4B01 T4 Auto Aluminum Profile
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4B01 T4 Auto Aluminum Profile

Chalco Aluminum 4B01 T4 AUTO aluminum profile includes profiles of various shapes and specifications, such as angle aluminum, flat aluminum, round tubes, square tubes, etc., which are used as structural parts such as body brackets, chassis brackets, engine brackets, and car door and window frames and other appearance parts.

Why choose Chalco 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Chalco production capacity

Chalco Aluminum has aluminum alloy extrusion production lines, which can produce both seam aluminum tubes and seamless aluminum tubes, meeting the production requirements of various automotive profiles.

Automotive IATF16949 standard

Chalco Aluminum has passed the requirements of the Automotive IATF16949 standard audited by BSI (British Standards Institute), providing quality compliance for continuously expanding the automotive product market and achieving high-quality development.

Well-known brand material certifications

Serving famous new energy vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Ford, Shanghai Automotive, NIO Motors, BAIC New Energy, Changan Motors, etc. We have established material certification relationships and completed material certification for some models of automotive panels at multiple automobile factories such as BAIC New Energy and NIO Motors.

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Specs of 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Alloy Shape Size(mm) Wall thickness(mm)
4B01-T4 square tube 20×20 1.5
4B01-T4 25×25 1.5
4B01-T4 30×30 1.5
4B01-T4 40×40 2
4B01-T4 50×50 2
4B01-T4 60×60 2
4B01-T4 70×70 3
4B01-T4 80×80 3
4B01-T4 100×100 3.5
4B01-T4 120×120 4.5
4B01-T4 150×150 5
4B01-T4 Rectangular tube 50×30 2
4B01-T4 60×30 2
4B01-T4 70×30 2
4B01-T4 80×40 2.5
4B01-T4 100×50 3
4B01-T4 120×60 4
4B01-T4 Hexagonal tube 100×50 5
4B01-T4 120×60 5
4B01-T4 150×75 6

Chemical composition of 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Element Composition
Mg 0.8%-1.2%
Si ≤0.7%
Cu ≤0.1%
Ni ≤0.1%
Mn ≤0.1%
Cr ≤0.1%
Zr ≤0.1%
Ti ≤0.1%
V ≤0.1%
W ≤0.05%
Ti ≤0.05%
Pb ≤0.05%
B ≤0.05%
Rest ≤0.05%

Mechanical property of 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Density 2.68 g/cm3
Melting point 660℃
Linear expansion coefficient 23.4×10-6/K
Thermal conductivity 210 W/(m·K)
Conductivity 35%IACS
Tensile strength ≥180 MPa(T4)
≥260 MPa(T6)
Yield strength ≥110 MPa(T4)
≥240 MPa(T6)
Elongation ≥12%(T4)
Hardness 60-70 HRB(T4)
80-90 HRB(T6)

Features of 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Lightweight: compared with steel materials, aluminum materials have a lower density, which can reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency while ensuring strength and rigidity.

Good formability: aluminum material has good plasticity and ductility, and can be processed into parts with complex shapes by stamping, stretching and other processing methods.

Excellent corrosion resistance: aluminum materials can form an oxide film in the air, which can effectively protect the surface of aluminum materials from corrosion.

High strength: the aluminum material after artificial aging treatment has excellent strength and rigidity, which can meet the high strength requirements of auto parts.

High temperature stability: aluminum material has good high temperature stability and heat resistance, and can be used in high temperature environment.

4b01 automotive aluminum profile

Usage of 4B01 T4 auto aluminum profile

Body structure: 4B01 aluminum profiles can be used in the manufacture of beams, columns, plates and other components of the body structure, which can reduce the weight of the body, improve vehicle performance and fuel economy.

car structure

Engine and transmission system: 4B01 aluminum profiles can be used in the manufacture of engine covers, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankcases and other components, which can reduce engine weight, improve heat dissipation efficiency and corrosion resistance.

Braking system: 4B01 aluminum profiles can be used in the manufacture of brake system components such as brake discs and brake calipers, which can improve braking performance and corrosion resistance.

Chassis and suspension system: 4B01 aluminum profiles can be used in the manufacture of chassis and suspension system components, such as frame, suspension arm, shock absorber, etc., which can improve the stability and handling of the vehicle.

Chassis and suspension system

Precautions for the use of 4B01 automotive aluminum profiles

Precautions for processing: when processing 4B01 automotive aluminum profiles, attention should be paid to controlling the processing temperature and speed to avoid cracks and deformation. At the same time, appropriate processing tools and techniques should be used.

Corrosion precautions: 4B01 automotive aluminum profiles have good corrosion resistance, but still need to pay attention to avoid long-term contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali, so as not to affect its performance and service life.

Precautions for the use environment: 4B01 automotive aluminum profiles are usually used in the indoor and outdoor environments of automobiles, and attention should be paid to prevent environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, rain, and high temperature from affecting them.

Precautions for storage and transportation: when storing and transporting 4B01 automotive aluminum profiles, care should be taken to avoid impacts from factors such as collision, friction and extrusion, and at the same time avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature, humidity and other environments, so as not to affect its performance and service life.

key points for using 4b01 automotive aluminum profile

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