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Aluminum Diamond Plate

The aluminum diamond sheets, also known as aluminium 1 bar tread plate or aluminium diamond checker plate, features raised patterns on the surface. It is often used as Aluminum anti-slip plate or aluminium floor plate. It offers excellent properties such as aesthetics, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Below is Chalco's range of patterned aluminum sheets.

Chalco aluminum diamond plate specifications

Name Aluminum Diamond Plate
Aluminum Diamond Plate Alloy 3003, 4017, 5052, 6061
Aluminum Diamond Plate Condition H14, H22, T6
Other Names Diamond aluminum plate, diamond tread aluminum sheet, Embossed Aluminum diamond plate, Durable Aluminum diamond plate, Aluminum diamond tread Plate
Aluminum Diamond Plate Thickness 1.2-8mm
Aluminum Diamond Plate Width 100-1850 mm
Aluminum Diamond Plate Length 500-16000 mm
Aluminum Diamond Plate Production Process Hot rolling, embossing.
Aluminum Diamond Plate Surface Treatment Mill finish, Bright finish
Aluminum Diamond Plate Color Black, sliver, blue, Red, etc. (Customizable)
Aluminum Diamond Plate Delivery Type Sheet, Plate, Roll, Strip
Aluminum Diamond Plate Surface Protection With membrane or without membrane, can be customized according to requirements
Aluminum Diamond Plate Packaging Wooden frame/wooden box packaging, steel belt fixed
Aluminum Diamond Plate Standards GB/T3618, Q/EL432, EN 1386, ASTM -B209

Common sizes and thicknesses of aluminum diamond plate

Chalco's aluminum diamond plate thickness can be customized based on customer choices. Among them, 1/4" aluminum diamond plate is the most commonly used thickness. Below are common thicknesses of diamond pattern plates:

  • 0.045" (3/64") aluminum diamond plate
  • 0.063" (1/16") aluminum diamond plate
  • 0.125" (1/8") aluminum diamond plate
  • 0.187" (3/16") aluminum diamond plate
  • 0.25" (1/4") aluminum diamond plate

thickness of diamond plate

Chalco can provide a variety of sizes of diamond plate sheets to accommodate your projects, regardless of their size. Among them, 4x8 aluminum diamond plate is the most commonly used size. Below are common sizes of diamond pattern plates:

  • 2' x 8' (24" x 96") aluminum diamond plate
  • 4' x 8' (48" x 96") aluminum diamond plate
  • 4' x 10' (48" x 120") aluminum diamond plate
  • 5' x 8' (60" x 96") aluminum diamond plate
  • 5' x 10' (60" x 120") aluminum diamond plate

In addition, we can also provide Aluminum Diamond Checker Sheet Rolls 0.025 (Thin). If you require specific sizes and thicknesses, we also offer custom services. For more details, please feel free to contact us.


Surface and colors of aluminum diamond plate

  • Mill finish aluminum diamond plate: features a standard rolled surface with a certain level of roughness.
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate: the surface is exceptionally smooth, with a reflectivity close to 90%. It offers high cleanliness and is ideal for decorative purposes.
  • Anodized aluminum diamond plate: this type has increased strength and corrosion resistance and can be anodized into various colors, enhancing its decorative appeal. Here are some different colors of anodized diamond Plate:
  • Glossy black aluminum diamond plate: utilizes a dark, smooth version for a more modern and clean appearance.

Metallic gray aluminum diamond plate: features a less shiny, more industrial appearance and finish.

Race red aluminum diamond plate: incorporates a red finish for a more vibrant and decorative appearance.

In addition, we offer other types of aluminium checker plate. Feel free to contact us directly for more options. Learn more

Chalco common alloys for aluminum diamond plate

3003 bright aluminum diamond plate

Temper: H14, H22

Features: Smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface, excellent corrosion resistance

Applications: Wall decoration, pressure vessels, refrigerated trucks, cold storage floors, etc.

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3003 bright aluminum diamond plate
4017 aluminum diamond plate

4017 aluminum diamond plate

Features: Good bending performance, excellent machinability

Applications: Toolboxes, flooring, truck bodies, trailer floors, etc.

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5052 aluminum diamond plate

Features: Excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, rust resistance

Applications: Ships, refrigerated truck compartments, humid environments, etc.

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5052 aluminum diamond plate
6061 mill finish aluminum diamond plate

6061 mill finish aluminum diamond plate

Temper: T6

Features: Higher strength, corrosion resistance, good processing and welding performance

Applications: Non-slip protection on ship decks, maritime engineering, energy and chemical industries

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Different aluminum alloy tread plates have different applications and processing costs. Contact

Typical applications of aluminum diamond plate

  • Corner Guard for Diamond Plate (0.045" aluminum diamond plate)
  • Kickplate protection for diamond plate wall panels and doors (0.025" aluminum diamond plate)
  • Non-slip transition strips for floors
  • Protection for truck, trailer, and refrigerated truck compartment floors
  • Ship stairs, flooring, and non-slip protection for ship decks
  • Industrial platforms, stairs, and walkway slip resistance

Note: It is generally recommended to increase the thickness of diamond aluminum plates for corners and areas with frequent use. 0.045" diamond aluminum corner guards are typically a perfect match for 0.025" diamond aluminum wall panels.

Customization and cutting services

Chalco can provide custom cutting (90° cutting) services for diamond aluminum sheets based on your project's size requirements. Additionally, if you need more than just sawing or shearing services, we offer the following advanced aluminum sheet cutting options.

  • High-definition plasma cutting
  • Flatbed laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Metal shearing and sawing

Chalco's inventory size list for diamond plate is available upon request

0.063 60×96 1.02 40.80
0.1 48×96 1.57 50.24
0.08 48×96 1.21 38.72
0.1 48×96 1.57 50.24
0.125 48×120 1.90 76.00
0.125 48×144 1.90 91.20
0.1 48×120 1.57 62.80
0.1 48×144 1.57 75.36
0.125 60×144 1.90 114.00
0.1 60×96 1.57 62.80
0.188 48×144 2.82 135.36
0.1 60×120 1.57 78.50
0.1 60×144 1.57 94.20
0.125 48×96 1.92 61.44
0.25 36×144 3.70 133.20
0.25 48×120 3.70 148.00
0.125 48×120 1.92 76.80
0.125 48×144 1.92 92.16
0.25 48×144 3.70 177.60
0.375 48×144 5.49 236.52
0.125 60×96 1.92 76.80
0.125 60×120 1.92 96.00
0.125 60×144 1.92 115.20
0.125 72×144 1.92 138.24
0.187 48×96 2.82 90.24
0.187 48×120 2.82 112.80
0.187 48×144 2.82 135.36
0.187 60×144 2.82 169.20
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