6061 T4 Electrical Aluminum Busbar
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6061 T4 Electrical Aluminum Busbar

6061 aluminum flat bar is a widely used extruded aluminum product, made from a heat-treatable aluminum alloy. It has excellent corrosion resistance and machinability, suitable for various product manufacturing. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal choice for lightweight components. Whether for mounting plates on brackets and rectifier components, or adding structural components to window frames or electrical fittings, 6061 aluminum flat bars are a common raw metal product that can meet countless needs.Welcome contact

Specification of Chalco Aluminum 6061 aluminum flat busbar

Temper T4 T6, T651 T6511
Equivalent name A96061, EN AW-6061, AlMgSiCu, HE20, AA6061, 3.3211
Specification ASTM B317, ASTM B236, IEC 60105, ISO 209-1, 2, DIN EN 755-2, DIN EN 755-5:2008-06, ASTM B221, AMS-QQ-A-200/8
Test Conductivity test, temperature rise test, bending test, etc.
Requirements for surface quality Smooth surface without defects such as burrs and spots; The surface is clean, dust-free, oil-free, and free of other impurities; The oxide layer is uniform, dense, and has good corrosion resistance;
Surface treatment Anodizing, tin plating, electroplating, spraying, etc. Usually aluminum plating includes: silver, tin, nickel
Edge processing Right angle, rounded corner, R rounded corner
6061 aluminum flat bar stock size Thickness: 0.08"-9.8"(2-250mm) Width: 0.2"-11.8"(5-300mm)
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Chalco hot selling aluminum 6061 flat busbar products

  • 6061 extruded aluminum flat busbar
    6061 extruded aluminum flat busbar

    Offers high strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent machinability. The extrusion process allows for precise dimensions and consistent quality.

  • 6061 aluminum flat bar by plate sawing
    6061 aluminum flat bar by plate sawing

    More convenient processing method, flexible size without mold restrictions. The sawing process ensures accurate dimensions suitable for various applications.

  • 6061 EC grade aluminum busbar
    6061 EC grade aluminum busbar

    Known for its high electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and excellent thermal conductivity.

  • 6061 round corner aluminum busbar
    6061 round corner aluminum busbar

    enhance their reliability and durability in various applications by reducing stress concentration and improving safety

Properties of Chalco aluminum 6061 flat busbar

Alloy-temper 6061-T6 6061-T651 6061-T6511
Tensile Strength 270-310 MPa 270-320 MPa 270-290 MPa
Shear Strength 210MPa 210 MPa 170MPa
Elastic Modulus 69GPa 69GPa 69GPa
Brinell Hardness 93 93 -
Elongation at Break 10% 11% 9%
Thermal conductivity (20°C) 3.9
Electrical conductivity (20°C) 42-43
Electrical resistivity (dc) (20°C) 19.39 18.94
Temperature coefficient of electrical resistance (20°C) 0.00284 0.00277

Advantage of Chalco Aluminum 6061 aluminum flat busbar

Chalco can provide complete design, including machining, forming, and brazing. Cutting, stamping, bending, drilling and other processing can be completed according to the specific requirements of customers.Quick Quote

  • High Strength: After heat treatment, 6061 aluminum alloy exhibits high strength, capable of withstanding mechanical stress and loads.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum alloy is relatively lightweight compared to many other metals, giving 6061 conductive aluminum busbars an advantage in applications requiring lightweight designs.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance: 6061 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, able to resist corrosion from most chemical media and environmental conditions.
  • Good Machinability: 6061 aluminum alloy is easy to machine and shape, meeting various requirements for complex shapes and sizes, thereby expanding its application range.
  • Excellent Conductivity: 6061 aluminum alloy possesses excellent conductivity, making it an effective conductor of electric current. Chalco can provide surface coating and insulation processing for conductive aluminum busbars according to customer requirements to improve product corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and avoid short circuits and other issues.

Advantage of Chalco Aluminum 6061 electrical aluminum busbar

Application industries of Chalco Aluminum 6061 flat bar & electrical aluminum busbar

6061 aluminum flat bar for Construction and Building: Used for structural supports, door and window frames, stair handrails, decorative panels, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Aerospace: Employed in aircraft structural components, spacecraft parts, aircraft fittings, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Transportation and Automotive Manufacturing: Utilized in automotive body structures, truck components, train carriage structures, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Machining: Employed in the manufacture of machinery parts, tools, jigs, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Sports and Leisure Equipment: Applied in manufacturing bicycle frames, skateboard decks, outdoor gear, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Marine Engineering: Utilized in ship components, marine platform structures, marine equipment, etc.

6061 aluminum flat bar for Decorative Arts: Used in sculptures, ornaments, artworks, etc.

6061 aluminum busbar for Electronics and Electrical Engineering: Used for electrical fittings, conductive connectors, conduction lines, etc.

  • Power transmission and distribution system: connecting wires, circuit breakers, switches, and other power equipment in power transformers, substations, and distribution equipment.
  • Electronic equipment: can be used to connect electronic components, capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits, etc.
  • New energy system: can be used for power output and connection systems of solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Power electronic equipment: in power electronic equipment, such as inverters, frequency converters, and motor controllers.

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Application of Chalco Aluminum 6061 electrical aluminum busbar

More aluminum flat busbar products in Chalco

  • 6101 aluminum busbar
    6101 EC aluminum busbar T6, T61, T63, T64, T65

    Containing magnesium and silicon, has high mechanical strength. Better anti creep than 1350.

