7B52 T6 Laminated Aluminum Plate
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7B52 T6 Laminated Aluminum Plate

Why choose Chalco 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Production standards

Quality could full meet Aluminum armor sheet plate standard.

GJB 9614-2019 etc. standard.

Reference customer


Reference customer

Specs of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Thickness (mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
18-40 1000-2500 2000-10000

Chemical composition of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Element Composition (%)
Si 0.12
Fe 0.15
Cu 0.05-0.50
Mn 0.20-0.60
Mg 2.5-3.2
Cr 0.1-0.2
Zn 6.7-7.4
Ti 0.03-0.1
Zr 0.05-0.15
Al Remainder

Mechanical properties of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Tensile Strength (Rm) MPa ≥550
Yeild Strength (Rp0.2) MPa ≥500
Elongation (A50) % ≥5
HardnessHBW ≥165

The anti-ballistic properties of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Thickness (mm) Bullet model V25 Speed (m/s) Distance of Shooting (m) Security angleα Bullets
18 Type 53 7.62mm, steel core 828 +7/-8 100 ≤35° 5
20.0 Type 53 7.62mm, WO-109C armor-piercing incendiary bomb 808 +7/-8 100 ≤41° 5
30.0 ≤28°
40 Type 54 12.7mm armor-piercing incendiary bomb 818 +7/-8 100 ≤39° 5

Tolerance of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Thickness tolerance

Thickness (mm) Tolerance (mm)
Width:1000-1500 Width:1500-2500
18-25 +1.6 +1.88
25-40 +2.0 +2.40

Width tolerance

Width (mm) Tolerance (mm)
1000-2500 +6.0

Length tolerance

Length(mm) 2000 2000-3000 3000-4000 4000-6000 6000-10000
Tolerance(mm) +7.0 +9.0 +10.0 +12.0 +14.0

Diagonal tolerance

Length(mm) Tolerance (Width=1000mm) Tolerance (Width>1000mm)
<3500 0.8w/100 0.7w/100
>3500 1.2w/100 1.0w/100


Unevenness unit: mm
Width (mm) Lateral unevenness
1000 ≤4
>1000-1500 ≤5
>1500-2500 ≤7
Longitudinal unevenness≤6mm

Features of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

High strength: 7B52 armor aluminum plate has excellent strength and can resist high-speed impact and blast impact. It is specially treated to provide excellent ballistic resistance and can effectively block threats from bullets, shells and blast fragments.

Lightweight: Compared with traditional armor steel plates, 7B52 armor aluminum plates are lighter in weight. This makes it ideal for applications where weight reduction is required, such as the design and manufacture of high-speed motor vehicles, aircraft and boats. Lightweight properties contribute to improved maneuverability, fuel efficiency and carrying capacity.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and is not easily affected by oxidation and corrosion. This enables the 7B52 armored aluminum sheet to be used for a long time in harsh environmental conditions, such as ships and aircraft in marine environments.

Processing performance: 7B52 armor aluminum plate has good machinability and can be cut, bent and shaped by various methods to suit different design requirements and shapes.

Thermal performance: Aluminum alloy has low thermal conductivity, which makes 7B52 armor aluminum plate able to provide certain protection when subjected to high temperature impact. It disperses and absorbs heat and slows down heat transfer, thereby reducing the temperature inside the armor plate.

Features of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Application of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

Light armored vehicles: 7B52 armored aluminum sheet is widely used in light armored vehicles, such as reconnaissance vehicles, escort vehicles and light tanks. Its lightweight properties make the vehicle more maneuverable and fuel efficient, while providing the necessary protection.

Airplanes and helicopters: 7B52 armored aluminum sheets can be used for armored cockpits, bulletproof panels and other key parts of aircrafts and helicopters. It provides protection against attacks from ground fire and air defense threats.

Ships and marine equipment: In the marine environment, 7B52 armored aluminum plate can be used for the protective structure of warships, patrol boats and other marine equipment. It provides a measure of defense against threats from enemy fire and explosions.

Personal protection: Armored aluminum sheets can also be used to manufacture personal protective equipment such as body armor and body armor. It provides resistance to impact, shrapnel and bullets, protecting soldiers and security personnel from threats.

Explosion-proof facilities and equipment: 7B52 armored aluminum plate can be used to build explosion-proof facilities and equipment, such as explosion-proof doors, safety cabinets and explosion-proof isolation rooms. It can withstand explosion pressure and impact, reducing the hazards of explosion accidents.

Application of 7B52 T6 laminated aluminum plate

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