2024 O/T4/T3/T351 Aluminium Sheet Plate
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2024 O/T4/T3/T351 Aluminium Sheet Plate

2024 aluminum plate is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium system. Its composition is relatively reasonable and its comprehensive performance is good. It is the alloy with the largest amount of hard aluminum. The main alloy component copper makes it easy to corrode. Many items in this alloy have a cladding surface to protect the underlying material.

Common commercial types of 2024 alloy

UNS A92024, Al2024-O, Alclad 2024-O, AA2024-T3, Al2024-T3, Alclad 2024-T3, UNS A82024, Alclad 2024-T4/T351, Al2024-T4, UNS A82024, Alclad 2024-T851.

Chalco can produce ASTM B209 2024 T4 aluminum sheet, AMS-QQ-A-250/4 2024 aluminum plate, AMS4037 2024 T351 T3 aluminum sheet, the biggest feature of this alloy is high strength and certain heat resistance, it can be used as 150 Working parts below ℃. This is a great option if you need strong, durable aluminum.

Chalco - 2024 aluminum sheet product specifications

Aircraft hardware aluminium alloy 2024 aluminium sheet and 2024 clad aluminium plate
Temper T4, T42, T3, T351, T451, H112, O, T1, T6, T851
Thickness (mm) 0.5mm-500mm
Dimensions (mm) 1220*2438mm/1250*2500mm, 1500mm*3000mm/1500mm*3600

Chalco - 2024 aluminium sheet plate stock list

Alloy/Temper Thickness (mm) Width(mm) * Length (mm)
2024 -H112 8.0-190 1500*3000
10-260 2000*4000
280 1520*3020
2024 - O 0.8-6.0 1500*3000
0.6-1.0 2500*3000
2.0-3.0 1250*2500
2024 - T1 10-160 1500*3000
2024 -T351 12-16.0 1500*3000
0.5-160 1500*3000
12-230 2000*4000
2024 -T6 0.8-160 1500*3000
20-80 2000*4000
2024 -T4 0.8-4.0 1000*2000
14-20 1520*3020
0.5-6.0 1250*2500
16-200 2000*4000

2024 aluminium sheet chemical composition

Chemical Element Present (%)
Silicon 0.5
Iron 0.5
Copper 3.8-4.9
Manganese 0.3-0.9
Magnesium 1.2-1.8
Chromium 0.10
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Other 0.15
Aluminium Balance

2024 aluminium sheet plate physical properties

Physical property Value
Tensile strengthMpa 470
0.2% yield strength Mpa 325
Elongation (%) 10
Fatigue strength 105
Conductivity 20℃ 30
20℃ resistivity nΩ.m 48
Elastic modulus GPa 68

2024 Aluminum plate hardness HB

Physical property Value
2024 H112 aluminum sheet plate HB 85
2024 T4 aluminium sheet plate HB 120~145
2024 T351 aluminium sheet plate HB 120~145
2024 0 aluminium sheet HB 40

2024 Aluminum sheet plate application

2024 T42 aluminum plate is used for bulletproof plate, 2024 T4 military aluminum plate, thickness: 5mm, ballistic limit speed under the impact of 25.4mm diameter spherical steel bullet is 151.7m/s, with good bulletproof performance.

2024 T42 aluminum plate is used for bulletproof plate

2024 T351 aircraft aluminum sheet is a high-strength aviation aluminum alloy material, T351 surface and internal residual stress, and good explosion impact resistance. It is one of the aviation aluminum alloys. It is widely used in skins, bulkheads and structural parts that need to withstand high cyclic loads on various aircraft.

2024 T351 aircraft aluminum sheet

2024 O/H112 aluminum sheet plates are widely used in molds, precision parts, electronic decoration, hardware, hydraulic equipment, cameras and other fields. The heat treatment strengthening effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process requires strict requirements, good fatigue resistance, and long service life.

2024 O /H112 aluminum sheet plates

ALclad 2024 T3 aluminum plate is rolled with pure aluminum clad surface, which can improve the corrosion resistance of 2024 aluminum plate.

2024 T652 forged aluminum plate, used for aviation aluminum plate, aluminum flange, customized aviation forged aluminum parts, etc.

2024 T652 forged aluminum plate

2024 aluminium sheet weight

2024 aluminum alloy with a density of 2.85 g/cm3.

Aluminum plate weight calculation: length (mm) x width (m) x density 2.85g/cm3

2024 aluminium sheet price

(LME ingot price + processing fee) x weight + packaging fee + transportation fee

2024 aluminium sheet price

Please contact Chalco aluminum to inquire about the price, and how much is the processing fee per ton for the relevant type of aluminum square rod. The processing fee for 2024 aluminum sheets of different sizes varies greatly, and we will provide you with the best quotation.

In addition to 2024 aluminum plate, Chalco also produces 2024 T4 aluminum bar, 2024 T652 aluminum forged aluminum plate, 2024 T4 tube, etc.

2024 aluminium plate packing

Packed in export wooden boxes or wooden pallets, fumigated wooden pallets, and provide fumigation certificates.

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