1100 O/H14/H18/H112 Aerospace Aluminum Tube Pipe
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1100 O/H14/H18/H112 Aerospace Aluminum Tube Pipe

1100 aluminum tube is a high-purity aluminum alloy tube that meets the AMS-4003 and AMS-QQ-A-200/1 and other standards. It has excellent processing performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and low density, making it commonly used for structural components, fuselage, cabin walls, aircraft hydraulic pipelines, fuel tanks, fuel transmission pipelines, and other parts.

Why select Chalco Aluminum's 1100 O H14 H18 H112 aerospace aluminum tube pipe?

Quality could fully meet worldwide aviation standard

WW-T-700/1 1100-H14 Seamless drawn tube, the 1100-H14 aluminum seamless drawn tube specified in the specification is mainly used in aerospace, military and other fields as a high-strength and lightweight structural material.

The 1100-H14 aluminum pipe specified in the AMS 4062 specification is mainly used in low-pressure gas pipelines, fuel oil pipelines, instrument pipelines, hydraulic pipelines, aircraft structures and other fields.

ASTM B210/B210M-19a: This is a standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials, which involves the specification of seamless aluminum alloy tubing, including 1100 aluminum alloy tubing.

EN 573-3:2013: This is a standard issued by the European Organization for Standardization, which specifies the chemical composition and form of aluminum and aluminum alloys, including the chemical composition requirements of 1100 aluminum alloys.

JIS H 4000:2006: This is the Japanese Industrial Standard, which specifies the chemical composition, physical properties and dimensional tolerances of aluminum and aluminum alloys, including 1100 aluminum alloys.

GB/T 3191-2018: This is a Chinese national standard that specifies the chemical composition, physical properties, and dimensional tolerances of aluminum and its aluminum alloys, including 1100 aluminum alloys.

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specs of 1100 O H14 H18 H112 aerospace aluminum tube pipe

1100 aluminum tube pipe specs
Alloy 1100
Temper O, H14, H18, H112
Out diameter 4.0mm-130mm
Wall thickness 0.4 -10mm
Length 3000mm, 4000mm, or in coil type
Standard WW-T-700/1 1100-H14 Seamless drawn aluminum tube
AMS 4062
ASTM B210/B210M-19a
EN 573-3:2013
JIS H 4000:2006
GB/T 3191-2018
1100 O H112 aluminum tube stock size range Outer diameter×Wall thickness: 8×0.4, 7×0.4, 6.04×0.4, 8×0.5, 8×1, 10×1.25, 15.88×1.2, 9×2, 12×2, 16×2, 10×1.65, 11×1.8, 12×1.75, 14×1.75, 15.88×1.65, 18×2, 19.05×1.65, 12.7×1.2, 9.53×1, 16×1.5, 18×1.5

Chemical composition of 1100 aluminum alloy

1100 Alloy %
Si 0.95
Cu 0.05-0.20
Mn 0.05
Mg -
Cr -
Ni -
Zn 0.10
Ti -
Al Remainder

Mechanical property of 1100 O H14 H18 aerospace aluminum tube pipe

Temper Tensile (.0625" Dia. Specimen) Hardness Shear
Ultimate Yield Elongation/4D Brinell 500kg 10 mm Ultimate Shearing Strength
O 13 90 5 35 35 23 9 60
H14 18 125 17 115 9 32 11 75
H18 24 165 22 150 5 44 13 90
Characteristic Metric
Nominal Density (68°F/20°C)
English: lbs./in.3
Metric: g/cm3
Melting Range 640°C – 655°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
English: micro in./in.-°F
Metric: micro m/m -°K
Linear 68°F-212°F 20°C-100°C 23.6
Thermal Conductivity (68°F/20°C)
English: BTU-in/ft2hr°F
Metric: W/m×K
O 222
H18 218
Electrical Conductivity (68°F/20°C)
English: %IACS @ 68°F
Metric: MS/M @ 20°C
Equal Volume O Temper 34
H18 33
Equal Weight O Temper 113
H18 108

Features of 1100 aerospace aluminum tube pipe

High corrosion resistance: 1100 aluminum pipe has good corrosion resistance and can be used in a variety of chemical environments, especially for marine environments.

Good thermal conductivity: 1100 aluminum tube has excellent thermal conductivity and can effectively transfer heat, so it is widely used in heat exchangers, radiators and other fields.

Ease of processing: 1100 aluminum tubing has good machinability, and can be formed by various processing techniques, such as cold drawing, welding, bending, cutting, etc.

Lightweight and high strength: 1100 aluminum pipes have low relative density, light weight, high strength and rigidity, and is suitable for manufacturing lightweight parts.

Good oxidation resistance: 1100 aluminum tube surface is easy to form a layer of aluminum oxide protective film, which can effectively prevent further oxidation of aluminum, thereby protecting the physical properties of aluminum.

features of 1100 aerospace aluminum tube

Types and uses of 1100 O H14 H18 H112 aluminum tube pipe in aerospace field

1100-H14 aluminum seamless drawn tube is mainly used in aerospace, military and other fields as a high-strength and lightweight structural material. This aluminum alloy pipe has good formability and welding performance, and can meet the requirements of high strength and light weight. It is often used to make aircraft oil pipes, air pipes, hydraulic pipes, support structures and other components.

The hardness of 1100-H18 aluminum tube is higher than that of 1100-H14, which is suitable for some applications that require high strength and hardness and applications that require wear resistance and corrosion resistance, such as food processing equipment, chemical equipment and seawater treatment equipment wait.

Aluminum heat exchanger tube, the common tempers are O (soft temper) and H112 (semi-hard temper), and the specifications are usually customized according to the specific requirements of the heat exchanger. 1100 aluminum tube can be manufactured by seamless (seamless) or welded (welded) process. In short, the temper, specification and process of 1100 aluminum alloy pipes need to be selected and customized according to the actual situation of the heat exchanger.

HVAC aluminum tubing usually requires high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and cost-effectiveness. 1100 pure aluminum tube has good thermal conductivity and processability, and is often used in the manufacture of heat pipes, cable protection sleeves and other components of air conditioning systems.

application of 1100 aerospace aluminum tube

What should I pay attention to when buying 1100 aerospace aluminum tubes?

Specification requirements: select the appropriate specifications according to the required use occasions and requirements, including diameter, wall thickness, length, etc.

Temper requirements: select the appropriate temper according to actual needs, for example, O-temper aluminum tubes are suitable for bending and forming, while H14 temper aluminum tubes are suitable for occasions that require higher strength.

Check the quality: check whether the surface of the aluminum tube is smooth, free of cracks, oxidation, damage, etc., to ensure that the quality meets the requirements.

Supplier selection: choose suppliers with reputation, production qualification and perfect after-sales service to purchase, so as to ensure product quality and reliability of after-sales service.

Logistics and transportation: during transportation, care should be taken to avoid damage to the aluminum tube by impact and friction, and at the same time prevent deformation during transportation to ensure product quality.

key points for buying 1100 aerospace aluminum tube

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