5052 O H112 Marine Grade Aluminum Hexagon Bar
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5052 O H112 Marine Grade Aluminum Hexagon Bar

Why choose Chalco marine grade 5052 aluminum hexagon bar?

Certification by International Classification Society



Standard Specification for Chalco 5052 aluminum hexagon bar





AMS 4102/ISO Al99.0Cu

GB/T 26006-2010



EN 755-6-2008

Marine grade 5052 aluminum hex bar specifications

Alloy 5052
Temper O, H112
Maximum inscribed circle diameter 200 mm
Length 1000 mm To 12000 mm or Custom Length

Chemical composition of marine grade 5052 aluminum hex bar

Element Composition %
Al 95.8-97.7
Si 0-0.25
Fe 0-0.40
Cu 0-0.10
Mn 0-0.10
Mg 2.20-2.80
Cr 0.15-0.35
Zn 0-0.10

Mechanical properties of marine 5052 aluminum hexagonal bar

Alloy Temper Inscribed circle diameter/mm Tensile strength/(N/mm2) Specified non-proportional tensile strength/(N/mm2) Elongation after break/%
A A50 mm
not less than
5052 O ≤12.50 170-230 70 - 15
>12.50 170-230 70 17 -
H112 ≤12.50 170 70 - 13
>12.50 170 70 15 -

5052 aluminum hex bar dimensional tolerance

Width tolerance

The width (or side length) of the hex bar Allowable deviation of the width (or side length) of the following types of alloy hexagonal bars
10.00-18.00 ±0.22
>18.00-25.00 ±0.25
>25.00-40.00 ±0.30
>40.00-50.00 ±0.35
>50.00-65.00 ±0.40
>65.00-80.00 ±0.50
>80.00-100.00 ±0.55
>100.00-120.00 ±0.65
>120.00-150.00 ±0.80
>150.00-180.00 ±1.00
>180.00-220.00 ±1.15

Fillet Tolerance

width (or side length) The allowable deviation of the fillet (or chamfer) of the hexagonal rod
10.00-30.00 ≤1.5
>30.00-60.00 ≤2.0
>60.00-80.00 ≤2.5
>80.00-120.00 ≤3.0
>120.00-180.00 ≤4.0
>180.00-220.00 ≤5.0


width (or side length) Curvature h over any length of 300 mm Curvature ht on the full length (L meters)
10.00-80.00 ≤0.8 ≤2×L
>80.00-120.00 ≤1.0 ≤2×L
>120.00-220.00 ≤1.5 ≤3×L


width (or side length) Twist per 1000mm length, not more than Twist over the entire length, not greater than
10.00-30.00 ≤1 ≤1.5
>30.00-80.00 ≤1.5 ≤2.5
>80.00-120.00 ≤2 ≤3
>120.00-220.00 ≤2.5 ≤4

Length tolerance

width (or side length) Permissible deviations in length on the following cut lengths
≤2000 >2000-5000 >5000
≤100.00 +5
>100.00-200.00 +7
>200.00-220.00 +8

Characteristics of 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars

Lightweight: the 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bar is lightweight, reducing overall weight, improving fuel efficiency, and lowering loads in marine applications.

Corrosion resistance: it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments like seawater, making it highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and aggressive media.

High strength: the 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bar has high strength, providing structural support and tensile strength for ship structures under various loads and stresses.

Ease of processing: it is easy to process and form using methods like cutting, forging, stamping, and welding due to its good plasticity and forgeability.

Good welding performance: it has good welding performance, allowing for easy assembly and repair of ship structures using common welding methods.

Good surface treatment properties: it can be easily surface treated, such as anodizing, coating, and finishing, for additional corrosion protection, improved appearance, and meeting specific vessel design requirements.

Characteristics of 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars

Application of 5052 marine aluminum hexagonal bar

Structural components: 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture structural components of ships, such as hull frames, deck supports, gangways, ship bulkheads, etc. It has good strength and stability, and can provide reliable structural support and load-bearing capacity.

Ship equipment: 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture ship equipment and parts, such as steering wheels, ship propellers, propeller shafts, etc. It has a lower density, which reduces the overall weight and improves the fuel efficiency of the vessel.

Anti-corrosion material: due to the excellent corrosion resistance of 5052 marine aluminum, hexagonal bars can be used as anti-corrosion materials for manufacturing marine engineering facilities, offshore platforms, offshore buoys, etc. It resists corrosive attack in seawater and saltwater environments for extended service life.

Ship repair and maintenance: 5052 marine aluminum hex bars can be used for ship repair and maintenance work, such as repairing the hull structure, replacing damaged parts, etc. It has good processing performance and welding performance, and is convenient for maintenance operations

Ladders and boarding equipment: 5052 Aluminum Hexagonal Bars can be used to manufacture ladders and other boarding equipment for boat up and down walking and boarding operations.

Ship deck: 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture guardrails, handrails, gangways and other devices on ship decks, providing safety protection and convenience for crew and passengers.

Ship interiors: 5052 Marine Aluminum Hex Bars can be used to make decorations and furniture for ship interiors, such as bed frames, chairs, tables, etc., with good appearance and durability.

Marine engineering components: 5052 marine aluminum hexagonal bars can be used to manufacture components and components in marine engineering, such as support structures for offshore wind power generation devices, connectors for floating platforms, etc.

Marine storage cabinets: 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars can be made into storage cabinets for ship storage and cargo fixing, providing convenient cargo storage and protection.

Water sports equipment: 5052 marine aluminum hexagon bars can be used to manufacture water sports equipment, such as boat blades, sailboard support poles, etc., with good corrosion resistance and strength.

Application of 5052 marine aluminum hexagonal bar

Items for purchasing 5052 marine aluminum hexagonal bars

Material standards and specifications: ensure that purchased products meet international or industry standards, including requirements for alloy composition, mechanical properties, dimensions, and tolerances.

Material certification and quality assurance: make sure that the supplier can provide suitable material certification, such as ISO certification, classification society approval, etc., to ensure the quality, reliability and suitability of the product.

Size and quantity: determine the size, length and quantity of marine aluminum hexagonal bars required according to specific needs, and select according to design requirements and usage conditions. Supplier Reputation and Service: Chalco Aluminum is a reputable and experienced supplier and Manufacturer. Can provide high-quality products, and can provide good pre-sales consultation and after-sales service.

Prices and lead times: compare prices and lead times between different suppliers and choose the most competitive option. At the same time, ensure that suppliers can deliver on time and provide reasonable prices.

Quality inspection: Chalco Aluminum can provide material inspection and inspection reports. These reports can verify the qualification and performance indicators of marine aluminum hexagonal bars, such as chemical composition, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, etc.

Surface treatment: Chalco Aluminum can provide surface treatment options for marine aluminum hex bars, such as anodizing, sandblasting or coating, etc. These treatments can improve the material's appearance, corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

Application advice: Chalco Aluminum is able to provide advice on the best application of Marine Aluminum Hex Bars in ship construction and maintenance. Can provide professional advice on material selection, processing methods and welding techniques.

Traceability: Chalco Aluminum can provide traceability information of marine aluminum hexagon bars, including raw material source, production process and supply chain tracking, etc.

Packaging and shipping: Chalco Aluminum can provide the perfect packing method and shipping arrangement to ensure that the marine aluminum hexagonal bars will not be damaged during transportation and can be delivered to the destination on time.

Items for purchasing 5052 marine aluminum hexagonal bars

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