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Aluminum Coil and Strip

What is aluminum coil?

Aluminum coil is the rolled product that has been calendered by a finishing mill but has not been processed by a leveling flying shear. It is the raw material of aluminum strip and aluminum sheet. The slitting equipment can cut aluminum coil into aluminum strip, and the flattening equipment can make aluminum coil into aluminum sheet.Quick Quote

Aluminum coils can be divided into different types according to different alloys, applications and surface treatments.

aluminum coil cut to sheet and strip

aluminum coil , sheet and strip

Aluminum coil classification according to different alloy elements

1000 Series

1050 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 99.5% aluminum content, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, but low strength, not strengthened by heat treatment, poor machinability, acceptable for contact welding and gas welding. The production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap

Thickness (mm) 0.10-6
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper H18

1060 aluminum coil and strip

Features: the aluminum content of 1060 aluminum coil is 99.6%. 1060 aluminum coil has good elongation and tensile strength, and high formability.

Thickness (mm) 0.10-0.3
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper O, H18, H22, H24

1070 aluminum coil and strip

Features: the aluminum content of 1070 aluminum coil is 99.7%. 1070 aluminum coil has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity. Because of these advantages, 1070 aluminum coil is mostly used to manufacture some structural parts with specific performance, such as electric wire, cable protection net, wire core and aircraft ventilation system parts and decorations.

Thickness (mm) 0.10-6
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper O, H18, H22, H24

1100 aluminum coil and strip:

Features: the aluminum content of 1100 aluminum coil is 99%. Because of its small density and good plasticity, it is usually used for parts that need good formability, high corrosion resistance and do not require high strength, such as sheet metal products, hollow hardware, radiator, welding combination keys, reflectors, nameplates, etc.

1100 aluminum coil and strip

Thickness (mm) 0.15-4.5
Width (mm) 400-2650
Temper O, H14, H18, H22, H24

3000 series aluminum coil and stripQuick Quote

3003 aluminum coil and strip:

Features: 3003 aluminum coil is a typical Al-Mn alloy. It has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability, good deep drawing and high plasticity.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-8
Width (mm) 100-2650
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114, H116

3004 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 3004 aluminum coil is also a series of AL-Mn alloy, and its strength is higher than 3003 aluminum coil. 3004 aluminum coil has formability, solubility and good corrosion resistance, so it is used to make parts need higher strength than 3003 alloy.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-8 thick
Width (mm) 100-2650
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114, H11

3004 aluminum coil stock:

Thickness (mm) 0.4, 1.0
Width (mm) 955, 500
Temper H16, H24
Weight(ton) 1-10

3104 aluminum coil and strip:

Features: 3104 aluminum coil has good deep drawing performance, high strength, good corrosion resistance, formability and weldability. It is commonly used as tank body material.

Thickness (mm) 0.20-10
Width (mm) 100-2650
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114, H116

3105 aluminum coil and strip:

Features: 3105 aluminum coil has good rust resistance and electrical conductivity, with conductivity up to 41%. It has high plasticity in annealing state, good plasticity in semi-cold work hardening, low plasticity in cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability and poor machinability.

Thickness (mm) 0.20-10
Width (mm) 100-2650
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114, H116

3105 aluminum coil stock

Thickness (mm) 0.81, 1.27, 1.6
Width (mm) 1219
Temper H14
Weight(ton) 3-20

4000 series aluminum coil and strip

4004 aluminum strip

Features: 4004 is a hypoeutectic aluminum alloy. It has the characteristics of low melting point, good fluidity, easy feeding, etc. It is usually used as a substitute for composite plates, and also widely used as aluminum brazing materials.

Thickness (mm) 0.05-4
Width (mm) 100-1000
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18

4017 aluminum strip

Features: 4017 aluminum strip is annealed by continuous heat treatment line, with accurate size and high flatness.

