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Aluminum Alloy for Tank Truck

Aluminum alloy is widely used in tank cars, from tank bodies, partitions, outer walls, floors to internal structures, pipelines, and welding materials, aluminum alloy has multiple applications. Chalco provides a complete range of aluminum alloy products, including aluminum plates, profiles, and welding wires, providing an overall solution for oil tank truck projects. Product quality assurance, in accordance with GB/T 3880, GB/T 33881, EN485, EN14286, ASTM B209, and other standards.Welcome contact

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Specification of Chalco aluminum products for tank truck

Alloy 5083 5454 5182 3003 6061 6063
Welding wire ER5183 ER5356
Aluminum plate thickness 3-10mm
Aluminum plate width 1000-2650mm
Aluminum plate length 2000-16000mm
Aluminum profile product shape L type, T type, round tube, triangular beam etc.
Surface treatment Mill finish, bright mirror finish
Tanker material aluminum thickness 6mm, 5mm
Bulkhead and baffle thickness 7mm
Tanker shell thickness 6mm & 5mm
Shape of tanker Ellips double "d"
Manhole 20" aluminum alloy manhole cover C801-560

Chalco aluminum plate for tank truck

Plate products are the most commonly used type of aluminum products in terms of tank truck, covering various parts such as car bodies, tank bodies, partitions, etc. Commonly used are 5000 series aluminum plate and treat checkered aluminum plates, mirror reflective aluminum plate, and ultra wide aluminum plates.
  • 5083 aluminum plate
    5083 tanker aluminum plate O H111

    5083 is the most commonly used aluminum magnesium alloy for tank trucks, with good welding performance, corrosion resistance, and processing performance. It has medium strength and is commonly used in tank materials, wave covers, bulkheads, and other parts.

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  • 5454 aluminum plate
    5454 tanker aluminum plate O H111 H32

    It has good strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Chalco 5454 tank car aluminum plates come in two types: polished and mirror, which are very popular in the Middle East region. Mainly used for insulation tanks and polishing tank bodies, tank car heads, washing plates, etc.

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  • 5182 aluminum plate
    5182 tanker aluminum plate O H111

    It is a new type of high magnesium alloy that has been developed in recent years, meeting ADR requirements. Widely used in the manufacturing of dangerous goods transportation tank cars, tank bodies, oil tanker covers, bulkheads, and washing plates. Occupying most of the European market.

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  • 5754 aluminum plate
    5754 tanker aluminum plate O H111

    Good corrosion resistance, workability, medium strength, widely used in tank materials, internal partitions, top and side panels, and other parts of tank cars. It can be used for chemical liquid transportation tanks.

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  • 5052 aluminum plate
    5052 tanker aluminum plate O H114

    It has excellent processability and weldability, and has good defense against chemical and industrial corrosion. It is mainly used in the manufacturing of tank car fuel tank plates, tank car inner partitions, ceilings, outer walls, bottom plates, and other parts.

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  • 3003 aluminum plate
    3003 tanker aluminum plate H14 H24

    3003 patterned aluminum plate has excellent anti-corrosion performance and is widely used in areas such as stairs and top walkways. 3003 aluminum plates are also used as supporting components in tank cars, such as air reservoirs, mudguards, suspensions, etc.

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  • Treat checkered aluminum plates
    Treat checkered aluminum plates for tank trucks

    Usually, the top walkway and door pedals of tank cars are made of aluminum patterned plates, which can provide good anti slip performance and decorative effects, especially suitable for areas that require anti slip walking

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  • Ultra-wide aluminum plate for tank
    Ultra-wide aluminum plate for tanker

    Chalco can produce ultra-wide aluminum plates with a width of up to 2650mm, reducing the number of riveting in the circumferential direction of the tank body, improving the overall strength and sealing of the tank body. Chalco ultra-wide tank car plates have become the preferred choice for many tank car manufacturers.

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Aluminum alloy profiles for tank truck

The tank car mainly consists of a tank body, an aluminum alloy chassis assembly, a walking mechanism, a traction device assembly, a ladder, a fender, and accessories. 6000 series alloy is commonly used as extruded aluminum profiles in structural components such as pipes, protection, and beams on powder tank semi-trailers, with 6061 and 6063 materials being the most widely used.

  • 6061 aluminum profile for tank truck
    6061 aluminum profile for tank truck

    The tanker frame should use more extruded aluminum profiles, using aluminum magnesium alloy 6061 T6 extruded "T" profiles, such as 6061 material L-shaped beams, T-shaped beams, triangular beams, and other wing profiles. On the premise of ensuring the strength of the chassis assembly, the weight of the chassis has decreased by about 65%.

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  • 6063 aluminum profile for tank truck
    6063 aluminum profile for tank truck

    The chassis assembly is made of aluminum magnesium alloy 6063 T6 "T" profile, and mainly consists of intermediate crossbeam, T-shaped reinforced beam, longitudinal beam, traction device assembly, etc. The middle crossbeam, T-shaped reinforced beam, and longitudinal beam are all made of aluminum magnesium alloy.

