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7 Major Differences Between 7050 Aluminum VS 7075 Aluminum

Updated : Mar. 22, 2024

7050 and 7075 are both high-strength aluminum alloys, known for their excellent strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, and widely used in aerospace, defense, mold manufacturing, and other industries.

Compared to 7050 aluminum, 7075 aluminum has higher hardness and strength but performs relatively poorly in terms of machinability and corrosion resistance. 7075 is susceptible to stress corrosion and its toughness decreases with decreasing temperature.

Therefore, a thin layer of pure aluminum is often applied to the outer surface of 7075 aluminum sheets to enhance corrosion resistance.Quick Quote

Differences in Products

Products of 7075

Products of 7050

Differences between 7050VS7075 standards and certifications

Both 7050 and 7075 aluminum alloys comply with international standard ISO 6324, US standards AMS 4041/4130, Chinese standard GB/T 3190, and the following additional standards: QQ-A-225/9, AMS-QQA-225/9, ASTM B-211, AMS 4122, AMS 4123, AMS 4124, AMS 4167, AMS 4169, and QQ-A-200/11.Quick Quote

Their certifications include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Defense (DoD) in the United States, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), among others. Therefore, in terms of standards and certifications, there is no significant difference between these two aluminum alloys, and they are both suitable for a wide range of applications in aerospace, defense, and related industries.

Different Chemical Compositions

Chemical element 7050 7075
Si 0.12 0.40
Fe 0.15 0.50
Cu 2.0-2.6 1.2-2.0
Mn 0.10 0.30
Mg 1.9-2.6 2.1-2.9
Cr 0.04 0.18-0.28
Zn 5.7-6.7 5.1-6.1
Ti 0.06 0.20
Zr 0.08-0.15 -
Other (Each) 0.05 0.05
Other (total) 0.15 0.15
Aluminium (Al) Remainder Remainder

Different Common Tempers

7050 aluminum T73511 T7351 T6 T3651 T74 T73651 T7651 - - -
7075luminum T6 T651 TT451 T76 T7651 T73 T7351 O T62 T652

7075 T7451 is a special state of 7075 aluminum alloy, achieved through artificial aging treatment, providing higher strength and hardness.

7050 T6 is a common heat treatment state of 7050 aluminum alloy, achieved through solution heat treatment and aging treatment. After solution heat treatment at (120 ± 5) °C for 16 hours and rapid cooling at room temperature, the alloy gains its properties.

7050 T7351 is an over-aged state of 7050 T6, achieved through solution heat treatment, aging treatment, and additional artificial aging treatment. After solution heat treatment at (120 ± 5) °C for 16 hours, rapid cooling to room temperature, and then aging at (165 ± 10) °C for 6 hours, followed by rapid cooling at room temperature, the alloy attains its characteristics.Quick Quote

Differences in Mechanical Properties

Performance 7050 7075
Tensile strength (MPa) 500-570 570-620
Yield strength (MPa) 370-450 490-550
Elongation percentage (%) 12-16 10-12
Hardness (Brinell) 130-140 150-160
Elastic modulus (GPa) 70-73 71-73

Differences in Corrosion Resistance

Both 7050 and 7075 exhibit good corrosion resistance, capable of withstanding the erosion from seawater, atmospheric conditions, and various chemical agents. 7050 shows slightly better stress corrosion resistance than 7075.

Differences in Processing Capabilities

Both 7050 and 7075 exhibit good processing capabilities, allowing for forming, welding, and machining operations.

Differences in Applications

7050 Aluminum

  • Aircraft structural components
  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive components
  • Mold manufacturing
  • Pressure vessels

7075 Aluminum

  • Aircraft skins
  • Engine components
  • Rocket parts
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools and molds

Price Differences

The prices of 7050 and 7075 vary, but in recent years, they have been on an upward trend primarily due to high demand and rising raw material costs. It is expected that prices will continue to follow a stable growth pattern in the future.Quick Quote

Aluminum Source

Chalco provides 7075 and 7075 aluminum sheets ranging in thickness from 0.25 inches to 8 inches.

Our main board sizes are typically 48.5 inches or 60.5 inches wide, with each length measuring 144.5 inches. Most of our 7075-T651 aluminum sheets comply with AMS 4045, QQA 250/12, and ASTM B209 specifications.

We can control the sawing tolerance of any deformable aluminum alloy (including 7050 aluminum sheets) within ±0.005 inches.

If you have any specific requirements for quoting and/or ordering, please let us know. Each piece of aluminum we sell can be fully traced back to the main board and comes with complete factory certification.Quick Quote

You can trust our team of aluminum experts to provide accurate information regarding specific factories, industry standards, or compliance matters.

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