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1100 Aluminum Sheet

The UNS A91100 Aluminum Sheet Plate is 1100 aluminum alloy known for its superb corrosion resistance, excellent formability, and weldability. It is soft, non-heat treatable, and easily takes on various shapes, making it commonly used in aircraft components, utensils, decorative products, and chemical equipment.Quick Quote

The aluminum 1100 sheet is crafted from 99.0% pure aluminum, the softest aluminum alloy, establishing it as a widely recognized alloy celebrated for its remarkable ductility and formability. Additionally, it incorporates trace amounts of iron, silicon, copper, and zinc, contributing to enhanced strength and hardness.

Chalco is a leading 1100 aluminum sheet suppier and manufacturer in China, meeting ASTM B209, BS EN 485 standards.

Chalco inventory purchase guidelines

  • All stock products are available for retail with no minimum order quantity. Once the order is confirmed, clearance and shipping can be arranged within a week.
  • We are a leading manufacturer with large-scale, one-stop production, ensuring aluminum plates of the same quality as the market but at a 10% lower price.
  • We are a reputable brand, offering strict quality inspections, providing you with peace of mind regarding product quality.
  • All sizes of our 1100 aluminum sheets can be cut, and we provide quality assurance, so you can buy with confidence.

Chalco 1100 aluminum sheet hot selling size list

Product Thickness(inch) Metric(mm)
0.032"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.032" 0.8mm
0.04"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.04" 1mm
0.05"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.05" 1.3mm
0.063"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.063" 1.6mm
0.09"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.09" 2.3mm
0.125"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.125" 3.2mm
0.19"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.19" 4.8mm
0.249"(t) 1100-H14 Aluminum Sheet 0.249" 6.3mm
0.04"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.04" 1mm
0.048"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.048" 1.2mm
0.06"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.06" 1.5mm
0.062"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.062" 1.6mm
0.078"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.078" 2mm
0.094"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.094" 2.4mm
0.125"(t) 1100-H19 Aluminum Sheet 0.125" 3.2mm
0.02"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.02" 0.5mm
0.032"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.032" 0.8mm
0.04"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.04" 1mm
0.05"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.05" 1.3mm
0.063"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.063" 1.6mm
0.08"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.08" 2mm
0.09"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.09" 2.3mm
0.125"(t) 1100-O Aluminum Sheet 0.125" 3.2mm

1100 aluminum sheet specifications

Hot selling temper O, H14, H18, H19
Standard specifications ASTM B209, AMS 4001, AMS 4003, AMS 4001
Equivalent names AA1100, EN AW-1100, EN AW-Al99.0Cu, DIN Al99.0Cu, JIS 1100, JIS A1N00, ISO Al99.0Cu, UNS A91100
UNS A91100 aluminum sheet Thickness:0.01"-0.249"(0.2mm-6.3mm) Width:35.4"-104"(900mm-2650mm)
1100 aluminum plate Thickness:0.25"-13.8"(8mm-350mm) Width:39.4"-150"(1000mm-3800mm)
1100 Ultra wide aluminum plate Thickness:0.25"-13.8"(8mm-350mm) Width:39.4"-150"(1000mm-3800mm)
Length Max 20m, Fix & Cut Length or Customized
Coating Black and white film, blue film, transparent film(Thickness: 50 microns, 80 microns)
Surface Treatment Bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered, embossed, etching, etc.
1100-O aluminum sheet plate 1100-H14 aluminum sheet plate
AMS 4001 AMS 4003

What are the other common sizes of 1100 aluminum sheet?

4"x8" aluminum sheet

4"x4" 1100 aluminum sheet

4"x10" 1100 aluminum sheet

5"x10" aluminum sheet

48"x96" 1100 aluminum sheet

1219mm * 2438mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1220mm x 2440mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1000mm x 2000mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1250mm x 2500mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1219mmx2438mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1524mmx3048mm 1100 aluminum sheet

1500mm x 3000mm 1100 aluminum sheet

Chalco As a professional manufacturer and supplier of 1100 aluminum sheets, we can provide you with 1060 aluminum sheets for various industrial applications. We have reliable quality, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

Commonly used specifications are in stock, and special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements. If you want to buy aluminum sheets, please contact us.Quick Quote

1100 O H14 H18 aluminum sheet physical properties

Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
O 13KSI 5KSI 30%
H14 18KSI 17KSI 3%
H18 24KSI 22KSI 2%

Questions you might have about A91100 aluminum sheet

Can you produce 1100 aluminum thick plates?

Yes, we can produce 1100 aluminum thick plates and aluminum sheets. Their applications are not the same. Click here to learn about the differences between aluminum plates and aluminum sheets.

What are the advantages of Chalco?

Chalco produces ASTM.B209 1100 stretched aluminum sheet plate with a maximum width of 4000mm, a maximum thickness of 250mm, a maximum width of 2650mm for strips, and a minimum thickness of 1.8mm, meeting various thickness and width requirements for orders. The prices from the original manufacturer are highly competitive, and our one-stop supply eliminates your worries. All products have passed quality system certifications such as ISO 9001, GJB 9001, AS9100, TS16949, and Nadcap (Non-Destructive/Heat/Materials Testing) certificates. We can also customize to meet customer requirements for Japanese, European, American standards, and more.

What are the characteristics of EN AW-1100 aluminum sheet?

  • 1100 aluminum sheet has low strength, cannot be strengthened through heat treatment, and has poor cutting performance.
  • The good formability of 1100 aluminum sheet allows it to be rolled into sheets and foils, or drawn into pipes and wires.
  • aluminum alloy 1100 sheet has good weldability and can be welded by gas welding, hydrogen atomic welding, contact welding and other methods.
  • 1100 aluminum sheet is easy to withstand various pressure processing, extension and bending
  • AL 1100 sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and is not easily oxidized.
  • aluminum 1100 sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Characteristics of 1100 aluminum sheet

What are the applications of 1100 aluminum sheet?

  • aluminum 1100-h14 sheets are used for heat exchangers, chemical equipment, and decorative trim.
  • 1100 o aluminum sheet is widely used in applications involving good formability such as pots, pans and architectural decorative items.
  • Deep drawing applications, spinning, fan blades, nameplates and metal products are typical applications for 1100 H19 aluminum sheet. 1100 h19 aluminum foil is often used as EMI/RFI shielding in electronic applications.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Due to its high purity and corrosion resistance, 1100 H18 aluminum sheet is commonly used to manufacture food and beverage processing equipment such as storage tanks, pipes, containers, etc.
  • Kitchenware and Home Appliances: The high thermal conductivity of 1100 aluminum sheet makes it an ideal material for manufacturing kitchenware and home appliances, such as frying pans, soup pots, grill pans, and appliance casings.
  • Decoration and building materials: 1100 aluminum sheets are easy to form and can be used to make various architectural decorations, curtain walls, ceilings, signs, guardrails, etc.
  • Signs and nameplates: 1100 aluminum sheet is easy to stamp and engrave, so it is often used to make signs, nameplates and other identification purposes.
  • Aerospace and aerospace: Although the strength of 1100 aluminum sheet is lower, its lightweight and easy-to-form properties make it suitable for some aerospace applications, such as panels, partitions, etc.

applications of 1100 aluminum sheet

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