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Aluminum welding wire rod for tank truck

There are many welding methods for aluminum alloy tank materials, and each method has its own different application scenarios. At present, the main welding methods for aluminum alloy lightweight vehicles include manual AC tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG welding), automatic wire feeding double pulse AC tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG welding), and automatic/semi-automatic consumable argon arc welding (automatic/semi-automatic MIG welding).

  • welding wire
    Brazing material

    ER5183 and ER5356 welding wires are two commonly used welding wires for tank cars. Chalco Aluminum's welding wires can fully meet welding requirements and are commonly used to replace well-known welding wire brands, reducing production costs for customers.

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Chalco tank truck aluminum material parameter table

Element Chemical composition (%)
5083 5454 5182 3003 6061 6063
Si 0.40 0.25 0.60 0.20 0.40-0.80 0.20-0.60
Fe 0.40 0.40 0.70 0.35 0.70 0.35
Cu 0.10 0.10 0.05-0.20 0.15 0.15-0.40 0.10
Mn 0.40-1.00 0.50-1.00 1.00-1.50 0.20-0.50 0.15 0.10
Mg 4.0-4.9 2.4-3.0 - 4.0-5.0 0.80-1.20 0.45-0.90
Cr 0.05-0.25 0.05-0.20 - 0.10 0.04-0.35 0.10
Ni - - - - - -
Zn 0.25 0.25 0.10 0.25 0.25 0.10
Ti 0.15 0.20 - 0.10 0.15 0.10
Al Remainder Remainder Remainder Remainder Remainder Remainder
Mechanical Property
Alloy Temper Tensile strength Rp0.2/MPa Yield strength Rm/MPa Elongation A50mm/%
5083 O/H111 290-370 ≥145 ≥17
5454 O/H111 215-285 ≥85 ≥19
5182 O/H111 280-350 ≥125 ≥26
3003 H14/H24 145-185 ≥125 ≥4
6061 T4 180 110 13
T5 240 205 7
T6 260 240 8
6063 T4 130 65 12
T5 160 110 5
T6 215 170 6

Why choose Chalco Aluminum as supplier of tank truck?

  • Chalco SMS rolling mill can produce flat and sharp large width aluminum plates, with a maximum width of 2650mm. It can also provide different surface treatments such as embossing, patterning, polishing, and mirror surface;
  • Chalco has a variety of tank car extrusion molds to choose from, which can produce and manufacture aluminum profiles according to customer requirements, and has the ability to open molds, which can save costs for customers;
  • Chalco can be used for different welding methods, such as TIG, MIG, FSW, EBW, etc., providing tank car welding solutions for large and small orders;
  • Chalco is the ideal aluminum supplier for tank trucks, providing customers with one-stop solutions in alloys, products, surface treatment, CNC processing, and other aspects.

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Tips for purchasing and using aluminum plates for tank trucks

1. Welding is very important for the manufacturing of tank cars. How to avoid welding failure?

Welding failure may lead to leaks and structural issues. Problems such as incomplete penetration, porosity, and improper welding techniques may damage the integrity of the storage tank. Choosing the correct welding material is the primary condition for successful welding. Chalco ER5183 and ER5356 can fully meet the welding requirements and have a price advantage, reducing production costs for customers.

2. How to minimize the problem of tank body corrosion in tank trucks?

Tank trucks are usually used to transport goods such as oil, gas, and hazardous chemicals, so they have high requirements for corrosion resistance. When selecting aluminum plates, manufacturers should not only pay attention to selecting 5000 series corrosion-resistant alloys, but also choose partners with quality requirements that meet the standards, in order to strive for long-term cooperation and avoid unnecessary losses caused by substandard quality.

3. How to avoid cracking of aluminum plates during the production of tank cars?

Due to the special nature of transporting goods, tank trucks must avoid problems such as tank body cracks. This requires aluminum plates to have strong resistance to stress cracking. The Chalco cold rolling project adopts a German Simark six high cold rolling mill, which eliminates internal stress and does not deform during cutting, effectively avoiding cracking issues.

4. Why do tank car manufacturers increasingly favor using aluminum plates as the production material for tank cars?

With the demand for lightweight vehicle bodies and the requirements for corrosion resistance, weldability, heat dissipation, and surface treatment methods of tank car body materials, aluminum alloys are increasingly used in the field of tank car manufacturing, greatly reducing fuel utilization. And aluminum, as a recyclable material, can be used in tank cars using aluminum products, which can effectively save energy and protect the environment.

5. Need welding and CNC processing?

Welding, deep-draw, stamping, and rolling forming are all important steps in the production and processing of aluminum plates. Chalco not only provides tank car aluminum plates, but also provides additional services such as welding, cutting, and CNC processing, providing overall solutions for customer projects.

Chalco can provide you the most comprehensive inventory of aluminum products and can also supply you customized products. Precise quotation will be provided within 24 hours.

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