Thickness (mm) 0.2-3.5
Width (mm) 2000-2650
Temper H16

4045/4047 aluminum strip

Features: 4045 aluminum coil is suitable for brazing aluminum alloy 3004, 5005, 6063, 6951, and can get excellent welding joints

Thickness (mm) 0.05-4
Width (mm) 100-1000
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18

5000 series aluminum coil and strip

5052 aluminum coil and strip

Features: good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good cold workability, high fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, poor machinability, and can bepolished.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-0.5
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper O, H24, H32, H34, H112

5083 aluminum coil and strip

Features: good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, commonly used in oceanographic engineering, such as shipbuilding.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-0.5
Width (mm) 100-2500
Status H18, H32, H34, H22, H24, H38, O

5182 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 5182 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability and medium strength. This series of aluminum coil and strip are widely used in the field of automobile lightweight.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-0.5
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper H18, H32, H34, H22, H24, H38, O

5754 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 5754 aluminum coil products have excellent corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, weldability, and are easy to process and shape. 5754 aluminum alloy plates in different heat treatment conditions are the main materials for automobile manufacturing (car doors, molds, seals) and can making industries.

5754 aluminum coil and strip

Thickness (mm) 0.15-6
Width (mm) 100-2500
Temper H18, H32, H34, H22, H24, H38, O

6000 series aluminum coil and strip

6061 aluminum coil and strip

Features: small deformation after machining, good quenching effect, good stability and many other advantages. It is widely used in mobile phone shell materials, car hubs, trolley boxes, 3C products and other fields.

Thickness (mm) 0.15-8
Width (mm) 100-2600
Temper O, T4, T6, T651, F

6082 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 6082 is a heat strengthened alloy with good formability, weldability, machinability and corrosion resistance. It also has medium strength and can maintain good operability after annealing. This series of alloys are mostly used for trolley bus skin, all aluminum bus roof, aluminum roof skin, or it can also be used to cover aluminum buses.

Thickness (mm) 0.8-3.0
Width (mm) 120-2600
Temper T6, T651

8000 series aluminum coil and strip

8011 aluminum coil and strip

Features: this series of alloys has a wide range of applications, such as building exterior walls, beverage bottle caps, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cap materials, sealing foil, etc.

Thickness (mm) 0.006-6.0
Width (mm) 900-1400
Temper O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24

8079 aluminum coil and strip

Features: 8079 aluminum coil has the characteristics of good elongation and spreading pressure, clean oil removal, less pinholes, good product shape, and no deformation during cutting. It is usually used as lunch box materials, medicine capsules, food packaging, battery soft bags, etc.

Thickness (mm) 2-8
Width (mm) 1100-1800
Temper T6, T651

Aluminum coil classification according to the surface treatment process

Color coated aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum coil is to paint the surface of aluminum substrate. Common color coated aluminum coils include fluorocarbon (PVDF) color coated aluminum coils and polyester (PE) color coated aluminum coils. Chalco Aluminum can also product black color coated aluminum coils, white color coated aluminum coils, wood grain aluminum coils, stone grain color coated aluminum coils, etc.

The polyester (PE) coated aluminum coil is formed by baking and coating polyester (PE) materials on the surface of aluminum coil for many times. PE coating has good adhesion to materials, so it is widely used, and the basic corrosion resistance can reach 7-8 years.

Polyester (PE) color coated aluminum coil

Fluorocarbon (PVDF) color coated aluminum coil is formed by repeatedly baking and coating the surface of aluminum coil with fluorocarbon coating (PVDF) materials. It has very good corrosion resistance and color retention. In addition to chemical resistance, UV resistance and heat resistance are outstanding, which can ensure that the color will not fade within 30 years and will always keep beautiful colors.

fluorocarbon (PVDF) color coated aluminum coil

Marble grain aluminum coil is a kind of stone grain color coated aluminum coil using high-quality aluminum alloy coil and strip as the base plate. The marbling process is carried out when roller coating the surface with polyester fluorocarbon (PVDF), PE, powder, etc.

Marble grain aluminum coil

The wood grain aluminum coil: the wood grain color coated aluminum coil has superior surface texture, low cost, low carbon and environmental protection, no discoloration, no paint fading, fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

Wood grain aluminum coil

Common aluminum alloy coils: 1100, 1050, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 5005, 5182, 5052, 5754, 5454, 8011

Application: architecture (aluminum plastic panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof corrugated plate, fire-proof veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutter, rolling shutter door, garage door, awning, gutter), electronic appliances (computer case, electrical panel), lighting, furniture, olar reflective plate, air conditioning duct, etc.

Anodized aluminum coil

Anodized aluminum refers to coating a layer of dense aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy to prevent further oxidation. Its chemical properties are the same as that of alumina but unlike ordinary oxide films. Anodized aluminum can be dyed by electrolytic coloring.

Chalco Aluminum can perform hole sealing or unsealing anodizing according to customer requirements.

