7005 Aluminum Sheet Plate
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7005 Aluminum Sheet Plate

As a medium-strength weldable Al-Zn-Mg series aluminum alloy, 7005 aluminum alloy has high strength, good welding performance and process performance. 7005 aluminum alloy plates and profiles are used to manufacture welded structures that have both high strength and high fracture toughness, such as trusses, rods, containers of transportation vehicles, large heat exchangers and parts that cannot be solid fusion treated after welding. It is widely used in the field with high requirements for welding performance.

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Advantages of 7005 aluminum alloy plate sheet

  • Good anodizing performance, high strength and heat treatment.
  • Good mechanical properties, easy processing and good wear resistance.
  • It has good usability, no deformation and warping after processing after stress relief.
  • All of them have been detected by ultrasonic waves, which can ensure no cracks, no blisters, and no impurities.

7005 alloy aluminum plate sheet manufacturer

Chalco Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum plate sheet. It produces and supplies 7-series alloy aluminum sheets including 7005 aluminum sheets, 7050 aluminum sheets, 7075 aluminum sheets, 7A09 aluminum sheets, and 7A04 aluminum sheets.

Aluminum sheet in Chalco Aluminum are directly sold by manufacturers, no middlemen earn price difference. The aluminum plate is affordable, customized, and sold globally.

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7005 aluminum plate price

Aluminum plate FOB price = (SMM aluminum ingot price + aluminum plate fabrication cost) / exchange rate

Price composition

So when placing an order, you must consider not only the price of aluminum ingots, but also the fabrication fee, as well as the fluctuation of the exchange rate. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right time and the right manufacturer with high quality in order to get a more competitive price.

Specs of 7005 alloy aluminum plate sheet

Alloy 7005
Temper F, O, T6, T651, T7451, H112
Thickness(mm) 1.0-600
Width(mm) <1500
Length(mm) <8000
Typical Applications large heat exchanger, tennis racket, softball bat, fixture, etc.

Hot selling products of 7005 aluminum alloy

7005 T6 aluminum plate sheet is often used to make aircraft seats, cargo compartment panels, etc.

Aluminum plate 7005 T6351 is often used to make fixtures and precision parts after being cut into small pieces, because there is no internal stress and this kind of plate has the relatively high strength.

7005 T53 seamless aluminum tube is commonly used to make wheelchairs, prosthetics and other medical devices.

7005 T6 aluminum extrusion profile is commonly used to make bicycle frames, which is high strength and durable.

7005 aluminum plate application

Chemical composition of 7005 aluminum alloy

Element Composition %
Si 0.35
Fe 0.40
Cu 0.10
Mn 0.20 - 0.70
Mg 1.0 - 1.8
Cr 0.06 - 0.20
Ni -
Zn 4.0 - 5.0
Ti 0.01 - 0.06
Zr 0.08 - 0.20
Al Remainder

Thermal properties of 7005 aluminum alloy

Alloy 7005
Liquidus temperature/°C 643
Solidus temperature/°C 604
Linear expansion coefficient Temperature/°C -50-20 20-100 20-200 20-300
Average value/{um·(m·K)­1 21.4 23.1 24.0 25.0
Volume expansion coefficient/{m3·(m3·K)1 67*10–6(20°C)
Specific heat capacity /{J·(kg·K)­1 875 (20°C)
Thermal conductivity/{W·(m·K)1 O 166
T53, T63, T5361, T6351 148
T6 137

Electrical properties of 7005 aluminum alloy

Alloy 7005
20°Cvolume conductivity/%IACS O 43
T53, T5351, T63, T6351 38
T6 35
Volume resistivity at 20°C/(nΩ·m­) O 40.1
T53, T5351, T63, T6351 45.4
T6 49.3
Temperature Coefficient of Volume Resistance at 20°C/(nΩ·m·K-1) 0.1

Modulus of aluminum alloy 7005

Elastic Modulus E/(GN·mm­-2) 71
Shear modulus G/(GN·mm-2) 26.9
Compression modulus G/(GN·mm-2) 72.4
Poisson's ratio u 0.33

Chalco aluminum - professional 7005 aluminum plate supplier

Chalco Aluminum is a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer with a professional R&D technical team, complete product specifications, guaranteed quality, affordable prices and customized support. Customers who choose Chinalco 7005 aluminum plate sheet will have no worries. For more detailed inquiries, please send us an email to discuss, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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