion resistance. The wall thickness is generally 4-8mm. It has strong wind resistance and stability, and can be used for long-span high light poles. But the production process is complicated and the cost is high.

Hexagonal aluminum street light pole

Hexagonal aluminum street light pole

The hexagonal cross-section combines the advantages of circular and square cross-sectional shapes, and its torsional strength is better than that of round tubes, and its handling is easier than that of square tubes. Generally used for garden landscape lighting.

Special-shaped aluminum street light pole

Special-shaped aluminum street light pole

The use of irregular cross-sectional shapes, such as ellipse, drop-shaped, etc., is mainly based on design aesthetics. It is difficult to deal with, but it can create personalized effects.

Conical aluminum light pole

Conical aluminum light pole

Taper gradually from bottom to top, the diameter of the big end is 180-240mm, and the diameter of the small end is 140-180mm. The wind resistance stability is improved, but the processing is relatively complicated. Can be used in windy environment.

Slotted aluminum light pole

Slotted aluminum light pole

Notches are provided on the rod body of the round pipe for cable laying. Generally, the groove width is 40-60mm, and the spacing is 300-600mm. Facilitates electrification integration, but affects torsional strength.

Chalco aluminum light pole product classification and application

Straight light pole: the most common type of light pole is the straight light pole, which is shaped as an upright cylinder and is used to provide even lighting on both sides of the road.

Pole-holding light pole: the pole-holding light pole is a special design that combines lamps and light poles and hugs road traffic signs or other vertical supports to save space and cost.

High pole light pole: high pole light pole is a light pole with a high height, which is usually used in highways, docks, large parking lots and other places, and can cover a wider area.

Landscape street light poles: landscape street light poles are usually used for lighting in landscape areas such as parks, squares and gardens. Their design pays more attention to aesthetics and can be integrated with the landscape environment.

Solar street light poles: solar street light poles use solar panels as energy to achieve independent power supply, suitable for remote areas or places without power supply.

Traffic signal light poles: traffic signal light poles are used to support traffic signal lights and traffic signs to ensure road traffic order and safety.

Smart street light pole: the smart street light pole integrates an intelligent control system, which can realize functions such as remote monitoring, energy saving and dimming, and improve the intelligence of street lights.

Camera monitoring street light pole: the camera monitoring street light pole integrates cameras and lighting equipment to provide lighting and monitor the safety of public areas.

Chalco aluminum light pole product classification and application

Future prospects of Chalco aluminum street light poles

Sustainable development and enhanced awareness of environmental protection: as people's awareness of environmental protection increases, the demand for green and environmentally friendly products is also increasing. As a recyclable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant green material, aluminum street light poles meet the requirements of sustainable development and environmental protection, and will have broad application prospects in the market.

Demand for urban lighting upgrades and renovations: the global urbanization process continues to advance, and many regions are undergoing urban lighting upgrades and renovations. Aluminum street light poles have the advantages of lightness, durability, and beauty, which can meet the needs of urban lighting upgrades and improve urban lighting quality and energy-saving efficiency.

Development of intelligent lighting technology: the development of intelligent lighting technology provides more functions and possibilities for street light poles. Chalco can combine intelligent control system and LED lighting technology to develop more intelligent, energy-saving and efficient aluminum street light pole products to meet the needs of future smart city construction.

Increased investment in infrastructure construction: many countries and regions are increasing investment in infrastructure construction, including the improvement of urban lighting facilities. This will provide more market opportunities for Chalco aluminum street light poles.

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