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6061 Aluminum Bar

6061 aluminum is a widely used and heat-treatable aluminum alloy because it contains silicon and magnesium. 6061 aluminum alloy has mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, while retaining most of the excellent quality of aluminum. 6061 aluminum rod bar is used in many applications, from aircraft structure, yacht construction, truck body, bicycle frame to screw machine parts. Chalco has a full stock of 6061 aluminum bars, welcoming your inquiry and cooperation.

6061 aluminum bar

6061 aluminum bar technology and specifications

Specifications of 6061 aluminum bar
Temper T6, T651, T6511
Thickness 0.5-8mm
Width 600-1250mm
Length 3-12m
Shape round bar, square bar, flat bar, hexagonal bar
Surface treatment anodizing, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, etc.
Physical property Density (pounds per cubic inch): 0.098
Specific gravity: 2.7
Melting point (Fahrenheit): 1090
Mechanical properties Ultimate tensile strength psi: 45, 000
yield strength psi: 40, 000
Brinell hardness: 95
Rockwell hardness: B60
Standard ASTM B211, AMS 4115, AMS 4116, AMS 4117, AMS 4128, AMS-QQ-A-225/8 and ASTM B221, AMS4150, AMS 4160, AMS 4161, AMS-QQ-A-200/8

Processing technology of 6061 aluminum bar

Heat treatment

Solution heat treat at 990 F for adequate time to allow for thorough heating and then water quench. Precipitation hardening is done at 320 F for 18 hours and air cool, followed by 350 F for 8 hours and air cooling.


The alloy is capable of being hot forged at temperatures in the range of 900 F to 750 F.

Hot working

Hot working may be done in the temperature range of 700 F to 500 F.

Cold working

Cold working in the O temper condition is readily performed. The alloy is notably less easy to cold form in the T 4 and T 6 tempers.


Annealing should be done at 775 F for 2 to 3 hours followed by controlled cooling at 50 f per hour down to 500 F, then air cool.


The aging precipitation heat treatment is done at 350 F for 8 hours followed by air cooling. This produces the T6 temper.


Not applicable.

Chemical composition of 6061 aluminum rod bar

6061 aluminum rod is the representative product of 6000 series aluminum rod. The main components of 6000 series aluminum rods include magnesium and silicon. Therefore, it has the characteristics of both 4000 series and 5000 series.

6061 aluminum bar chemical composition
Al Balance
Cr 0.04 - 0.35
Cu 0.15 - 0.4
Fe 0 - 0.7
Mg 0.8 - 1.2
Mn 0.15 max
Si 0.4 - 0.8
Ti 0.15 max
Zn 0.25 max
Other 0.15 max
Remainder Each 0.05 max

Performance characteristics of 6061 aluminum bar

From most angles, 6061 aluminum is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. Because of its high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, heat treatment ability, relatively easy processing and welding ability, it is specified in most applications.

  • The strength of 6061 aluminum bar is close to that of steel, but its weight is much lighter. It is a strong and durable alloy. It is easy to drill, machine and saw.
  • The main alloy components of 6061 aluminum are magnesium and silicon, so it has strong corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, stress resistance and crack resistance. This means that this material type is easy to form and weld.
  • This alloy can be easily anodized and has good molding and finishing properties.
  • The machinability is good under the hard T4 and T6 conditions. It is obviously not easy to machine in the annealing and tempering state.
  • It is easy to cold work and shape under annealing conditions. Stamping, bending, spinning and drawing can be easily completed using standard methods.
  • 6061 has good machinability and good weldability. All commonly used welding techniques can be used for welding. Generally, after welding, the properties near the weld are the same as 6061-O, and the strength loss is about 80%. The material can be reheated to restore the T4 or T6 temper of the whole workpiece. After welding, the material will naturally age and recover some strength.

Chalco hot selling product type of 6061 aluminum bar

Chalco's hot selling 6061 aluminum bar products mainly include aluminum round bar, aluminum square bar, aluminum rectangular bar, and aluminum hexagonal bar.

product type of 6061 aluminum bar

Chalco 6061 aluminum round bar


Diameter(mm): 5-420mm

Length(m): 100-6000mm

A variety of sizes are available, including full size and custom cut length.

Application: Electrical accessories, auto parts, medical parts, aircraft parts, structural applications, as well as valves, pins, pins, signs, couplings, gears, etc.

Chalco 6061 aluminum square bar


Height(mm): 6-50mm

Length(mm): 100-2500mm

Application: Semiconductor equipment, auto parts, valves and couplings, mechanical parts, structural frames, marine accessories, etc.

Chalco 6061 aluminum flat bar


Thickness * Width(mm): (3-1)*(10*130)mm

Length(mm): 100-3000mm

Standard and custom cut lengths are available.

Application: 6061 flat aluminum strip, also known as rectangular aluminum bar, is an extruded aluminum product with a wide range of applications. 6061 aluminum rod applications include a variety of products from medical components, aircraft manufacturing to structural components. It is very suitable for aerospace, marine, electronic and structural applications.

