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Sublimation Aluminum Sheet

The aluminum sublimation plate is mainly made of high-grade aluminum alloy. Through the transfer process (heating and pressurizing), the beautiful patterns on the transfer film are transferred to the aluminum surface. After forming, the ink layer and the product surface are integrated, which is lifelike and beautiful, greatly improving the product grade.Quick Quote

aluminum sublimation metal sheet

The size, shape and bending degree of sublimation aluminum sheet can be customized according to the design and use requirements. It has many advantages and is a common material for indoor and outdoor decoration.

As a decorative material, aluminum metal sublimation plate has good durability and fire resistance, and can realize various complex shapes, with lifelike appearance and strong plasticity. It is widely used in furniture, doors and windows, curtain walls, buildings, transportation, etc.

Sublimation aluminum plate hot selling size

Specification of aluminum sublimation blanks

Alloy: 1060, 1100, 1050, 1070, 3003 and other alloys.

Thickness: 0.22-1.1mm, common thickness is 0.45, 0.55, 1.0mm

Dimensions: 1200x600mm, 600x400mm, 600x300mm, 610x305mm or other customized dimensions.

Surface: it can be made into brushed sublimation plate, mirror sublimation plate, high gloss sublimation plate, matte sublimation plate, etc.

Surface of aluminum sublimation blanks

Color: mirror gold, mirror silver, brushed gold, brushed silver, pear silver, pear gold, satin silver, satin gold, white, champagne matt, champagne metal, champagne brushed, walnut, beech, oak, elm, yellow pear, ebony, red sandalwood and other wood grains. The color can also be customized according to the requirements.

color of aluminum sublimation blanks

Aluminum sublimation sheet price

Price of aluminum metal sublimation sheet= Shanghai metal aluminum ingot A00+processing cost of aluminum sublimation plate

(Note: The price of sublimation aluminum sheets with different colors will vary, because the cost of paint is different, please consult us for details.)Get A Quote Today

Advantages of Chalco Aluminum sublimation aluminum

Environmental protection: Aluminum products have wood texture and good simulation effect, replacing wood and stone materials for decoration, thus saving energy and being environmentally friendly. They are odorless, pollution-free, and eco-friendly building materials.

Beautiful appearance: Aluminum products exhibit exquisite appearances, rich texture patterns, realistic imitation effects, and pleasing aesthetics.

Easy to clean: Sublimation white metal sheets are easy to clean with water, restoring their original appearance, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Good fire resistance: Sublimation blanks boast excellent fire resistance, ensuring high safety in usage.

Good corrosion resistance: The surface provides rust prevention, abrasion prevention, ultraviolet protection, and damage prevention.

Long service life: With a lifespan of 15-20 years without discoloration or deformation, it offers lasting durability.

Strong processability: Aluminum can be shaped into complex forms, and its back can be filled with insulation and soundproofing materials to enhance functionality.

Cost-performance advantages: It outperforms stainless steel, solid wood, and treated wood in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Strong practicability: It offers practicality, anti-corrosion properties, moisture resistance, hardness, and strength superior to solid wood.

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Application of custom aluminum sublimation sheet metal

Building: curtain wall, roof, interior and exterior wall decoration, door panel, plant panel, wallboard, elevator.

Furniture: wardrobe, filing box, bookshelf, office cabinet.

Transportation: train interior trim panel, marine compartment trim panel.

Public use: sign, nameplate, medal, nameplate, indicator board, advertising board.

Electrical appliances: refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, etc.

3C: Electronic product shell and personalized metal jewelry, folding boxes, photo frames, key chains, mirrors, business cards, etc.

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Application of custom aluminum sublimation sheet metal

The process of custom aluminum sublimation sheet

There are three transfer processes: heat transfer printing, water transfer printing and water drape transfer.

Heat transfer printing

The heat transfer printing process is a process of transferring the patterns on the heat transfer film to the aluminum plate surface by one-time heating of the heat transfer film to form a decorative facial mask. The aluminum plate surface shall be treated by powder spraying, electrophoresis, etc.

According to the different transfer media of the heat transfer film, it can be divided into heat transfer film (PET) and heat transfer paper.

When the heat transfer film is used, the product surface is generally required to be flat or regular curved surface, and the use of heat transfer paper is not subject to this restriction. Therefore, heat transfer paper is generally used for heat transfer of irregular profiled aluminum plates. It is the most conventional transfer method for aluminum plate.

Heat transfer printing

Water transfer printing

Water transfer printing is the process of transferring the images and texts on the transfer paper to the surface of the substrate completely. It is applicable to the transfer of patterns, text information, etc. It is very similar to the heat transfer process, but the transfer pressure is based on the water pressure.

It is a popular water transfer technology recently. The investment cost is low, and the production process is relatively simple. It is very popular with users. The water mark transfer printing process needs no activator activation, and avoids the pollution of organic solvents. It has obvious advantages in making handicrafts and decorations.

Water transfer printing

Not only aluminum plates, but also plastics, ceramics, etc. can be used as the carrier of water mark transfer printing, and the texture of transfer printing is also very diverse.

Water drape transfer

It refers to decorating all surfaces of objects, covering the true colors of the substrate, and printing patterns on the entire object surface (or three-dimensional), which can transfer complete patterns.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum blank metal sublimation sheets?

Chalco aluminum, as a professional supplier, offers a variety of surface finishes and customizable colors, catering to a wide range of applications in architectural facades, furniture, and decorative materials. Its products are non-toxic, easy to clean, and have a lifespan of over 5 years outdoors, designed specifically to withstand harsh environments, making them an ideal choice.

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