Anodized aluminum coil

Aluminum alloy coil commonly used for anodic oxidation: 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5657.

Anodied coloring can be customized according to customer requirements.Quick Quote


  • Good processability
  • Good weather resistance
  • Strong sense of metal
  • High fire resistance
  • Strong stain resistance

Application: it is suitable for metal luminum ceiling, curtain wall aluminum plate, aluminum plastic panel, fireproof board, honeycomb aluminum coil, aluminum veneer, electrical panel, cabinet panel, furniture panel, etc.

Stucco aluminum coil

Stucco aluminum coil

Stucco aluminum coil is an aluminum coil with various patterns formed on the surface after calendering. According to customer requirements, the surface of stucco aluminum coil can be anodized, painted, coated, kraft paper coated and be processed by other surface treatments.

Common embossed aluminum coils:

Orange peel embossed aluminum plate also known as insect grain, is commonly used in ventilation ducts, lining panel of cold storage and refrigerator, and pipe insulation.

Stucco aluminum coil covered with kraft paper, Kraft paper composite orange peel embossed aluminum plate and Shalingmo composite orange peel embossed aluminum plate are mainly used for pipe coating, thermal insulation, etc.

Other embossed patterns include rice grain pattern, variant orange pattern, hemispherical pattern, etc. can also be customized. (Pattern pdf download)

Common embossed aluminum alloy coil: 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3105, 8011, 8079.

Features: waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, antifouling, beautiful, etc.

Application: refrigerator liner, radiator heat shield, pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation.

Mirror aluminum coil and strip

Mirror aluminum coil refers to the aluminum coil with mirror effect on the surface through rolling, polishing and other processing methods.

The mirror aluminum coil of Chalco Aluminum, even with the oxide film and anodic oxidation coating, can still maintain high smoothness, high reflectivity, high scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and good strength and formability.

Mirror aluminum coil and strip

The alloys commonly used for mirror aluminum coil and strip are 1050 1060 1070 1085 3003 3105 5052 5005.

Reflectivity of mirror aluminum coil and strip: 86% - 95%

Applications: interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliance panel, electronic product shell, kitchen furniture, interior and exterior decoration of cars, signs, boxes for bags and jewelry, other fields.

Aluminum coil classification according to the usage scenario

Aluminum insulation coil

aluminum insulation coil is also called pipe cladding aluminum coil, which is usually used to protect pipes and equipment from damage.

Common aluminum insulation coil alloy: 1060, 1100, 1200, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 8011.

aluminum insulation coil

Common types of aluminum insulation coils coils:

Polysurlyn moisture retarder aluminum coil jacketing in Chalco Aluminum has three films: 1 mil high-density polyethylene, 1 mil surlyn and 1 mil low-density polyethylene. It has the advantages of low cost, effective protection of pipeline corrosion, etc. Suitable for pipeline applications exposed to water for a long time.

Color coated aluminum insulation coil is in accordance with ASTM B209 and ASTM C-1729 specifications. Colors can be provided as required.

Embossed aluminum insulation coil, generally, it is the classic orange peel embossed aluminum insulation coil. It can also be customized according to customer needs.

In addition to the above products, Chalco Aluminum also provides kraft paper coated aluminum coil jacketing, corrugated aluminum coil jacketing, and mill finish aluminum coil. All the products conform to the ASTM B209 and ASTM C-1729 standard.

Common specifications:

Temper H14 H16 H24 H26
Thickness 0.40mm-1.5mm
Standard width 914mm 1000mm 1200mm 1219mm
Inner diameter 305mm 405mm 505mm with or without paper core
Outer diameter according to the coil weight and surface treatment, the most common coil length is 125m 150m 250m 300m 500m 1000m 2540m.

Bottle cap materials

There are two kinds of materials for making pop cans: aluminum and tinplate. Due to the high recycling value of aluminum, the use of aluminum cans is gradually increasing for the purpose of environmental protection. Aluminum can has the advantages of light weight, small size, not easy to break, and easy to carry, so it is favored by more people.Quick Quote

Bottle Cap Materials

The aluminum strip used for the can cover is formed by stamping with a punch at one time, and then the shape of the can cover is obtained through stamping plastic deformation, resulting in good deformation strengthening, so that the stamping parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good rigidity.