Chalco 6061 aluminum hexagonal bar


Across Flat(mm): 12-65mm

Length(mm): 100-2500mm

Application: It is applicable to valves, pipe fittings, couplings, aerospace components and other applications. It is also used in automobile gears, manufacturing equipment, conveyor belts, etc.

Chalco hot selling 6061 aluminum bar alloy series and application fields

Chalco is one of the leading producers and suppliers of 6061 aluminum bars. It has a large inventory and provides professional processing services for 6061 aluminum bars T6, T651, T6511, O, T4 and other all-alloy series.

Chalco 6061 T6 T651 bar

6061 T6
Ultimate tensile strength 310 MPa or 42, 000 KSI
Yield strength 270 MPa or 39, 000 KSI
Brinell 95
Rockwell B60
6061 T651
Ultimate tensile strength 310 MPa or 45, 000 KSI
Yield strength 145 MPa or 21, 000 KSI
Brinell 65
Elongation 25%

6061 T6 T651 is a malleable aluminum alloy, which is processed into specified shape by extrusion, rolling or forging. Heat treatment or cold processing can be carried out by different methods to increase its strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, easy manufacturing and other advantages. 6061 T6 T651 alloy has good heat conduction and heat dissipation. Because it can be squeezed, it can be made into almost any imaginable shape.

6061 T6 T651 aluminum bar has structural strength and toughness. It also has good surface treatment characteristics and good reaction to anodic oxidation, including transparent, transparent and color dyes, as well as hard coatings.

6061 T6 T651 aluminum bar is a solid extruded aluminum product with a wide range of applications. Aerospace and automobile manufacturing are the two most common applications. This material has good strength and corrosion resistance, good machinability and formability, which makes it very suitable for use in many different applications and becomes an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

application of 6061 t6 aluminum bar

Chalco 6061 T6511 bar

6061 T6511
Ultimate tensile strength 290 MPa or 45, 000 KSI
Yield strength 270 MPa or 40, 000 KSI
Brinell 95
Rockwell B60

6061-T6511 aluminum rod is the ideal choice for most processing technologies and has good corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in aircraft manufacturing, ship and electronic applications. It is also commonly used for brackets, supports, keys and decorative purposes.

It is a lightweight material with smooth finish, clear edges, and high strength to weight ratio, which is very suitable for any application requiring lightweight parts.

application of 6061 t6511 aluminum bar

Chalco 6061 O bar

6061 O
Ultimate tensile strength 18, 000 KSI
Yield strength 8, 000 KSI
Elongation % 25-30%
Brinell hardness 30

Chalco 6061 T4 bar

6061 T4
Ultimate tensile strength 35, 000 KSI
Yield strength 21, 000 KSI
Elongation % 22-25%
Brinell hardness 65

Purchase instructions of Chalco 6061 aluminum bar

Please ensure the size and quantity before purchasing Chalco 6061 aluminum bars. Then contact our customer service personnel, we will provide you with the best quality products and the most competitive quotations in the market.

Dimensions and weights of 6061 aluminum bar

Calculation of the weight of the aluminum round rod: πR2*h×0.0000027 (3.1415*the square of the radius of the aluminum rod*the length of the aluminum rod*density, the unit of the radius length is mm).

Calculation of the weight of the aluminum square rod: side A*side B*0.0027*h (side length*side length*density*aluminum rod length), the unit is mm.

If the length is short, the cutting loss shall be increased.

The length and width of the cut shall have a tolerance of 1-3mm.

Price of 6061 aluminum bar

6061 aluminum rod price: (LME ingot price + processing fee) × weight + packaging fee + transportation fee

price calculation

Please contact Chalco aluminum to inquire about the price, and how much is the processing fee per ton for the relevant type of aluminum square rod. The processing fee for 6061 aluminum rods of different sizes is quite different, and we will provide you with the best quotation.

6061-T6, 6061-T651, 6061-T6511 are the most ordered tempers by customers.

Chalco - professional 6061 aluminum rod manufacturer and seller

Why Chalco

  • Chalco is one of the leading suppliers of 6061 T6/T651/T6511 aluminum bar. It has a large number of inventories and provides professional aluminum bar alloy 6061 T6/T651/T651 processing services. The inventory, processing and supply range of aluminum round bar alloy 6061T6/T651/T6511 is 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) to 8 inch (203.2 mm).
  • Chalco 6061 T6/T651/T6511 aluminum bar includes aerospace QQ-A-Grades and AMS-Grades, which can be ordered according to your specific requirements by selecting inch or metric diameters.
  • Chalco processing plant has the ability to process 6061 aluminum bar alloy 6061T6/T651/T6511 etc. and can process and produce aluminum bars of various shapes, which can be cut into certain sizes and delivered in a short delivery time to meet your delivery requirements.

6061 aluminum bar manufacturer

Contact Chalco

Chalco provides 6061 aluminum bars of various shapes and sizes. In addition, Chalco's 6061 aluminum products also include plates, wires, pipes, etc. All of Chalco's 6061 aluminum bar products are in stock and sold according to the most stringent standards. To find out whether aluminum 6061 is suitable for your next project, please contact Chalco's aluminum alloy expert immediately.

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