    Thermal stability Easy processing
  • CCA bus or bimetallic conductive bus, it is the third generation of "new energy-saving conductor materials".

    Conductivity Scalability Reliability
  • It can effectively transmit and distribute electricity, reducing energy loss and line power loss.

    Lightweight Processability
  • 6082 aluminum busbar
    6082 aluminum flat bar T3, T4, T5, T6

    It has high strength and hardness, while maintaining good conductivity.

    Machinability High strength and rigidity
  • 6063 aluminum busbar
    6063 aluminum flat bar T4, T5, T6, T52, T66

    In high-power applications, it can help effectively dissipate heat, and reduce the risk of equipment overheating.

    Strong plasticity Excellent heat dissipation
  • 1350 aluminum busbar
    1350 aluminum busbar H14, H16, H19

    The minimum weight percentage is 99.5%, which is the material used for battery busbars.

    Conductivity Thermal conductivity

Sizes and tolerance of Chalco aluminum electrical aluminum busbar

Dimensions and tolerance of 6061 aluminum flat bar

Dimensions and tolerance
Length Maximum 6m
Width 10mm - 200mm
Width tolerance [mm] b≤35.50 ±0.40
35.50<b≤100.00 ±0.80
6>100.00 ±1.20
Thickness 0.15mm - 40mm
Thickness tolerance [mm] a≤6.30 ±0.15
6.30<a≤12.50 ±0.20
a>12.50 ±0.30
Minimum Bend Radius [mm] 1x thickness (up to 12mm) 2x thickness (>12mm)

Note: In the above table,

a=thickness, i.e. narrow edge size;

b=width refers to the size of the wide edge.

Size table of Square angle aluminum bar

Square angle aluminum bar
2mm 2*30 2*40 2*67 2*70 2.5* 25
3mm 3*10 3*15 3*20 3*25 3*30 3*40 3*50 3*60 3*67 3*75
4mm 4*10 4*15 4*20 4*25 4*30 4*40 4*45 4*50 4*60 4.6*60
5mm 5*15 5*20 5*25 5*30 5*35 5*40 5*50 5*60 5*80 5*100
6mm 6*20 6*25 6*30 6*40 6*50 6*54 6*55 6*60 6*65 6*70
6*75 6*80 6*100 6*120 6*150 6*160
6.3mm 6.3*50 6.3*63 6.3*63.5 6.3*80 6.35*50.8 6.35*76.2
7mm 7.6*80 7*150 7*4*20*4
8mm 8*11 8*30 8*40 8*50 8*51 8*60 8*63 8*63.5 8*65 8*70
8*80 8*90 8*100 8*120 8*125 8.8*28.6
9mm 9*170 9*125 9. 2*64
10mm 10*20 10*25 10*30 10*40 10*45 10*50 10*60 10*63 10*65 10*70
10*80 10*90 10*100 10*110 10*114 10*120 10*125 10*140 10*150 10*160
12mm 12*30 12*40 12*45 12*50 12*60 12*70 12*76 12*80 12*100 12*120
12*125 12*130 12*140 12*150 12*160
12.5mm 12.5*90 12.5*100 12.5*125 12.5*127 12.7*101.6 12.7*160
13mm 13*125 13*130 13*160
14mm 14*100 14*120 14.5*80
15mm 15*30 15*35 15*50 15*60 15*80 15*100 15*120 15*125 15*150
16mm 16*30 16*90 16*100 16*110 16*125 16*130 16*140 16*150 16*160
20mm 20*76 20*100 20*120 20*130
Square bar 19*19 30*45 15*15
Round bar Φ6 Φ8 Φ10 Φ11 Φ12 Φ14 Φ15 Φ15.6 Φ16 Φ18
Φ20 Φ21 Φ22 Φ23 Φ25 Φ27 Φ28 Φ30 Φ32 Φ35
Φ38 Φ40 Φ45 Φ50 Φ55 Φ60

Size reference table of Round angle aluminum bar

Round angle aluminum bar
2mm R2*20 R2.5* 50
3mm R3*30 R3*40 R3*50 R3*60 R3*80 R3*100 R3*120 R3*160
4mm R4*25 R4*30 R4*35 R4*40 R4*50 R4*60 R4.1*44.1 R4.7*151
5mm R5*30 R5*35 R5*40 R5*45 R5*50 R5*60 R5*70 R5*75 R5*80
R5*90 R5*100 R5*120
6mm R6*40 R6*50 R6*60 R6*70 R6*80 R6*100 R6*120 R6*140 R6*160
R6.3*63 R6.35*76.5
7mm R7*70
8mm R8*40 R8*50 R8*60 R8*80 R8*100 RS*120
10mm R10*20 R10*40 R10*50 R10*60 R10*75 R10*80 R10*100 R10*120 R10*125
R10*150 R10*160 R10*170 R10.4*25
12mm R12*80 R12*100 R12*110 R12*120 R12*125 R12*150 R12*160
12.5mm R12.5*80 R12.5*125 R12.7*90 R12.7*127
13mm R13*120 R13*125
14mm R14*100 R14*120 R14*150
15mm R15*100 R15*120 R15*130 R15*150
16mm R16*150 R16*160
19mm R19.05*101.6 R19.05*127
20mm R20*80 R20*120 R20*130
Special-shaped hypotenuse *4*50 *5*50 *5*60 *6*40 *6*50 *6*60 *6*80 *8*60 *8*80
*8*100 *8*120 *10*40 *10*80 *10*100 *10*120 *12*80 *12*100 *12*120
*15*120 *20*130 *28*60
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