5052 Aluminum Marine Grade Sheet Plate
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5052 Aluminum Marine Grade Sheet Plate

Why choose Chalco marine grade aluminum 5052?

Classification society certification

With CCS, DNV, NK, CCS, ABS, BV, LR, KR and other classification society certification, quality fully in line with the world Marine grade standards.

marine certification

Production standard

ASTM B928/B928M-15

ASTM B928/B928M-21

ISO 12215-5:2019


Chalco products are manufactured in our advanced factories using strict quality and environmental management systems, and have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.Quick Quote

Production strength

Production and management comply with the international Marine quality system to ensure the best quality of super corrosion resistance, good welding performance, strong impact resistance.Quick Quote

Mechanical properties of 5052 aluminium grade for marine use

Alloy Temper Sample temper Thickness mm Tensile strength RmMPa Extension strength RP0.2/Mpa Elongation %
A50 mm A
5052 O O 3.00-6.00 175-215 ≥65 ≥18
>6.00-50.00 170-215 ≥65 ≥19
H111 H111 3.00-6.00 175-215 ≥65 ≥18
>6.00-50.00 170-215 ≥65 ≥19
H22, H32 H22, H32 3.00-6.00 210-260 ≥130 ≥10
H112 H112 6.00-12.50 ≥190 ≥80 ≥7
>12.50-50.00 ≥170 ≥70 -

The specification of 5052 marine grade series aluminum

Alloy 5052
Temper O,H111,H22, H32, H112
Thickness 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet: 1.0-6mm 5052 marine grade aluminum plate: 6.0-50mm
Normal dimension 1250×2500mm, 1500mm×3000mm, 2000mm×8000mm
Standard ASTM B928/B928M-15 ASTM B928/B928M-21 ISO 12215-5:2019

Chemical composition of 5052 marine grade aluminum plate

Element Chemical composition (%)
Al Rem
Si ≤0.25
Fe 0.50
Cu ≤0.10
Mn ≤0.10
Mg 2.2-2.8
Cr 0.15-0.35
Zn ≤0.10

The width and length corresponding to thickness

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
3.00-20.00 1 000-2 400 1 000-11 000
>20.00-50.00 1 000-3 500 1 000-20 0oo

The thickness deviation of 5052 aluminum marine sheet

Thickness (mm) Permissible thickness deviations for the following widths (mm)
≤1500 >1500-2000 >2000
3.00-4.00 +0.10 -0.10 +0.17 -0.15 +0.23 -0.15
>4.00-8.00 +0.20 -0.20 +0.23 -0.20 +0.28 -0.25
>8.00-12.00 +0.38 -0.25 +0.51 -0.25 +0.58 -0.25
>12.00-20.00 +0.50 -0.35 +0.60 -0.40 +0.65 -0.50
>20.00-50.00 +0.65 -0.45 +0.75 -0.50 +0.90 -0.65

Advantages of Chalco 5052 aluminum marine plate

Light and high strength: 5052 ship plate is a kind of light aluminum alloy plate, with high strength. The 5052 metal plate has a lower density than ordinary steel plate, so it can reduce the weight of the hull and improve the load capacity and fuel efficiency of the ship.

Strong corrosion resistance: 5052 marine ship plate has good corrosion resistance, especially in seawater environment. Aluminum alloy has the property of self-protection, forming a dense oxide film on the surface, which can effectively prevent further corrosion. This enables 5052 board to maintain good durability even when exposed to the Marine environment for a long time.Quick Quote

Good machinability: 5052 marine ship sheet has excellent machinability, can be used for various processing and forming operations, such as bending, cutting, welding, etc. This allows the 5052 plate to be customized according to the needs of the ship's design, adapting to the hull needs of different shapes and structures.

High impact resistance: the 5052 marine grade series aluminum has high impact resistance and can maintain the integrity of the structure when subjected to impact and extrusion pressure. This characteristic makes the ship better able to resist the influence of external forces and improve the safety of the hull in the harsh Marine environment, such as wave impact.

Recyclable: 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet is a recyclable material. Aluminum alloy has good recyclability, which can reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution through recycling.

In general, 5052 marine grade aluminum plate has become one of the commonly used materials in ship construction due to its characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good machinability, high impact resistance and recyclability.

5052 aluminum marine plate

Precautions for purchasing 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet

Material certification: ensure that purchased 5052 marine sheet complies with relevant standards and certification requirements.

Supplier reputation: choose suppliers or dealers with reputation and good reputation to buy 5052 plate. You can evaluate the reliability of suppliers by referring to customer evaluations and querying the background information of suppliers.

Specification and size: according to the actual needs, select the appropriate marine grade aluminum 5052 specification and size. The appropriate sheet specification is selected taking into account the design requirements of the hull, the operating environment, and the required strength and thickness.

Check the quality: check the quality of the 5052 marine grade aluminum diamond plate before purchase. Check the surface for obvious damage, corrosion or deformation to ensure that the quality of the board meets the requirements.

Price comparison: price comparison between different suppliers to ensure a reasonable price. However, price is not the only consideration. Quality is as important as supplier reliability.Quick Quote

Transportation and packaging: consult with suppliers on transportation and packaging arrangements. To ensure that the 5052 board can be safely transported to its destination and is properly protected en route.

Precautions for purchasing 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet

Applications of Chalco marine grade aluminum sheets 5052

Hull structure: marine grade 5052 aluminum plate can be used for the main structural parts of the hull, such as hull, bottom, cabin wall, ship bulkhead, etc. It has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, can reduce the weight of the ship, improve the load capacity and fuel efficiency of the ship.

Deck covering: 5052 0 sheets can be used as a covering material for ship decks. A deck is a platform on a ship that carries crew, cargo, and other equipment and structures. The 5052 plate has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and good machinability, which can maintain good durability in the Marine environment.

Ship internal components: 5052 H22 marine grade aluminum can also be used for ship internal components and equipment, such as cabin partitions, interior trim plates, ship furniture, etc. It can be machined and customized according to the needs of the ship's design to meet the requirements of the ship's interior space.

Marine fuel tank: 5052 H32 marine grade aluminum can be used to manufacture Marine fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are important equipment for storing Marine fuels, lubricants and other liquids, and the 5052 plate's high strength and good sealing properties make it an ideal material for the manufacture of reliable and durable Marine fuel tanks.Quick Quote

Ship ladders and handrails: marine grade 5052 aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture ladders and handrails on ships. Ship ladders and handrails need to be strong and stable enough to ensure the safety of the crew when disembarking or moving through the hull.

Applications of Chalco marine grade aluminum sheets 5052

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