GM55 Aluminum Plate
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GM55 Aluminum Plate

GM55 is a 5000 series high magnesium alloy, and plate products are commonly used in the manufacturing of shells and parts in the field of digital electronics. It has light weight, high strength, and high formability, suitable for stamping forming, and is non magnetic. It can replace the application of stainless steel and steel plates, achieving cost reduction and weight reduction.

Hot selling temper: O H32 H34 H36 H38 H18

Overall project solution: sheet production, surface treatment, mold manufacturing, stamping production line, comprehensive research on the integrated production line of sheet metal stamping parts and pressed forming parts.

Purchasing of Chalco GM55 aluminum plate sheet

  • Chalco GM55 hot selling thickness is 0.2mm-1.5mm, and products can be cut into small pieces or rolls according to customer requirements;
  • Chalco has the largest inventory and can allocate its subsidiary's inventory products at any time, with a seven day delivery guarantee;
  • Relying on Chalco production line, ensuring the lowest source procurement price;
  • MOQ: one piece for inventory product, ensuring the same quality and low price in large and small batches;

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Chemical component of GM55 aluminum plate

Element Composition (%)
Si <0.15
Fe <0.20
Cu <0.05
Mn 0.15–0.30
Mg 5.0–6.0
Cr <0.15
Zn <0.25
Ti <0.10
Al Balance

Performance parameters of GM55 and other digital electronics aluminum alloys

Grade Temper tensile strength (N/mm 2) yield strength elongation%) bend 0.5mm Features
GM55aluminum plate H18 430 370 8 1 The strongest alloy in the 5000 series H38 can also be lightly drawn Good corrosion resistant
H38 390 310 10 0
H34 350 250 15 0
O 290 130 33 0
5182 aluminum plate H38 380 310 8 1 The sheet has high-strength standard Good corrosion resistant Enhanced bending performance
H36 360 270 10 0.5
H34 335 250 13 0
O 265 125 28 0
6061 aluminum plate T6 310 250 18 0.5 Quenched plates in Motorola mobile phones
H36 275 235 8 1
5052 aluminum plate H34 240 190 12 0.5 Almost no streaks or yellowing after oxidation
H32 210 180 13 0
O 190 90 25 0
5252 aluminum plate H34 210 190 10 0.5 Strength equivalent to 5052 Good corrosion resistant and chemical polishing performance
H32 210 180 12 0
1050 aluminum plate H24 125 115 20 0 Standard phone housing material with the best glossiness

Features of GM55 aluminum plate

  • Lightweight, in line with the market's ultra-thin and lightweight requirements;
  • The alloy with the highest strength in the 5000 series; ideal substitute for stainless steel components;
  • Good heat conduction effect, convenient for digital product heat dissipation;
  • Anti static, non magnetic, does not affect GPS function;
  • Good processability and deep drawing performance, enabling precise stamping of electronic components;
  • Excellent color coating and surface treatment capabilities. As a digital product shell, they can provide more surface, color, and other options without fingerprints.

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GM55 aluminum plate

Application and cooperative partner of Chalco GM55 aluminum plate

GM55 high-strength formability aluminum sheet products are commonly used in the internal frame (middle plate) and external frame of mobile phones. Including PDP back cover, digital camera, CD ROM, MD frame, general electrical and information equipment, etc.

  • Chalco GM55 aluminum panel mobile phone industry partners include TCL, OPPO, HTC, Samsung, etc.;
  • Chalco GM55 aluminum sheet computer partners include computer manufacturing enterprises such as ASUS and ACER.

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cooperative partner of Chalco GM55 aluminum plate

Other hot selling high strength aluminum plate in Chalco

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