3A21 Aluminum Alloy Wire for Rivets
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3A21 Aluminum Alloy Wire for Rivets

Why choose chalco 3A21 Aluminum alloy wire for rivets

Chalco Aluminum is a company that integrates the design, development and precision inspection of smelting, extrusion and fine drawing aluminum manufacturing.

Chalco Aluminum can provide excellent quality aluminum wire for rivets in 3A21 alloy , as well as excellent technical service in the market, and has a deep knowledge of how to support customers to meet the challenges of the future.

We have a set of domestic advanced rivet aluminum alloy wire research and development, testing, analysis instruments, to provide guarantee for new product research and development efficiency, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In addition, our R&D & innovation and validation capabilities can help strengthen the competitiveness of our customers by saving time and cost in new product development and marketing.

We have passed the AS9100 certification required by the aviation industry, IATF16949 certification required by the automotive industry, etc., which provides a strong guarantee for the quality of aluminum wire for rivets produced by our company.

The Chalco brand stands for quality, delivery and a good reputation. With leading technology and globally competitive products, we can continue to grow together with our customers in the future.


The Specs of 3A21 Aluminum wire for rivets

Size 1.6-10.0mm
Temper H14
Size tolerance ±0.02mm
Weight coil Above 50KGs
Function make Solid rivets

The chemical composition of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Element Composition %
Si 0.60
Fe 0.70
Cu 0.20
Mn 1.0-1.60
Mg 0.05
Cr -
Zr -
Zn 0.10
Ti 0.15
Al Remainder

The mechanical properties of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Alloy Supply temper Sample temper Diameter mm Mechanical properties
Tension Strength Rm Mpa Yield Strength R p0.2 Mpa Elongation after break/%
A100 mm A250 mm
Not less than
3A21 H14 H14 1.6-10.0 ≤180 - - -

Shear strength and riveting performance of 3A21 aluminum wire for riveting

Alloy Temper Sample Temper Diameter mm Shear strength τ Mpa Riveting property
Protrusion height of sample ratio to diameter Riveting test time
3A21 H14 H14 1.6-10.0 - - -
>10.0-20.0 ≥115 1.5 -

Allowable deviation of diameter of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Diameter Tolerance allowed
Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
≤1.6 +0.000
±0.015 +0.00
>1.6-4.0 +0.000
±0.025 +0.00
>4.0-6.0 +0.000
±0.040 +0.00
>6.0-10.0 +0.000
±0.060 +0.00

Appearance quality of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Defect name Technical requirement
Fastener aluminum wire
Cracks, burrs, peeling, air bubbles, bumps, dents, scratches, triangular mouths, metal press-in, non-metal press-in and surface corrosion Not allowed
Scuffs, scratches, bumps Allowable depth does not exceed half of the negative deviation value
Oil spots Allowed

Characteristics of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Lightweight: 3A21 aluminum alloy has a low density, making the riveted aluminum wire rod very lightweight, suitable for applications requiring light weight.

Good formability: the alloy has good formability and can be made into rivets of various shapes and sizes by cold processing, rivet processing and other methods.

Corrosion resistance: 3A21 aluminum alloy wire has good corrosion resistance and can maintain good performance in wet or corrosive environments.

Superior weldability: 3A21 aluminum alloy wire for rivets is easy to weld, so different welding techniques can be used when making rivets to ensure a strong connection.

Medium strength: 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets has moderate strength, enough for general connection and fixing tasks.

Electrical conductivity: aluminum is a good conductive material, and riveted aluminum wire rods can play a role in scenarios where electrical conductivity is required.

Characteristics of 3A21 aluminum wire rod for rivets

Precautions for buying aluminum wire with 3A21 rivets

Material specifications: confirm the specific material specifications of the aluminum wire rod, including alloy type, composition, hardness, etc. Different alloys and specifications are suitable for different application scenarios.

Heat resistance: if you need to use aluminum wire rods for rivets in high temperature environments, ensure that it has sufficient heat resistance to avoid softening or losing strength during use.

Strength and hardness: depending on your needs, choose the appropriate strength and hardness of the aluminum rod to ensure that it can meet the desired connection or support requirements.

Size and shape: according to your specific application, choose the appropriate size and shape of the aluminum rod to ensure that it matches the rivets.

Surface treatment: find out if the aluminum wire has been specially treated to improve its corrosion resistance and appearance quality.

Quality certification: ensure that the purchased aluminum rod meets the relevant quality standards and certification requirements to ensure product quality and reliability.

Supplier reputation: select reputable suppliers or manufacturers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Precautions for buying aluminum wire with 3A21 rivets

Packaging method of 3A21 aluminum wire for rivets

  • Double fiber cloth packing
  • Wooden box packing
  • Eye to sky wooden pallet packing

Applications of 3A21 aluminum wire for rivets

Automotive manufacturing: rivets are widely used in automotive manufacturing to fix components such as body structures, doors, roofs, and carriages. Aluminum wire rivets have the advantage of lightweight and high-strength in automotive manufacturing, helping to reduce body weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Aerospace industry: the aerospace industry has high requirements for material lightweight and strength, and aluminum wire rivets are widely used in the assembly of aircraft and spacecraft.

Electronic product manufacturing: aluminum wire rivets are used to fix the shells and components of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Construction and building materials industry: in construction, aluminum wire rivets are used to fix structures such as aluminum alloy windows, door frames, curtain walls, etc.

Furniture manufacturing: aluminum alloy components used to fix furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.

Ship manufacturing: used to fix the hull structure and ship equipment.

Transportation: aluminum wire rivets can be used for the manufacturing and maintenance of transportation vehicles such as trains, subways, and ships.

Mechanical manufacturing: 3A21 Aluminum wire rivets are used in the assembly of various mechanical equipment, such as agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.

Other industrial fields: 3A21 Aluminum wire rivets can also be used to fix and connect other metal components, and are widely used in industrial production and manufacturing processes.

Applications of 3A21 aluminum wire for rivets

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