Composite Aluminum Armor Plate
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Composite Aluminum Armor Plate

Chalco pioneered the layered composite technology of aluminum armor plates to meet the different performance requirements of different application environments and parts of use. By using hot rolling composite method, 7072 7A52 7A62 aluminum alloy plates were overlaid and heated. Pressure was applied at a certain amount to produce 5-layer, 7-layer, and 9-layer composite aluminum alloy plates.

Composite aluminum plates are commonly used in military and armor fields, ensuring that military armor plates have the maximum hardness, ductility, explosion-proof performance, and impact resistance at the lightest weight.

composite aluminum plate

Specification of Chalco armored vehicle composite aluminum plate

Type Composite material alloy Layer Thickness mm Common specification mm
Chalco-5 7072/7A52/7072/7A62/7072 5 18, 20, 21, 25, 30 1500×5000
Chalco-7 7072/7A52/7072/7A52/7072/7A62/7072 7 25 1500×5000
Chalco-9 7072/7A52/7072/7A52/7072/7A62/7072/7A62/7072 9 35, 40 1500×5000

Performance parameters of Chalco aluminum armor plate product

Alloy Tensile strength MPa Yield strength MPa Elongation % Shear strength Impact strength at high strain rates (3000-5000/s)
7072 aluminum plate 260-330 160-220 12-18 - -
7A52 aluminum plate ≥410 MPa ≥345 MPa ≥7 - -
7A62 aluminum plate 380-450 340-400 6-10 - -
Composite plate ≥581MPa ≥530MPa ≥9.5% ≥107MPa ≥792MPa

Property advantage of Chalco composite armor plate

  • The protection coefficient of composite armor is significantly higher than that of homogeneous armor, so its mass is smaller than that of homogeneous armor under the same bulletproof ability.
  • The thickness coefficient of composite armor against armor piercing shells is higher than that of homogeneous armor, so its thickness is smaller than that of homogeneous armor under the same bulletproof ability.
  • Composite armor has designability and can be designed with various performance, quality, and thickness according to different needs and combat environments to meet the requirements of different applications.

Composite armor with layered composite structures has become an indispensable protective composite material in recent years due to impedance differences at internal material interfaces, lightweight design, high degrees of freedom, and strong impact resistance.

Property advantage of Chalco composite armor plate

Advantages of Chalco composite aluminum plate in military

Homogeneous armor is usually only suitable for specific weapons and is difficult to resist various anti armor weapons simultaneously. In order to improve bulletproof performance and respond to different threats, composite armor made of high-performance materials has become the main research direction.

  • The outer panel uses hard aluminum, and the very hard panel has high resistance to projectile penetration;
  • The high toughness back plate can undergo plastic flow on a large area around the impact point to suppress the debris generated by the intermediate layer;
  • Multi interface energy absorption changes the trajectory of the projectile and prevents debris damage through material layering, improving the penetration resistance of composite armor. Even with the same density, the elasticity resistance is higher than that of homogeneous armor.

Production capacity of Chalco armor aluminum plate

  • Chalco has obtained certifications such as ENISO9100:2018, Nadcap Non Destructive Testing, Nadcap Materials Testing Laboratories, and Nadcap Heat Treatment to ensure product quality and reliability.
  • The melting and casting factory has multiple melting and casting production lines, adopting the latest semi continuous low liquid level vertical well casting technology, equipped with electromagnetic stirring, online hydrogen and slag measurement systems, as well as advanced online degassing and filtering systems, which improve casting efficiency and product quality.
  • Adopting the hot continuous rolling and cold rolling production lines of German Siemens, equipped with advanced electrical configuration, closed-loop control, regulation system, multi zone cooling system, and temperature control system, to ensure the production of high-quality aluminum armor plates.

Through advanced equipment and processes, Chalco is able to achieve efficient sawing, milling, rolling, and cold rolling, improving production efficiency while reducing production costs.

Production capacity

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