A pop can is usually formed by sealing the can body with the can cover. The body of a pop can is usually made of aluminum alloy plates after several times of thinning and stretching. The aluminum materials used for the can cover, pull ring and can body are different.

alloy alloy temper Hot rolled coil specification (mm)
Thickness Width Coil inner diameter/minimum length Coil outer diameter/maximum length application
3000 series 3004 F, O, H111, H112 1.8~8 1000~2400 Inner diameter:605
Minimum length:1, 000
Maximum outside diameter 2, 800
Maximum length: 10, 000
Can body material, etc.
3104 F, O, H111, H112 2.0~8 Can body material, etc.
5000 series 5052 F, O, H111, H112 2.2~8 Can cover material, etc.
5182 F, O, H111, H112 2.5~8 Can cover, pull ring, etc

Surface requirement:

Flatness: no obvious waves, the wave height can't exceed 3 mm within 1 m, and the waves can't exceed 3/m;

Side bending: the side bending of the product shall be no more than 0.5mm on any 2000mm length;

End warpage: arbitrarily cut 1500mm long products, and the height of end warpage is ≤ 5mm;

Joint: No joint is allowed.

Surface: no serious bubble, missed coating, scratch, corrosion, oil stain, peeling, stripe, color difference, speckles, roll printing, periodicity, etc. are allowed to affect the appearance quality of the product, and the burr is<=0.04mm;

End face: the end face is neat, rolled tightly without loose layer, staggered layer ≤ 2mm, tower shape ≤ 5mm;

Brazing aluminum strip and coil

Fins for heat exchangers are mostly made of aluminum or copper strips. Compared with copper strip, aluminum strip is more and more used in heat exchanger fins because of its cost advantages. Heat exchanger fins are mostly made of 4-series alloy aluminum strips. In addition, multi-layer composite brazing coils are also often used to make fins.

Brazing Aluminum Strip and Coil

Common aluminum strips for radiator fins

4004 aluminum alloy: 4004 brazing material contains magnesium, which is suitable for vacuum brazing. It has the characteristics of small density, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good volume stability, low melting point, good wear resistance and high temperature performance.

Common brazing aluminum coils and strip

4004/4104 aluminum coil and strip: it is a necessary raw material often used in the production of aluminum heat exchanger with vacuum brazing process.

4043 aluminum strip: 4043 aluminum strip has the advantage of low melting point, good fluidity and corrosion resistance. It is very beneficial to avoid welding cracks. The silicon content of 4343 aluminum alloy is higher than that of 4043 aluminum alloy. 4343 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low melting point, narrow solidification range and good fluidity.

4047 aluminum strip: 4047 is an Al Mg Si alloy with high plasticity. It has the advantages of superior processing performance, excellent weldability, extrudability and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing and other advantages. 4047 aluminum is a unique alloy, which can be used as cladding alloy or filler material in aerospace and automotive applications.

Cladding brazing coil and strip

There are two types of cladding layer:

Common brazing layer material: Al Si (4000)

Common sacrificial anode materials (anticorrosive coating): AL Zn Cr (7072), etc.

Common core materials: Al-Mn(3000), Al-Si-Mg(6000)

According to customer requirements, the cladding layer of composite brazing coil and strip can be multi-layer. Chalco can make up to 7 layers of composite brazing aluminum coil and strip.

Common composite brazing coil and strip

Alloy Thickness(mm) Tolerance(mm) Clad Ratio(%) Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation(%) Min Application
4343/3003 1.2~3.0 ±0.03 5~10 100~150 ≥45 25 Engine radiator
4343/3003/7072 1.2~3.0 ±0.03 5~10 100~150 ≥45 25
4343/3003/4343 0.1~0.12 ±0.005 8~12 150~120 ≥120 1 Air conditioner condenser, intercooler
4045/3003/4045 0.1~0.12 ±0.005 8~12 150~200 ≥120 1 intercooler
4104/3003/4104 0.1~0.12 ±0.005 8~12 150~200 ≥120 1 Battery cooler
4104/6063/4104 0.1~0.12 ±0.005 8~12 150~200 ≥120 1

Transformer strip

The transformer aluminum strip adopts the production process of casting and rolling, cold rolling, shearing and annealing. Compared with ordinary aluminum strip, its production feature is high precision. For example, it has high requirements on the surface quality, burr curling, conductivity and other technical indicators of aluminum strip.Quick Quote

Transformer strip

Common transformer aluminum strip alloy:

Alloy Temper Transformer strip specification (mm)
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Aluminum content (%) Conductivity (%) characteristic
1050 O 0.2-3.0 20-1650 99.5 60 Dry type transformer, large transformer, solar energy, power industry, etc.No burr at the edge
1060 O 2.0~8 99.6 61
1070 O 2.2~8 99.7 62.5
1350 O 2.5~8 99.35 60


  • High conductivity
  • The edges are smooth without burrs
  • High aluminum purity
  • Good surface processing, uniform texture, clean without defects
  • It has high tensile strength and elongation.
  • It is light and cheap compared with copper strip.

