3005 H112 Aluminum Auto Profiles
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3005 H112 Aluminum Auto Profiles

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Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 3005 H112 aluminum profiles for automotive

Automotive IATF16949 standard

The 3005 H112 Aluminum auto profiles produced by Chalco a strict quality and environmental management system, and have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and IATF16949 certification

Well-known brand material certifications

Chalco Aluminum serves Tesla, Ford, Shanghai Automobile, Weilai Automobile, Beiqi New Energy, Changan Automobile and other famous new energy automobile manufacturers. Some models of automotive plate material certification.

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3005 aluminum profiles specification

Alloy 3005
Temper H112
Production standards GB/T 33910
Thickness 0.5mm-6mm
Length and Width According to the specific vehicle and application
Surface treatment of aluminum profiles Surface treatment of aluminum profiles Anodizing, electrophoretic coating, sandblasting and other methods
Common shapes Square/Round/Flat/Angle/I Beam

It should be noted that different car manufacturers and different models may have different aluminum profile specifications and application requirements. Therefore, the specific specifications and applications need to be confirmed according to the actual situation.

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Chemical composition of 3005 aluminum alloy

Element Composition (%)
Si 0.6
Fe 0.7
Cu 0.30
Mn 1.0-1.5
Mg 0.20-0.6
Cr 0.10
Ni -
Zn 0.25
Ti 0.10

3005 H112 aluminum profiles for auto mechanical properties

Material GB/T 33910 3005 aluminum profiles
Temper H112
Tensile Strength(MPa) 120-200 MPa
Yield Strength(MPa) 100-180 MPa
Elongation in 2" (%) 5-20%
Impact toughness(J) 2-15 J

These mechanical performance data are based on the test results of standard samples, and will be affected by various factors in actual use, such as profile size, shape, wall thickness, etc. Therefore, it needs to be evaluated and confirmed according to the actual situation in specific applications.

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Application of 3005 aluminum alloy profiles in the field of automobiles

Manufacture of extruded and drawn tubes

Extruded and drawn is a process of making tubes by extruding or stretching aluminum alloy blanks.

3005 aluminum alloy is suitable for this manufacturing process because of its good machinability, strength and corrosion resistance.

The manufactured pipes can be used in the cooling system and exhaust system of automobiles, such as the manufacture of parts such as radiators and exhaust pipes.

Manufacture of radiators and air conditioner coolers

Radiator and air conditioner coolers are a type of heat exchanger whose function is to achieve heat transfer and heat dissipation through the circulation of fluid inside the heat exchanger.

3005 aluminum profile has good thermal conductivity and high strength, so it is very suitable for manufacturing this kind of heat exchanger.

The manufactured radiators and air conditioner coolers not only have a good heat dissipation effect, but also have the advantages of light weight, easy processing and beautiful appearance, so they have been widely used in the automotive field.

In short, 3005 aluminum profiles have excellent machinability, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, so they are widely used in the automotive field, especially in the manufacture of extruded and drawn tubes and heat exchangers such as radiators and air-conditioning coolers. unique advantage.

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Prices of 3005 aluminum profiles for automobiles

3005 aluminum profile price:

(LME ingot price + processing fee) × weight + packaging fee + transportation fee

The price of 3005 aluminum profiles will be affected by many factors, such as market supply and demand, raw material prices, processing costs, specifications and sizes, etc. Different manufacturers and suppliers may have different pricing strategies and price levels. In addition, it is also affected by factors such as currency exchange rate and international economic situation.

Therefore, please contact Chalco aluminum for inquiry, we will provide you with the best quotation and service.

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Things to pay attention to when purchasing 3005 aluminum profiles

Material confirmation: when purchasing 3005 aluminum profiles, it is necessary to confirm whether the material is 3005 H112 aluminum alloy to ensure that its mechanical properties meet the requirements.

Size and shape: confirm the size and shape of the required 3005 aluminum profiles according to actual needs, such as cross-sectional shape, length and wall thickness, to ensure that the purchased profiles can meet the actual application requirements.

Surface quality: the surface quality of aluminum profiles has an important impact on the quality and appearance of the final product. When purchasing, it is necessary to check the surface quality of aluminum profiles, including whether there are scratches, pits, oxidation and other problems.

Inspection standards: before purchasing, it is necessary to confirm which inspection standards the purchased 3005 aluminum profiles should meet, such as GB/T 33910 and other standards, to ensure that the quality of the profiles can meet the requirements.

Price and delivery time: when choosing a supplier, in addition to quality and reputation, you also need to consider factors such as price and delivery time, and choose a cost-effective supplier.

In a word, when purchasing 3005 aluminum profiles, it is necessary to consider many aspects such as specifications and dimensions, surface quality, price and delivery time, so as to ensure that the selected materials meet the requirements and can finally meet the needs of the project.

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