1070-O Automotive Aluminum Sheet
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1070-O Automotive Aluminum Sheet

1070-O automotive aluminum sheet is a common aluminum alloy material used in automobile manufacturing. It has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of light weight, energy saving and environmental protection. It is widely used in body structure, heat shield, evaporator, heat exchanger and other parts in automobile manufacturing.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

Chalco auto body sheet production capacity

Chalco Aluminum strictly controls the processing quality, texture, grain structure, composition, etc. of the products, and the product performance has reached the international advanced level.

Automotive IATF16949 standard

Chalco Aluminum has passed the requirements of the automotive IATF16949 standard audited by BSI (British Standards Institution), providing quality compliance for continuously expanding the automotive product market and achieving high-quality development.

Well-known brand material certifications

Chalco Aluminum serves Tesla, Ford, Shanghai Automobile, Weilai Automobile, Beiqi New Energy, Changan Automobile and other famous new energy automobile manufacturers. Some models of automotive plate material certification.

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Specs of 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

Alloy 1070
Temper O
ABS sheet dimension: Thickness: 0.3mm-3.5mm
Width: 52mm-2400mm
Length: 500mm-10000mm
ABS coil dimension: Thickness: 0.3mm-3.5mm
Width: 52mm-2400mm
Standard GB/T 33227-2016,
JIS H4000,
ASTM B209,
EN 485

Chemical composition of 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

Element Composition (%)
Aluminum, Al ≥99.7
Iron, Fe ≤0.25
Silicon, Si ≤0.20
Zinc, Zn ≤0.040
Vanadium, V ≤0.050
Copper, Cu ≤0.040
Titanium, Ti ≤0.030
Magnesium, Mg ≤0.030
Manganese, Mn ≤0.030
Other (each) ≤0.030

Property of 1070-O aluminum sheet

performance indicators value
Density 2.7 g/cm3
Tensile strength ≥70 MPa
Tensile strength ≥35 MPa
Elongation ≥30%
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.5×10-6/K
Thermal conductivity 222 W/(m·K)
Conductivity 63% IACS

Thickness deviation of 1070 aluminum sheet for automobile

Thickness mm Thickness tolerances within the following width ranges
800.0-1600.0 >1600.0-1800.0 >1800-2400.00
0.70—1.00 ±0.03 ±0.05 ±0.08
>1.00—1.20 ±0.04 ±0.06 ±0.09
>1.20-1.50 ±0.05 ±0.07 ±0.10

Width deviation of 1070 aluminum sheets and strips for body structural parts

Thickness mm Width tolerances within the following width ranges
<100.0 >100.0-300.0 >300.0-500.0 >500.0-800.0 >800.0-1 250.0 >1 250.0-1 800.0 >1 800.0-2 000.0 >2 000.0- 2 400.0
0.30—1.60 + 0, 30 + 0, 40 + 1.00 + 1.50 + 2, 00 + 3.00
>1.60—3.50 + 2.00 4-3.00 + 4.00 + 5.00 + 6.00

What are the characteristics of 1070-O aluminum sheet for automotive structural parts?

1070-O aluminum plate, as the material of automobile structural parts, has the following characteristics:

High purity: 1070-O aluminum plate has a high purity, which can reach more than 99.7%, so it has excellent electrical properties and thermal conductivity.

Lightweight: aluminum is a light metal, and the density of 1070-O aluminum plate is low, which can reduce the weight of the car itself and improve the fuel economy of the car.

Good formability: 1070-O aluminum plate can be processed through various forming methods, such as deep drawing, stretching, bending, etc., to produce parts with different shapes, and has high tensile strength and oxidation resistance.

Good corrosion resistance: the surface of 1070-O aluminum plate can be treated by anodic oxidation and other methods to improve its corrosion resistance, thereby protecting the long-term service life of parts.

Recyclability: Aluminum is a recyclable material. 1070-O aluminum sheet can be recycled and reused to reduce environmental pollution, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection.

1070 automobile aluminum sheet

Uses of 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

Headlight lampshades: because of its excellent thermal conductivity and processability, 1070-O aluminum sheet can be easily stamped and formed, so it is often used in the manufacture of automotive lampshades and other exterior parts. In addition, the surface finish and corrosion resistance of 1070-O aluminum sheet also make it a common material used in the manufacture of automotive lamps.

Car interior panel: the car interior panel is a part of the car, mainly including the instrument panel, door panel interior panel, seat and so on. 1070-O aluminum alloy has good formability and machinability, and is suitable for making automotive interior panels. At the same time, compared with traditional steel materials, aluminum alloy materials are lighter, which can help reduce the overall weight of the car and improve fuel efficiency.

Uses of 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

Matters needing attention when selecting 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

The thickness of the aluminum plate: choose the appropriate thickness according to the required stress and bearing capacity. Aluminum sheets that are too thick or too thin can lead to poor performance of automotive structural parts.

The size of the aluminum plate: select the appropriate size of the aluminum plate according to the size of the required automotive structural parts. Aluminum plates that are too large or too small will increase processing costs, and may also lead to insufficient structural strength.

Surface quality of aluminum plate: the surface quality of automotive structural parts has a great influence on the appearance and texture of the entire car, so choose an aluminum plate with a smooth surface, no cracks, no scale and uniformity.

Mechanical properties: different auto parts have different requirements for mechanical properties, and it is necessary to select corresponding mechanical performance indicators, such as strength and ductility, according to specific application scenarios.

Environmental protection performance: aluminum sheets for automobiles need to meet environmental protection standards, such as the RoHS directive and other environmental regulations, to ensure that they will not pollute the environment.

Aluminum plate suppliers: choose aluminum plate suppliers with good reputation, stable quality and perfect after-sales service to ensure the quality and delivery time of aluminum plates.

key points for selecting 1070-O automotive aluminum sheet

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