Aluminum trim coil and strip

What is aluminum trim coil and strip?

Aluminum trim coil and strip is a widely used building material with excellent insulation and weather resistance. Aluminum trim coil and strip is suitable for roof and cladding decoration with sun protection function.

aluminum trim coil and strip


Category PVC/PVDF color coated aluminum coil PE color coated aluminum coil
Alloy 1100; 3003; 3105;5005 1100; 3003; 3105;5005
thickness 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm
width 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1550mm, 1575mm 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1550mm, 1575mm
coating thickness Over 25 micros Over 16 micros
Roll diameter 405mm, 505mm 405mm, 505mm
Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons coil 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil
color Almond, Beige, Cactus, Champagne, Cobblestone, Cream, Evergreen, Fern, Firebrick, Granite, Graphite, Ivy, Khaki, Linen, Maverick Brown, Mocha, Musket Brown.Olive, Royal Brown, Russet, Sand, Sandstone, Seaport, Sierra, Silver, Smoke, Steel Blue, Tan, Tumbleweed, Wedgewood, Wheat, White, Yellow
Aluminum trim coil and strip of different sizes can be customized according to customer requirements

Characteristic: it has the moderate strength, weather resistance, anti-corrosion, easy to bend and weld, long service life, lightweight, thermal insulation and waterproof, excellent surface effect etc.

Application area

Aluminium edging strip.

Decoration and protection of external walls, roofs, roofs, columns, etc.

Interior decoration of ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Outdoor decoration such as billboards or storefronts.

Aluminum gutter coil

Aluminum alloy gutters and aluminum alloy downspouts use the 3105 and 3025 aluminum alloy coil and strip. Both sides are roller coated with polyester (PET) paint. The thickness of front facial film 25-28 um, and the thickness of back facial film is 15-18 um. The color is durable.

aluminum gutter coil

Alloy: 3105, 3025

Temper: H24, H44

Surface treatment: PET coating, PE coating, PVDF coating.

Typical thickness: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, etc.

Typical width: 266mm, 285mm, 300mm, 405mm, 448mm, etc. It can be sliced according to customer requirements.

Color: the common color is white. There are nearly 1000 colors available for customers to choose.

Aluminum roofing coil

Aluminum roofing coil has many advantages, such as durable, corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, good plasticity, easy installation, etc. It is widely used in the field of civil construction field, such as the roofs of aircraft terminals, railway stations, exhibition halls, and it is also been used more and more in ordinary families.Quick Quote

aluminum roofing coil

Common aluminum alloy for Aluminum roofing coil

Alloy Temper Specifications coating Surface treatment
Thickness Width
3003 h24 0.5mm/ 0.8mm/ 1.0mm 1000mm/ 600mm/ 575mm PVDF FEVE PE Grey/Silver Grey/Flash Silver; The back coating is generally white
3004 h24, h26
3105 H44
The product can be coated on both sides

Aluminum led strip

Aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity. Using aluminum alloy as the shell of LED lamps has become the industry consensus. In addition to using shell materials with high thermal conductivity, designing sufficient effective heat dissipation area and reducing the thermal resistance from the LED chip to the shell surface in contact with the air will affect the quality of LED lamps.

aluminum led strip

Features: the aluminum alloy shell of LED lamp has good heat dissipation performance, waterproof performance, novel appearance, embedded structure with adjustable light angle, and wide applicability.

Professional suppliers and manufacturers of aluminum coils

Chalco Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. The company can produce 1-8 series aluminum coil and strip products with complete specifications, huge capacity and good prices which can meet all your personalized processing requirements.

The product passed CE ISO9001 certification. It can be customized according to customer needs and meet the requirements of different standards, such as Japanese standards, European standards, American standards, etc.

Do you have the aluminum you need?

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