1100 1200 H112 Automotive Flat Aluminum Tube
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1100 1200 H112 Automotive Flat Aluminum Tube

1100 1200 flat aluminum tube is a square tube made of pure aluminum material. It has the characteristics of light weight, excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, which is often used in the manufacture of evaporators and condensers in automotive air conditioning systems, and automotive engine cooling. system radiator, etc.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 1100 1200 H112 flat aluminum tube?

Chalco auto aluminum profile production capacity

Chalco Aluminum has production lines of aluminum micro-channel tube, aluminum high frequency welded tube, aluminum drawn tube, aluminum seamless tube, which can meet the production requirements of various automotive aluminum tubes.

Automotive IATF16949 standard

Chalco Aluminum has passed the requirements of the automotive IATF16949 standard audited by BSI (British Standards Institution), providing quality compliance for continuously expanding the automotive product market and achieving high-quality development.

Well-known brand material certifications

Serving Tesla, Ford, Shanghai Automobile, NIO Automobile, BAIC New Energy, Changan Automobile and other famous new energy automobile manufacturers, confirmed the material certification relationship, and completed the parts of many automobile factories such as BAIC New Energy and NIO Automobile Model car plate material certification.

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Specificationof 1100 1200 O H112 flat aluminum tube

Alloy 1100, 1200
Temper H112
Width 6.0mm-40mm
Height 0.8 -8.0mm
Wall thickness Above 0.12mm
Hole No. 2-35
Standard GB∕T 33230-2016

Chemical composition of 1100 1200 aluminum alloy

Element Composition(%)
Alloy 1100 1200
Si 0.95 1.00
Cu 0.05-0.20 0.05
Mn 0.05 0.05
Mg - -
Cr - -
Ni - -
Zn 0.10 0.10
Ti - 0.05
Al Remainder Remainder

Mechanical property of 1100 1200 O H112 flat aluminum tube

Alloy Temper Tension Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation/ A50mm(%)
1100 H112 75 20 20
1200 75 20 22

Other requirements

Zinc spraying amount: the zinc spraying amount per unit area (referred to as zinc spraying amount) of the upper and lower surfaces of the aluminum flat tube after arc zinc spraying treatment ranges from 6.0 g/m2 to 12.0 g/m2, and the specific amount of zinc spraying is determined by the buyer when ordering It is indicated in the form that the allowable deviation of zinc spraying amount is ±2.0 g/m2.

Coating amount of roller coating: the coating amount per unit area of the upper and lower surfaces of the aluminum flat tube after roller coating treatment (coating amount for short) ranges from 3.5 g/m2 to 14.0 g/m2, and the specific coating amount is determined by the buyer Indicated in the order form, the allowable deviation of coating amount is ±2.0 g/m2.

Adhesion of the roller coating film layer: the adhesion of the film layer of the flat tube after radiation coating treatment, the amount of paint adhered to the silicone tape should not exceed 5 mg/strip.

Salt spray corrosion resistance: the salt spray corrosion resistance of aluminum flat tubes should meet the requirements of level II in the table below, and if other levels are required, it should be specified in the order.

Salt spray corrosion resistance of aluminum flat tubes

Salt spray corrosion resistance grade Test time h
I ≥480
II ≥720
III ≥960
IV ≥1200
V ≥1440
VI ≥1680
VII ≥920

Pressure resistance performance: The bursting pressure of aluminum flat tubes used in water (oil) medium heat exchangers for automotive air conditioners should meet the requirements in the table below. When the buyer has special requirements or the product is used for other purposes, the supplier and buyer negotiate to determine the burst pressure.

Heat exchangers for automotive air conditioners Residential or Commercial Air Conditioning Heat Exchangers Water (oil) medium heat exchangers for other purposes
Non-electric car electric car
condenser Evaporator
≥11.5 ≥25.5 ≥1.5 ≥6.5 ≥14.5

Airtightness: the airtightness test results of the aluminum flat tube after brazing and placing it in the heat exchanger (leakage caused by non-flat tube defects should be excluded) are shown in the table below.

Index Permissible leakage quantity per 1 000 heat exchangers
A grade B grade C grade
Heat exchanger leakage rate ≤1 ≤3 ≤5

Surface roughness: the surface roughness Rz of aluminum flat tubes without surface treatment should not be greater than 10 um; the surface roughness Ra of flat tubes after zinc spraying or radiation coating treatment should not be greater than 2.3 um.

Features of 1100 1200 O H112 flat aluminum tube

Lightweight: aluminum is a light metal. 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes are made of aluminum, which has the characteristics of light weight and is suitable for applications with high weight requirements.

Good thermal conductivity: aluminum has good thermal conductivity and can quickly conduct heat. 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes also inherit this characteristic and are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning and other fields.

Good processing performance: aluminum has good plasticity and processability, and 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes can be processed by various processing methods, such as extrusion, stretching, cold drawing, etc.

Corrosion resistance: after spraying zinc on the surface of the aluminum flat tube, it has excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain good performance in various environments.

Good electrical properties: aluminum has good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding properties, and is suitable for the manufacture of electronic devices.

1100 automotive aluminum profile

Uses of 1100 1200 flat aluminum tube

Aluminum micro channel flat tube is a pipe made of aluminum alloy. Due to its light weight and efficient heat dissipation, it is widely used in the automotive field. The following are some of the applications:

Automobile air-conditioning system: aluminum micro-multi port flat tubes can be used as condensers and evaporators in automobile air-conditioning systems to transfer and heat the refrigerant in the pipes, thereby realizing the cooling and heating functions of automobile air-conditioning.

Automotive engine cooling system: aluminum micro channel flat tubes can be used as radiators in automotive engine cooling systems to transfer heat in the coolant, thereby reducing the temperature of the engine to a normal range.

Engine cooling system structure

Braking system: aluminum micro channel flat tubes can also be used as brake pipes in the car braking system to transmit brake fluid pressure, thereby realizing the function of car braking.

Automotive lubrication system: aluminum multi port flat tubes can be used as cooling pipes in automotive lubrication systems to transfer and dissipate lubricating oil through the pipes, thereby maintaining the normal operation of the engine and transmission system.

In conclusion, parrallel aluminum micro channel flat tubes are widely used in automobiles, which can improve the performance and efficiency of automobiles, and at the same time achieve lightweight design, which is in line with the development trend of the modern automobile industry.

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What precautions should be taken when buying 1100 1200 flat aluminum tube?

When purchasing 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Specifications and dimensions: before purchasing, it is necessary to clarify the specifications and dimensions of the required flat aluminum tubes, including parameters such as length, width, thickness, and diameter, to ensure that you can purchase products that meet the requirements.

Material quality: it is necessary to check whether the material quality of the purchased 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes meets international or industry standards, such as ASTM, GB, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surface of the flat aluminum tube is smooth and smooth, without cracks, scars and other defects.

Supplier reputation: it is necessary to select suppliers with high reputation and good reputation to ensure product quality and after-sales service quality. You can find out about the reputation of suppliers by searching online reviews and consulting other customers.

Price comparison: it is necessary to compare the prices of 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes provided by different suppliers to obtain a reasonable price, and pay attention to whether the price is reasonable and whether there are additional costs.

Logistics transportation: it is necessary to confirm the logistics transportation method and cost with the supplier to ensure that the product can be delivered to the destination on time, and at the same time pay attention to the packaging and protection during transportation.

In short, when purchasing 1100 and 1200 flat aluminum tubes, it is necessary to comprehensively consider suppliers, product quality, price, logistics and other aspects in order to select suitable products and suppliers to ensure that products that meet the requirements are purchased.

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