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6063 T4 T6 Oil Tanker Aluminum Tube Supplier

Why choose Chalco Aluminum supplier?

As we all know, oil tank trucks are dangerous goods on the road, and the requirements for safety are very strict. In order to ensure that our products meet the safety requirements of the tank truck industry, we have passed the certification of the EN14286 standard (European standard for the safety of liquid transport tank trucks) and the ASTM B209 standard (the American aluminum plate industry standard).

Chalco cooperates with many well-known tank car manufacturers, including CIMC Lingyu, pt.geluran adikarya, almutlak, etc.

oil tanker supplier

Chalco has a complete set of advanced material research and development, testing, and analysis instruments, which can provide high-quality aluminum plates that meet safety standards for the tank truck industry to ensure safety and reliability during transportation.

Specifications of 6063 aluminum tube for oil tanker

Alloy 6063
Temper T4, T5, T6
Outer Diameter 2.00-450mm
Wall Thickness 0.2-25mm
Length 0-15000mm

Chemical composition of 6063 aluminum tube for oil tanker

Element Composition %
Si 0.2-0.6
Fe 0.35
Cu 0.10
Mn 0.10
Mg 0.45-0.9
Cr 0.10
Ni -
Zn 0.10
Ti 0.10
Al Remainder

Hardness of 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Alloy Temper Wall thickness mm Minimum hardness value
Webster hardness Brinell hardness Rockwell hardness
6063 T1 1.25-12.50 - ≥50 -
T4 1.25-12.50 - ≥60 -
T5 1.25-12.50 - ≥65 -
T6 1.25-12.50 ≥12 ≥72 ≥75

Mechanical properties of 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Temper Thickness/mm Tensile Strength /MPa Specified non-proportional Tensile Strength/MPa Elongation After Break/%
A50 mm A
T4 ≤12.5 ≥130 70 ≥14 ≥12
>12.50-25.00 ≥125 ≥60 - ≥12
T5 ≤12.5 ≥150 ≥110 ≥8 ≥7
>12.50-25.00 ≥145 ≥105 ≥8 ≥7
T6 ≤3.2 ≥205 ≥170 ≥8 -
3.20-12.50 ≥205 ≥170 ≥10 ≥7

Features of 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Good corrosion resistance: 6063 aluminum tube has good corrosion resistance in atmospheric environment and some non-corrosive media. However, its corrosion resistance is relatively poor in strongly alkaline or strongly acidic environments.

Excellent machinability: 6063 aluminum tube has good machinability, and can be cut, stamped, bent, welded and deep processed. It is easily formed and machined into various shapes for complex machining needs.

Good surface treatment performance: 6063 aluminum tubes can be processed by various surface treatment methods, such as anodizing, spraying, powder coating, etc. It can improve its surface corrosion resistance, decoration and wear resistance, while increasing the aesthetics.

Medium strength: compared with some high-strength aluminum alloy pipes, the strength of 6063 aluminum pipes is at a medium level. It is suitable for some application scenarios that require moderate strength.

Excellent thermal conductivity: 6063 aluminum tube has excellent thermal conductivity, can effectively conduct heat, and is suitable for applications that require heat dissipation, such as electronic devices, radiators, etc.

Lightness: 6063 aluminum pipe has a lower density and is lighter in weight than steel. This makes it advantageous in applications where overall weight reduction is required, such as pressure vessels, tank trucks, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Features of 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Specific application of Chalco 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Explosion-proof device

Oil tank trucks need to be equipped with explosion-proof devices to ensure that no explosion accidents occur during transportation and refueling. 6063 aluminum pipes tubes can be used to make pipes and connectors for explosion-proof devices, with good processing performance and corrosion resistance to ensure the safe operation of tank trucks.

Structural support

Tank trucks need to have sufficient structural strength and stability to withstand vibration and external impact during transportation. Due to its medium strength, 6063 aluminum pipe tubes can be used to make structural support components of tank trucks, such as frame, beams and support rods, to increase the stability and safety of the whole vehicle.

Pipeline system

6063 aluminum pipe tubes can be used to make the pipeline system of the oil tanker, including the connection pipe between the oil tank and the fuel pump, the pipes of the oil inlet and the oil outlet, etc. It has good corrosion resistance and surface treatment performance, and can withstand the pressure and corrosion during the transportation and storage of oil products.

Body parts

6063 aluminum tubes can also be used to make body parts of tank trucks, such as top aisle guardrails, ladders, supports, etc. Compared with traditional steel, aluminum tubes have a lower density, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve the carrying capacity and fuel economy.

Specific application of Chalco 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Precautions for purchasing 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

Material certification: ensure that the purchased 6063 aluminum tube meets the relevant material standards and certification requirements. The quality and performance of aluminum pipes can be verified by relevant certifications, such as ASTM, ISO, etc.

Dimensions: according to the design and requirements of the tanker, select the appropriate size. This includes parameters such as outer diameter, wall thickness and length to ensure that the aluminum tube purchased will meet the requirements of the actual application.

Surface treatment: according to the need, find out whether the aluminum tube needs specific surface treatment, such as anodizing, spraying, etc., to increase its corrosion resistance and surface aesthetics.

Supplier reputation: supplier reputation and service quality are also factors you need to consider. Chalco Aluminum is a supplier with a good reputation and perfect after-sales service to ensure your purchasing experience is pleasant and smooth.

Check the quality: before buying, check the quality of the aluminum tube, including appearance, surface smoothness and no obvious blemishes or damages, etc. When necessary, the supplier may be required to provide relevant quality certificates or test reports.

Negotiate delivery time: the production and repair of tank trucks is usually time-sensitive, so negotiate with suppliers to ensure timely delivery to avoid inconvenience caused by delays or production interruptions.

Packaging and shipping: Chalco Aluminum has fully considered the packaging and shipping methods of 6063 aluminum tubes to ensure that they will not be damaged during shipping.

Precautions for purchasing 6063 tanker aluminum tube for oil tanker

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