2024 Aluminum Square Tube
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2024 Aluminum Square Tube

2024 alloy is one of the prominent aluminum alloys. This material has good hardness, strength, and fatigue resistance, and is designated for use in aircraft applications in aerospace and military fields.

2024 aluminum square tubes have higher processing requirements for shape and angle accuracy, and ensure that shape and angle deformation will never occur during use.

Hot selling temper: O, T3, T4, T6, T351, T851

Processing method: cold drawn, extruded

Production spesification: ASNA3137, ASNA3352, LN1795, BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

  • Drawn seamless tube: AMS WW-T-700/3, AMS 4086, AMS 4087, AMS 4088, ASTM B210
  • Hydraulic tubing: AMS 4086
  • Extruded tubing: ASTM B221 AMS QQ-A-200/3, AMS 4152, ASTM B241, AMS 4165, ASME SB241

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Purchasing of Chalco 2024 aluminum tube

  • Relying on Chalco production line and its subsidiaries, source procurement, lowest price guarantee.
  • Chalco has the largest inventory and can allocate its subsidiary's inventory products at any time, seven-day delivery guarantee;
  • The quality of large and small batches is the same, and be provided at the lowest price.

Note, customized sizes can be provided. Click to inquire about how to produce customized products with free mold fees.Quick Quote

Chalco 2024 aluminum square tube hot selling product size

Chalco can produce and process more popular product types and sizes of 2024 aluminum square tubes. Other special size aluminum tube can be customized.

Product Standard OD×Wall thickness(inch) Ordering
2024-T3 Cold Drawn SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.750×0.750×0.047 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.375×0.375×0.022 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.500×0.500×0.028 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.500×0.500×0.062 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.656×0.656×0.035 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 0.750×0.750×0.065 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.750×0.750×0.047 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.75×0.75×0.065 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.000×1.000×0.065 Quote
2024-T3 SQ Tube 2024-T3511 AMS-QQ-A-200/3 3.785×3.785×0.188 Quote
2024 SQ Pipe - 1.575×1.575×0.984 Quote
2024 Round Corner SQ Pipe - 1.575×1.575×0.787 Quote

Chalco 2024 aluminum tube hot selling products and specifications

  • 2024 aluminum round tubing

    Outer diameter: 0.314"-16.54" (3-420mm)

    Wall thickness: 0.032"-0.55"(5mm-50mm)

  • 2024 aerospace tube

    Diameter: 0.25"-20" (6-500mm)

    Wall thickness: 0.02"-2.0"(0.5-50mm)

  • 2024 cold drawn aluminum tube

    Outer diameter: 0.2"-8.66"(5mm-220mm)

    Wall thickness: 0.02"-0.39"(0.5mm-10mm)

  • 2024 seamless tube

    Outer diameter: 3.54"-11.81" (90-300mm)

    Wall thickness: 0.2"-0.79" (5mm-20mm)

  • 2024 hydraulic pipe

    Used in hydraulic systems to transport liquids or gases. It has various diameters and wall thicknesses to meet the needs of different hydraulic systems.

  • 2024 Aluminum bent pipe

    The 2024 aluminum bending pipe is processed with precision, and pipeline bending will not cause cracks or damage material properties.

Name 2024 aluminum tube
Hot selling tempers O,T3,T3511,T4
length Max 30m, Fix & Cut Length or Customized
Surface treatment Anodizing, powder coating, plating, etc., click to see detailed surface treatments
Color Silver, gold, natural, silver, bronze, champagne, red, grey, black, custom
Processing services CNC cutting, drilling, etching, etc., click to see detailed secondary processes
Production Process Extrusion, cold drawing, forging, etc.

Mechanical properties of Chalco 2024 aluminum tube

Temper Tensile strength ksi (MPa) Yield Strength ksi (MPa) Elongation %
O 32.0 max (220) 14.0 max (96) 12
T3 63-64 (434-441) 42 (289) 10-15
T351 64-57 (441-393) 42-41(289-282) 12-4
T4 62 (427) 40 (276) 12-15
T85 67 (462) 58(400) 5
T851 67-66 (462-455) 58-57(400-393) 5

Chalco 2024 aluminum tubes cooperative field

2024 aluminum round tubes have a wide range of applications in structural fields such as aerospace due to their high strength. The square section of 20224 aluminum square tube can provide better stiffness and strength to meet higher requirements in various fields.

  • Aerospace shuttle fuselage structure, wing truss, tail, and other structural components that require specific shapes.
  • Structural components of military aircraft, armored vehicles, and other military equipment.
  • The bicycle frame, golf clubs, snowboard edges, etc.
  • Architectural and structural applications, such as bridges, platforms, railings, staircase handrails, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering applications, such as conveyor belt supports, mechanical structures, supports, and other mechanical components.
  • The shell of electronic equipment and chassis.

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FAQ for 2024 aluminum square tube purchasing

How to choose a reliable supplier for 2024 aluminum square tubes?

The production of aluminum square tubes may require higher technical requirements compared to aluminum round tubes, which mainly depends on the required shape and accuracy.

  • Chalco production line has high-precision CNC capabilities to ensure that the internal structure and angle of the square tube meet the requirements.
  • Chalco has advanced stretching, extrusion, and mold opening capabilities, ensuring high machining accuracy and cross-sectional accuracy.
  • Chalco aluminum square tubes ensure the maximum requirements for material strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance while ensuring size and shape.
  • Chalco aluminum square tube has a better forming process, ensuring that the use of the square tube does not cause deformation in shape or size.

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What shapes of 2024 aluminum tubes can be produced by Chalco?

Chalco can manufacture various shapes of 2024 aluminum tubes including 2024 aluminum round tubes, 2024 aluminum square tubes, 2024 aluminum rectangular tubes, 2024 aluminum elliptical tubes, 2024 aluminum hexagonal tubes, 2024 aluminum custom-shaped tubes, and 2024 aluminum half-round tubes.

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Need the surface treatment for aluminum tube?

Compared to aluminum round tubes, 2024 aluminum square tubes have more targeted application areas. Some areas, such as sports equipment edges, building and bridge structures, electronic equipment casings, etc., require surface treatment of aluminum tubes to make them more aesthetically pleasing to the outside.

Chalco can provide surface treatment processes such as anodizing, wire drawing, sandblasting, powder coating, polishing, grinding, and polishing to improve the surface aesthetics and corrosion resistance of 2024 aluminum square tubes. Its application is more extensive, making project solutions more time-saving and labor-saving.

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Need CNC process for 2024 aluminum tube?

Chalco's services include mechanical processing, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logos and serial numbers, and assembly. If you need these processes on the aluminum tube, you can contact our business personnel for communication.

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Related products for Chalco 2024 aluminum alloy

Chalco can provide you the most comprehensive inventory of aluminum products and can also supply you customized products. Precise quotation will be provided within 24 hours.

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