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15 Uses of Aluminum Foil for You to Save Time and Money

Updated : Sep. 07, 2023

In our lives, many seemingly insignificant small things may play magical roles. For example, aluminum foil has many unique uses besides being used to wrap food during barbecue. These small tricks can make our lives more convenient.

1. Clean metal pots and utensils

If there are stubborn stains or burnt marks on the metal pot at home that are difficult to remove, aluminum foil can be used for cleaning. The crushed aluminum foil ball works like a sheller and can also remove rust.

Wet the pot, then sprinkle a thick layer of salt or baking soda, take a ball of aluminum foil, and use it repeatedly to scrub the stains on the pot. After cleaning, use detergent to clean it normally once.

However, it should be noted that aluminum foil is not suitable for cleaning non stick pots, as it can scratch the non stick pot coating, resulting in poor non stick.

2. Make perfect cakes, pies, and pizza toppers

If you want to bake a cake but don't have the correct shape of the cake tray you want (perhaps you want a heart-shaped cake). Or if you want to bake pies or pizza without a properly sized baking tray. Then you can try aluminum foil paper.

Aluminum foil paper has the ability to be plastic and can be freely adjusted according to the size and shape of the food, thereby baking cakes of the desired shape, or pies and pizzas with perfect size. And aluminum foil can also serve as an anti sticking layer, making it easier for pies or pizzas to detach from the baking tray.

Make perfect cakes, pies, and pizza toppers

3. Homemade funnel

If you want to pour something into a small bottle without a funnel, you can roll some aluminum foil into a cone and use it.

4. Dishwasher degreasing and deodorization

We can knead the used aluminum foil paper into a small ball and throw it into the drain hole of the sink. The aluminum foil paper ball will collide with the drainage hole after being washed with water, generating metal ions, making the drainage hole less prone to sticking to kitchen waste oil and has a deodorizing function

5. Self made peeler

Aluminum foil rolled into small balls will have many edges and corners, which can have a scraping effect like sandpaper. At this point, it can be used to peel potatoes, burdock, ginger, and other fruits without worrying about peeling too much, and the details are also easy to peel, making it a safe peeler.

Self made peeler

6. Grind scissors with aluminum foil

The blunt scissors at home can be easily restored to their grandeur by cutting them on aluminum foil paper folded into two or three layers.

Similarly, you can use a few overlapping aluminum foil sheets to fold in half and then slowly cut them open with a kitchen knife as the sharpening stones!

7. Polishing chromium alloy with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be used for polishing rusty faucets, automotive parts, and furniture. However, the first thing to ensure is that it is a genuine chromium alloy, not a plastic coating.

Roll the aluminum foil into a ball shape and rub it with water. The chemical reaction between wet aluminum and chromium, repeated friction, can remove rust on the chromium and polish the chromium surface.

Polishing chromium alloy with aluminum foil

8. Make ironing easier

Place a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover to speed up the ironing process. This will rebound the heat back into the fabric, helping you easily iron clothes.

9. Laundry is softer

Knead the aluminum foil into a ball, then place one or two aluminum foil balls in a drum dryer, and your washing process will become softer and static free.

10. Painting palette

When you or your child wants to paint, please use a piece of aluminum foil as a color palette instead of dirtying the plate. Then it can be discarded.

11. Protect the trees and plant

By wrapping a layer of aluminum foil around the base of its young tree, it prevents rodents or deer from chewing on the young tree buds.

12. More innovative hairstyle designs

When the hair is still moist, wrap a portion of it on aluminum foil of a certain length to curl or relax as needed. Go to bed and let your hair dry overnight. In the morning, you should have a cute curly hairstyle.

More innovative hairstyle designs

13. Keep the house warm

Place an aluminum foil plate on the wall behind the radiator to directly transfer heat back to the room, making your house more efficient.

14. Prevent bananas from ripening too quickly

Like avocados, bananas go from immature to overripe in a blink. This is because bananas release a gas called ethylene to accelerate ripening, and the banana stem is the place where the most ethylene is released. The way to prevent bananas from ripening too quickly is to wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the banana stem.

15. Prevent pets from climbing furniture

Most animals cannot tolerate the feeling or sound of stepping on aluminum foil. If you want to prevent your pet from climbing onto the sofa, you can lay a layer of aluminum foil on the sofa. The training time of about a week can be maintained for a long time to prevent them from climbing onto the sofa. If they forget to start climbing again, they can train again.

Do you have the aluminum you need?

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