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Air Conditioner Aluminum Foil

The foil serves as a barrier to prevent air leakage and isolate the ducts, contributing to temperature maintenance and reducing energy loss. Additionally, aluminum foil is often employed to wrap air conditioning coils, aiding in enhancing their efficiency and lifespan.

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil for air conditioning, Chalco offers a range of high-quality products including hydrophilic aluminum foil, hydrophobic aluminum foil, coated aluminum foil, fin materials, aluminum foil pipes for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, and insulation tape for air conditioning ducts. Our aim is to provide air conditioning manufacturers with solutions that deliver outstanding performance and reliability.Welcome contact

Chalco air conditioner aluminum foil parameters

Alloy 1100, 1200 3102, 8011 etc.
Temper H22, H24, H26 etc.
Thickness 0.07-0.2mm (The minimum thickness is lower than the prevailing market standard 0.09mm)
Width 200-1650mm
Inner diameter of foil coil 75mm, 150mm, 200mm etc.
Specification GBT 3198-2010 JIS H 4160-1994 DIN_EN_546-2

Aluminum alloy series of Chalco hot selling air conditioner foil

  • 1030B H26 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Mainly used for fins on air conditioner radiators and evaporators, providing good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

  • 3102 H26 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Commonly used on the condenser and evaporator fins of air conditioners, it helps enhance heat dissipation efficiency.

  • 8011 O H22 H24 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Soft and easy to mold, mainly used for AC refrigerant pipes and outdoor unit casing, typically 0.08-0.2mm thick.

  • 1100/1200 H22 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Good processability and corrosion resistance. Commonly used in AC systems for heat exchangers and evaporators, typically 0.1-0.3mm thick.

  • 1300 H22 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Used for thermal conduits in air conditioning systems or for crafting fins on condensers and evaporators.

  • 8006 O H22 air conditioner aluminum foil

    Typically used in air conditioning systems for crafting pipes, connectors, etc., with good malleability and bendability.

  • 7072 O air conditioner aluminum foil

    Frequently used for AC system connectors and insulation pads, its flexibility suits diverse processing requirements.

  • 4343/3003/4343 composite aluminum foil

    Strong corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, easy to shape into radiator fins. Suitable for general-purpose AC radiators and coolers.

  • 4343/3003/4045 composite aluminum foil

    High corrosion resistance, excellent welding, ideal for high-performance cooling systems and radiators.

Chalco hot selling air conditioner foil products

Bare aluminum foil for air conditioning

Bare aluminum foil for air conditioningQuick Quote

Plain and economical, this uncoated aluminum foil, typically made from 1100 or 1200 O-temper alloys, is commonly used in budget split air conditioners. It wraps coils or insulation but has limited corrosion and moisture protection, often needing additional processing.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioning

Hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioningQuick Quote

Crafted from alloys like 8011 H24, hydrophilic aluminum foil, with a special water-absorbing coating, enhances heat transfer, prevents corrosion, and makes up over 80% of AC aluminum foil. Boosting cooling efficiency by around 5%, it's an ideal choice for air conditioner cooling.

Hydrophobic aluminum foil for air conditioning

Hydrophobic aluminum foil for air conditioningQuick Quote

Also termed water-repellent foil, it contrasts with hydrophilic foil, featuring a larger contact angle (around 75°) for effective water resistance. This treatment prevents water accumulation on air conditioning components by causing droplets to bead up and roll off.

Coated aluminum foil for air conditioning

Coated aluminum foil for air conditioningQuick Quote

Air conditioning aluminum foil, in addition to hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, may have epoxy resin coatings for durability and corrosion prevention. Applied outside the hydrophilic layer, common colors include blue, gold, green, etc.

Aluminum foil and sheet for fin material

Aluminum foil and sheet for fin materialQuick Quote

Common alloy grades include 1100, 1200, 8011, 8021, 8079, etc. In air conditioning, the choice of alloy depends on the desired mechanical properties. Aluminum fins provide significant surface area in contact with air to facilitate efficient heat transfer.

HAVC aluminum tape and foil tube

HAVC aluminum tape and foil tubeQuick Quote

Single-layer aluminum AC pipes, made of aluminum and polyester, are easy to connect and install. Highly flexible and corrosion-resistant, they offer effective protection for metal components. Fire-certified, durable, and can be cut without special tools.

Air conditioning aluminum foil tape

Air conditioning aluminum foil tapeQuick Quote

A single-sided tape for HVAC systems, with an 18μm aluminum foil and high-performance acrylic adhesive, offers strong sealing and bonding. Ideal for central air conditioning ducts and pipeline joints, it exhibits excellent weather and humidity resistance.

Aluminum foil insulation tape for air conditioner duct refrigerator

Aluminum foil insulation tape for air conditioner duct refrigeratorQuick Quote

Designed for insulating air conditioning refrigerant ducts, this tape has excellent insulation and corrosion resistance. Used to reinforce and insulate ducts, it prevents heat loss and maintains system stability.

Advantage of Chalco air conditioner aluminum foil

  • The aluminum foil has a good shape, with no pinholes, scratches, dents, oil stains, dust, or other impurities on the surface, and a uniform thickness.
  • It exhibits high strength, good ductility, and excellent corrosion resistance, including resistance to alkali, salt spray corrosion, and resistance to humid and hot conditions.
  • The hydrophilic aluminum foil shows good hydrophilic performance, with an initial hydrophilicity of a < 100, and after environmental testing, the hydrophilicity is a < 250.
  • Coated aluminum foil has strong adhesion, uniform thickness, and high corrosion resistance.
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Advantage of Chalco air conditioner aluminum foil

Application of Chalco aluminum foil in air conditioner system

  • Evaporator: regular aluminum foil is used for enhanced heat transfer. The foil is often thin and corrugated, increasing surface area for better heat transfer.
  • Condenser: hydrophilic aluminum foil boosts heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption with its specially treated high water-absorption surface.
  • Heat exchanger: aluminum foil serves as a component in heat exchangers, enhancing heat transfer between two fluids.
  • Other applications include air conditioning manufacturing, like ducts and various HVAC-related uses.
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Choose Chalco aluminum foil for your air conditioner project

Chalco has established long-term cooperative relationships with numerous well-known air conditioning manufacturers, holding a significant market share in the air conditioning industry.

  • Chalco uses German Achenbach mills and KAMPF slitters for Fin Stock aluminum foil, ranging from ingots to coils. Max width: 1800mm, min thickness: 0.006mm.
  • With advanced tech, Chalco produces various aluminum foils (EN standards), overseeing production steps and tracing raw material origins.
  • Certificates available: SGS-ROHS, SGS-REACH, MSDS, FDA, TDS, ISO9001 & ISO14001.
  • Product packaging meets regulations and customer needs, using standard export methods, including plastic film or kraft paper cover, wooden boxes or pallets for protection, and clear labels for safe transportation.
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Choose Chalco aluminum foil for your air conditioner project

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