Manufacturer of Marine Grade 5A02 Aluminum Hexagonal Bar
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Manufacturer of Marine Grade 5A02 Aluminum Hexagonal Bar

Why choose chalco aluminum

By international classification societies

DNV, Det Norske Veritas

NK, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

CCS, China Classification Society

ABS, American Bureau of Shipping

BV, Bureau Veritas

LR, Lloyd's Register

KR, Korean Register


Standard specification for the production of 5A02 aluminum hexagonal bars




AMS 4102/ISO Al99.0Cu


DIN EN 754-6

BS EN 755-6

Quality assurance

Chalco Aluminum operates a stringent ISO 14001 environmental management system and is also an ISO 9001 certified producer and supplier of high quality specialty metals including marine aluminum.

Delivering the 5A02 Aluminum Hexagonal Bars to customers, we will test it to ensure the quality meets the requirements. We also provide copies of important documents, third-party test reports, etc. upon request.

Marine 5A02 aluminum hex bar specifications

Alloy 5A02
Temper O, H112
Maximum inscribed circle diameter 200 (mm)
Length 1000-12000 (mm) or as required
Remark Can be customized

Marine 5A02 aluminum hex bar chemical composition

Element Composition (%)
Al margin
Si ≤0.20
Fe ≤0.40
Cu ≤0.10
Mn 0.40-0.80
Mg 4.00-5.00
Ti ≤0.20
Zn ≤0.25

Mechanical properties of 5A02 marine aluminum hexagonal bar

Temper Inscribed circle diameter/mm Tensile strength/(N/mm2) Elongation after break/%
O, H112 25.00-150.00 ≤225 10

Dimensional tolerances for marine 5A02 aluminum hex bars

Width tolerance

Hex bar width Hexagonal bar width (or side length) allowable deviation
10.00-18.00 ±0.30
>18.00-25.00 ±0.35
>25.00-40.00 ±0.40
>40.00-50.00 ±0.45
>50.00-65.00 ±0.50
>65.00-80.00 ±0.70
>80.00-100.00 ±0.90
>100.00-120.00 ±1.0
>120.00-150.00 ±1.2
>150.00-180.00 ±1.4
>180.00-220.00 ±1.7

Fillet tolerance

width Fillet (or chamfer) allowable deviation
10.00-30.00 ≤1.5
>30.00-60.00 ≤2.0
>60.00-80.00 ≤2.5
>80.00-120.00 ≤3.0
>120.00-180.00 ≤4.0
>180.00-220.00 ≤5.0


width Curvature over any 300 mm length Curvature over the full length (L meters)
10.00-80.00 ≤0.8 ≤2×L
>80.00-120.00 ≤1.0 ≤2×L
>120.00-220.00 ≤1.5 ≤3×L


width Twist per 1000 mm length Twist over the entire length
10.00-30.00 ≤1 ≤1.5
>30.00-80.00 ≤1.5 ≤2.5
>80.00-120.00 ≤2 ≤3
>120.00-220.00 ≤2.5 ≤4

length tolerance

width Permissible deviations in length on the following cut lengths
≤2000 >2000-5000 >5000
≤100.00 +5
>100.00-200.00 +7
>200.00-220.00 +8

Uses of marine grade 5A02 aluminum hex bars

ship structure

Marine 5A02 aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture structural components of ships, such as hull support structures, masts, and support frames for ship cabins, etc.

Marine equipment and accessories

Marine 5A02 aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture various equipment and accessories on ships, such as marine steering wheels, parts of marine propellers, marine winches and marine lifeboats, etc.

Ship pipes and pipe supports

Marine 5A02 aluminum hexagon bars are suitable for manufacturing pipes and their supports in ship piping systems. These pipes can be fuel oil pipes for transferring liquids or gases, fresh water pipes, sewage pipes, etc.

Marine welded components

Marine 5A02 aluminum hexagonal bar has good welding performance and can be used to manufacture welded components of ships, such as welded joints, welded support structures, etc.

Uses of marine grade 5A02 aluminum hex bars


Do you accept small batch production?

We accept small batch production, please contact us.

5A02 aluminum hexagon bar characteristics?

5A02 aluminum alloy is an Al-Mg series anti-rust aluminum. Compared with 3A21, 5A02 aluminum alloy has higher strength, especially in fatigue strength. It has good plasticity and corrosion resistance, very suitable for use in marine environments.

However, the strengthening effect of heat treatment on 5A02 alloy is not obvious. The alloy has good weldability in resistance welding and atomic hydrogen welding, but has a tendency to form crystalline cracks in argon arc welding.

The alloy has better machinability in the cold work hardening and semi-cold work hardening states, but poorer machinability in the annealed state. In addition, 5A02 aluminum alloy can be polished.

5A02 aluminum hexagon bar characteristics?

Is there any sample evaluation before mass production?

If you need samples, please contact us. You only need to pay postage to get product samples for free.

Is there stock in stock?

Chalco Aluminum's stock is available in different specifications, standards, and diameters. If you need customization, welcome to consult.

Can I visit and inspect the goods?

Sure. contact us, we have the best service and try our best to meet all your needs.

Packaging and shipping details

We provide standard export packaging (inner: waterproof paper, outer: steel belt and pallet). It can also be packed according to your requirements, but please explain in advance.

Payment and delivery method

Payment<=USD 1000, 100% in advance.

Payment>=USD 1000, 30% deposit and balance before shipment pay by TT.

Delivery methods include: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DHL door to door, and Air express.

More payment methods depend on your choice.

Do you have the aluminum you need?

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