5251 O/H22/H32 Aerospace Aluminum Tube
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5251 O/H22/H32 Aerospace Aluminum Tube

Chalco 5251 O/H22/H32 aerospace aluminum tubes comply with ASTM, AMS QQ, ISO, NADCAP, IATP16949 and other standards and certifications. It can be used for structural parts, bulkheads, aircraft fuselage and other parts in the aerospace field. Its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and low density make it the preferred material for manufacturing lightweight aviation devices.

Why select Chalco Aluminum's 5251 O H22 H32 aerospace aluminum tube?

Quality could fully meet worldwide aviation standard

BS EN 485-2

BS EN 754-2

ASTM B241/B241M

AMS QQ-A-200/8

BS 3L56 Alloy 5251 Tube Drawn aluminum tube

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specs of 5251 O H22 H32 aerospace aluminum tube

5251 aluminum tube specs
Alloy 5251
Temper O, H22, H32, H34, H111
Out diameter 3.0mm-50mm
Wall thickness 0.8-3.25mm
Length 3000mm, 4000mm, or in coil type
Standard BS EN 485-2
BS EN 754-2
ASTM B241/B241M
AMS QQ-A-200/8
BS 3L56 Alloy 5251 Tube Drawn aluminum tube

Chemical composition of 5251 aluminum alloy

5251 Alloy %
Si 0.40
Fe 0.50
Cu 0.15
Mn 0.10-0.50
Mg 1.7-2.4
Cr 0.15
Ni -
Zn 0.15
Ti 0.15
Al Remainder

Mechanical property of 5251 O H22 H32 aerospace aluminum tube

Mechanical Property Value range
Density 2.68 g/cm3
Melting point 607°C
Linear expansion coefficient 24.2×10^-6 /K
Thermal conductivity 133 W/(m·K)
specific heat capacity 0.897 J/(g·K)
Resistivity 0.049 Ω·mm2/m
Elastic Modulus 70.3 GPa
Tensile Strength ≥165 MPa
Yield Strength ≥65 MPa
Elongation ≥15%

Features of 5251 aerospace aluminum tube

Good corrosion resistance: 5251 aluminum tube contains elements such as magnesium and chromium, which can effectively improve its corrosion resistance, especially in harsh environments such as seawater and chloride ions.

Good weldability: 5251 aluminum tubes can be connected by various conventional welding methods, including gas shielded welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, plasma welding, etc.

Good processing performance: 5251 aluminum tubing is easy to process, and can be processed into different shapes and sizes by stretching, cold drawing, rolling and other methods.

Higher strength: compared with some common aluminum alloys, 5251 aluminum tube has higher strength and is suitable for some applications requiring higher strength.

Good plasticity: 5251 aluminum tubes can change its shape and size through cold working and hot working, and has good plasticity.

features of 5251 aerosapce aluminum tube

Types and uses of 5251 O H22 H32 aluminum tube in aerospace field

5251 O aluminum tube has high plasticity and excellent welding performance. It is often used in the transmission, transportation and flow control of liquid and gas. It will also be used in some fields that require high strength and light weight.

5251 H22 H32 aluminum tubes: 5251 aluminum tubes in H22 and H32 temper have improved mechanical properties after work hardening, and are suitable for parts that need to withstand large dynamic loads and vibration loads in aerospace.

5251 H34 H111 temper aluminum tubes: 5251 aluminum tubes in H34 and H111 states have higher strength and corrosion resistance after cold work hardening, and are suitable for parts that need to withstand high temperature and high pressure environments in aerospace, such as rocket propellers, engine parts, steam generators and fuel tanks, etc.

application of 5251 aluminum aerospace tube

What should I pay attention to when buying 5251 aerospace aluminum tubes?

Choose the right supplier: choose a supplier with good reputation, strong strength, and excellent product quality, and avoid some unscrupulous merchants from selling fake and shoddy aluminum tubes.

Focus on material quality: for 5251 aluminum tubes, it is necessary to pay attention to its chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality and other indicators to ensure that the aluminum tube meets your needs.

Pay attention to dimensional accuracy: dimensional accuracy is an important indicator of aluminum tubes. Insufficient dimensional accuracy may affect its use effect. You need to pay attention to whether the dimensional tolerance meets your requirements.

Pay attention to the packaging method: proper packaging can protect the aluminum tube and avoid damage during transportation, and an appropriate packaging method should be selected.

Understand the supplier's after-sales service: after purchasing 5251 aluminum tubes, if there are quality problems or other questions, you need to contact the supplier in time to find a solution, so it is also important to understand the supplier's after-sales service.

In short, it is necessary to consider carefully the selection of reputable and strong suppliers, pay attention to material quality, dimensional accuracy, packaging methods and understand after-sales service, so as to ensure the purchase of 5251 aluminum tubes that meet the needs.

note for buying 5251 aerospace aluminum tube

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