1100 O/H14 Aerospace Aluminum Sheet and Plate
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1100 O/H14 Aerospace Aluminum Sheet and Plate

Chalco Aluminum produces AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 Sheet and Plate, which are widely used in the aviation field, mainly due to their excellent properties such as light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 aviation aluminum sheet?

Chalco Aluminum provides excellent quality aerospace materials, as well as the best technical services in the market, and has a deep knowledge base on how to support customers in meeting the challenges of the future.

Quality could full meet aviation standard



QQ-A-250/1 etc.

Chalco Accreditation

We have passed AS9100, OHSAS 18001 and other certifications required by the aviation industry, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of aerospace materials produced by our company.


OHSAS 18001






aerosapce certification

Chemical composition and physical properties of 1100 aluminum sheet specified in AMS 4001 and AMS 4003

Element AMS 4001 AMS 4003
Al 99.00% min 99.00% min
Si 0.95% max 0.95% max
Fe 0.05% max 0.05%-0.20%
Cu 0.05% max 0.05% max
Mn - 0.01% max
Zn 0.10% max 0.10% max
Ti 0.05% max 0.05% max
Other 0.15% max 0.15% max
Performance AMS 4001 AMS 4003
Density 2.70 g/cm3 2.70 g/cm3
Melting point 643-657 °C 643-657 °C
Coefficient of thermal expansion(20-100°C) 23.1 μm/m°C 23.1 μm/m°C
Thermal conductivity(20°C) 222 W/m-K 222 W/m-K
Conductivity(20°C) 62.5% IACS 62.5% IACS
Yield strength(0.2%) 55 MPa min 110 MPa min
Tensile strength 75 MPa min 145 MPa min
Elongation 20% min 4% min

The performance and tempers of 1100 aluminum sheets specified in AMS 4001 and AMS 4003 in different temper

Material Temper Tensile strength ksi Yield strength (ksi min) Elongation % in 2''0.064'' sheet
1100 1100-0 11-15.5 3.5 30
1100 1100-H12 14-19 11 8
1100 1100-H14 16-21 14 5
1100 1100-H16 19-24 17 4
1100 1100-H18 22 (min) - 4

AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 sheet and plate commonly used specifications in the aviation field

Alloy and Temper Thickness Width Length
AMS 4001 1100-0 Sheet 0.016''-0.190'' 48.5'' 144''
AMS 4001 1100-0 Plate 0.250''-6.000'' 48.5'' 144''
AMS 4003 1100-H14 Sheet 0.016''-0.190'' 48.5'' 144''
AMS 4003 1100-H14 Plate 0.250''-6.000'' 48.5'' 144''

Use of 1100 aluminum sheet in the aviation field specified by AMS 4001 and AMS 4003

Aircraft skins and cladding panels: these aluminum sheets are commonly used in the fabrication of aircraft fuselage skins and cladding panels to provide the necessary strength and rigidity while remaining sufficiently lightweight.

Aircraft interior components: aluminum sheets are also used to manufacture aircraft interior components, such as seat brackets, partitions, etc., which require strength and rigidity as well as light weight.

Aircraft ground equipment: aluminum plates are also widely used in the manufacture of aircraft ground equipment, such as ground lifting equipment, maintenance equipment, etc.

Aerospace equipment: AMS 4001 1100-0 Sheet and Plate and AMS 4003 1100-H14 Sheet and Plate are also used in the manufacture of aerospace equipment, such as satellite casings, engine compartment covers, etc.

application of 1100 aerospace aluminum plate

Characteristics of AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 sheet and plate

Lightweight and high-strength: aluminum is a relatively lightweight metal, and 1100 aluminum alloy has high strength in different states, which is beneficial to reduce the overall weight of aircraft and other aircraft, and improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Good machinability: 1100 aluminum alloy has good machinability, including forming, cutting, welding and riveting, etc., making it suitable for the manufacture of various complex shapes and parts requiring precision.

Good corrosion resistance: aluminum forms an oxide surface layer in the atmosphere, which has certain corrosion resistance. In addition, 1100 aluminum alloy has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used for some aircraft components working in harsh environments.

Easy to color and paint: the surface of aluminum can be colored and painted by anodizing and other methods to make it more beautiful in appearance and increase its corrosion resistance.

1100 aerospace aluminum plate

Precautions for AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 Sheet and Plate aluminum sheets

Prevent mechanical damage: 1100 aluminum alloy is a relatively soft metal, so care should be taken to prevent mechanical damage during transportation, processing and use, such as collisions, abrasions, scratches, etc.

Avoid corrosion: although 1100 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, it may still be corroded in certain environments. During use, care should be taken to avoid contact between the aluminum plate and corrosive media, such as acidic, alkaline, and chloride-containing media.

Correct processing and installation: 1100 aluminum alloy has good machinability and weldability, but care should be taken to follow the correct process and standards during processing and installation to avoid quality problems caused by improper processing.

Select the appropriate state and specification of aluminum plate: 1100 aluminum alloy plates in different states have different physical and mechanical properties, and the state and specification suitable for specific applications should be selected to meet the use requirements.

precaution for using 1100 aerospace aluminum plate

AMS 4001 1100-0 and AMS 4003 1100-H14 sheet and plate aluminum sheet purchasing considerations

Material quality: materials with good quality should be selected to ensure that their physical and mechanical properties meet the standard requirements.

Sheet state and specification: aluminum alloy sheets in different states and specifications have different characteristics and scope of application, and the state and specification that meet the specific application should be selected.

Supplier reputation: choose suppliers with good reputation to ensure that the materials they provide meet the standard requirements and have reliable after-sales service.

Price and delivery date: the appropriate supplier should be selected according to the market price and delivery date requirements to ensure that the procurement cost and delivery date of materials meet expectations.

Packaging and transportation: appropriate packaging and transportation methods should be selected to avoid mechanical damage and corrosion during transportation and storage, which will affect the quality of materials.

key points for buying 1100 aerospace aluminum plate

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