Hydrophilic Lacquered Aluminum Foil
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Hydrophilic Lacquered Aluminum Foil

Chalco provides coated aluminum with new high-performance hydrophilic paint for air conditioning manufacturing and processing enterprises, as well as manufacturers of aluminum fins for heat exchangers.

The aluminum substrate is covered with highly innovative hydrophilic paint, specially developed to enhance corrosion resistance and limit condensation.Welcome contact

Specification of Chalco hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

Alloy 1100, 1200, 1030, 3003, 3102, 8006, 8011, 8021
Temper O H22 H24 H26
Width 60mm-1440mm
Thickness 0.006-0.3mm
Coil inner diameter 76mm, 152mm, out coil diameter according to the customer requirement
Color Pure, Blue, Gold, Black, White
Specification ASTM B479 ASTM B117 JIS H4160 DIN1784 The hydrophilic aluminum foil used for air conditioners should comply with YS/T95.2-2001.

Hot selling aluminum alloy series of hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

  • 8011 H16 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    For the refrigerant pipes in the air conditioning system and the casing of the outdoor air conditioning unit.

  • 1100/1200 O H11 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    Good processability and corrosion resistance, suitable for applications such as air conditioning, heat exchangers, and evaporators.

  • 1030B H22 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    Manufacturing of fins for air conditioning systems and industrial radiators. Improve water droplet diffusion and optimize heat exchange performance.

  • 3102 H24 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    Used for heating fins for air conditioning systems possess good hydrophilicity and heat dissipation effects.

  • 8006 H26 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    It has good hydrophilicity and is suitable for improving the heat exchange efficiency of air conditioning systems.

  • 3003 hydrophilic lacquered aluminum foil

    Used for hydrophilic fins in air conditioning systems to optimize heat exchange performance.

Chalco hot selling hydrophilic aluminum foil products

Blue hydrophilic aluminum foil

Blue hydrophilic aluminum foilQuick Quote

Many air conditioning fins now come with blue, green, or golden corrosion-resistant coatings to enhance both their corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. Chalco can provide customized corrosion-resistant coatings in various colors according to customer requirements.

Hydrophilic aluminum fins

Hydrophilic aluminum finsQuick Quote

Fins for heat dissipation systems improve heat exchange performance by enhancing surface wetting through hydrophilic properties.

Hydrophilic foil for air conditioners

Hydrophilic foil for air conditionersQuick Quote

Hydrophilic foil finds widespread use in air conditioning, commonly in components like air coolers and condensers.

Hydrophilic foil for radiators

Hydrophilic foil for radiatorsQuick Quote

Used for the surface of radiators, to improve wettability and enhance heat dissipation performance.

Hydrophilic foil for evaporators

Hydrophilic foil for evaporatorsQuick Quote

For the application demands of evaporators, it is often used in evaporator coils to improve the diffusion of water droplets and promote evaporation.

Performance parameters of Chalco hydrophilic foil

Coating thickness 1.0~3.0μm (The average thickness of single side)
Hydrophilia The initial hydrophilic angle≤5; Continuous hydrophilic angle≤25
Adhesive force Cupping Test (pressure deep 5mm): no flaking. Grid experiment (100/100): no delaminating.
Corrosion resistance Salt fog test (72 Hours) R.N≥9.5
Alkali resistance With 20 degree centigrade, soak in the 20%NaOH with 3 Minutes, the sample coating layer totally no frothing.
Solvent resistance Weight loss of Sample≤1%
Heat resistance Under 200℃, keep for 5 minute, properties and the color remains the same; Under 300℃, keep for 5 minutes, coating layer just become light yellow.
Oil resistivity In the volatile oil soaked for 24 hours, coating layer has no frothing

The production and structure of hydrophilic foil

Hydrophilic aluminum foil is a special type of aluminum foil that has been treated to have a hydrophilic (water-absorbing) surface. The production process of hydrophilic foil typically involves the following steps:

Raw foil → cleaning → coating (hydrophilic layer, corrosion-resistant layer) → drying and curing → cutting → final hydrophilic foil product.

The finished product encompasses the following structure:

  • Substrate aluminum foil: the core material is standard aluminum foil, typically made from high-quality pure aluminum and rolled into thin sheets.
  • Hydrophilic coating: hydrophilic properties are achieved by applying a specialized coating on one or both sides of the aluminum foil.
  • Surface treatment: hydrophilic coatings are usually applied through chemical or electrochemical processes to make them more attractive to water molecules.
  • Microstructure: hydrophilic treatment alters the surface of the aluminum foil, reducing its contact angle with water droplets. This means that water droplets will spread and form a thin film on the surface rather than forming droplets.

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Chalco's hydrophilic foil product features and storage tips

  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil boosts air conditioning efficiency by promoting water droplet spread during condensation, cutting electricity costs.
  • After degreasing, washing, and drying treatment, it exhibits good hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance, prolonging the lifespan of air conditioners.
  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil boosts cooling efficiency by 5%, with anti-corrosion properties, no odor, and prevents water droplet buildup, optimizing air conditioning.
  • Store hydrophilic foil in a dry, dust-free environment with stable temperatures to preserve coating performance, avoiding moisture, extreme temperatures, and dust.
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Chalco's hydrophilic foil product features and storage tips

Choose Chalco hydrophilic aluminum foil

Chalco has established long-term partnerships with numerous renowned air conditioning manufacturers, securing a significant share in the air conditioning market.

  • Chalco utilizes German machinery to produce Fin Stock aluminum foil, ranging from ingots to coils, with a width up to 1800mm and thickness down to 0.006mm.
  • Chalco employs advanced technology to produce aluminum foils meeting EN standards, meticulously controlling production steps and tracing raw material origins.
  • All certificates are available, including SGS-ROHS, SGS-REACH, MSDS, FDA, TDS, ISO9001 & ISO14001.
  • Our product packaging meets regulations and customer needs, using standard export methods like plastic film or kraft paper wrapping, wooden crates, and clear labeling for safe transportation.
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Choose Chalco hydrophilic aluminum foil

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