7005 Aluminum Tube Pipe
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7005 Aluminum Tube Pipe

7005 is a 7000 high-strength aviation alloy with lightweight, high strength, processability, and good welding performance. Easy to process and weld into various shapes for connecting frame structures. Widely used in aerospace, bicycle frames, outdoor sports equipment, rackets, and high-performance structural applications.

Hot selling temper: T4, T5, T6

Processing method: cold drawn, extruded

Production standard: ASTM B221M, ASTM B241, ASTM B210, WWT700/3, MIL-T-7081, J IS H4040, GB/T 3191, GB/T6893, GJB2381, GB4437, GBN221, GB/T 20250, GB/T 3251, etc.

7005 aluminum tube

Purchasing of Chalco 7005 aluminum tube pipe

  • Relying on Chalco production line and its subsidiaries, source procurement, lowest price guarantee.
  • Chalco has the largest inventory and can allocate its subsidiary's inventory products at any time, seven-day delivery guarantee;
  • The quality of large and small batches is the same, and be provided at the lowest price.

Note, customized sizes can be provided. Click to inquire about how to produce customized products with free mold feesWelcome contact

Chalco 7005 aluminum tube hot selling products and sizes

Chalco can process 7005 aluminum tube hot selling product types and sizes. Other special size aluminum pipes can be customized for production.

7005 cold drawn aluminum round tube Diameter: 1-20mm; Wall thickness: 0.1-0.5mm
7005 extruded aluminum round tube Diameter: 6-500mm; Wall thickness: 0.5-50mm
7005 high precision aluminum round tube Diameter: 3-250mm; Wall thickness: 0.3-50mm
7005 seamless aluminum round tube Diameter: 90-300mm; Wall thickness: 5-20mm Hot selling diameter: 19.05mm with excellent welding performance
7005 square aluminum tube Side length: 10×10-150×150mm; Wall thickness: 1-10mm
7005 rectangular aluminum tube Side length: 10×20-200×300mm; Wall thickness: 1-10mm

Hot selling dimensions of Chalco 7005 aluminum variable diameter pipes

7005 aluminum pipes are mainly used in bicycle frames, outdoor sports equipment such as golf clubs, ski poles, mountain climbing poles, as well as aerospace, automotive parts, electronic equipment and other fields. The demand is mainly for small diameter aluminum pipes, variable diameter pipes, and reducing pipes.

The following table shows the partial dimensions of 7005 aluminum tube in the bicycle frame, where "/" represents the parameters of reducing diameter and wall thickness. If your next project requires 7005 aluminum tubes, please feel free to contact and order.

Product Type Diameter mm Wall Thickness mm Length mm Order
7005 round top tubes 35 1.4/1.1 600 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 20 1.3/1.8 610 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 36 1.3/0.9/1.3 620 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 35 1.2/0.8/1.2 600 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 38 1.6/1.2/1.6 660 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 38 0.8/0.7/1.0 600 Quick Quote
7005 round top tubes 42.6/34 1.4/1.1 6680 Quick Quote
7005 ellipse top tubes 42×26.5 1.4/1.1 600 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 38 1.6/1.2/1.6 660 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 42 1.9/1.1/1.3 680 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 42.6 1.5/1.2 670 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 48 1.5/1.0/1.3 670 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 48 2.0/1.1/1.4 680 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 48 1.9/1.3 820 Quick Quote
7005 round down tube 50.8 1.6/1.0/1.4 750 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 31.7 2.2/1.6 620 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 35 1.6/2 620 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 35 1.65 650 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 35 1.7/0.9/1.5 650 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 35 1.7/1.2/1.5 520 Quick Quote
7005 round seat tube 35 2.2/1.5 800 Quick Quote

Product display of 7005 reducing aluminum pipes

Chalco has the ability to produce 7005 aluminum alloy variable diameter pipes, reducers, and tubes with different wall thicknesses, as well as the ability to open molds for special size aluminum pipes. Please contact us for advice on how to customize production without mold fees.Quick Quote

Mechanical properties of 7005 aluminum tube

Density 2.78 g/cm3
Elastic modulus 70-80 GPa
Poisson ratio 0.33
Thermal conductivity 166 W/mK
Ultimate tensile strength 350 MPa
Yield Strength Rp0.2 290-305 Mpa
Elongation 10 %
Fatigue strength 150 MPa

FAQ for 7005 aluminum tube

Chalco 7005 aluminum tube processing capacity

  • Chalco has independent extrusion and drawing production lines that can produce basic products such as 7005 aluminum round tubes, aluminum square tubes, rectangular tubes, and seamless tubes.
  • Chalco has an aluminum pipe deep processing production line, pipe bending machine, etc., and has the ability to open molds. We can produce 7005 precision aluminum pipes with higher quality requirements, 7005 aluminum alloy variable diameter pipes, and 7005 aluminum bent pipes.
  • Chalco has a hydraulic production system that can form 7005 aluminum tubes with higher strength and precision, providing higher quality products for special industrial fields such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and high-pressure industrial field.

What 7005 aluminum tube surface treatments can be provided?

7005 aluminum pipes are commonly used in the framework fields of bicycles, outdoor sports equipment, airplanes, cars, ships, buildings, etc. They have high requirements for surface treatment, aesthetics, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other performance.

Chalco can provide surface processing such as polishing, anodizing, wire drawing, sandblasting, and powder spraying, saving processing costs and time for customer projects.

Can CNC machining of 7005 aluminum tubes be provided?

While providing products, we can also provide overall project solutions. Chalco can provide services including mechanical processing, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logos and serial numbers, assembly, and other CNC processing.

7005 aluminum tube vs 6061 aluminum tube

7005 aluminum has stronger strength than 6061 aluminum. The additional strength of the 7005 aluminum tube allows for thinner wall thickness, resulting in a lighter frame. Therefore, butt and double butt aluminum pipes are usually 7005 aluminum pipes.

7005 aluminum tube vs7075 aluminum tube

The hardness of 7075 aluminum tube is higher than that of 7005 aluminum tube, but it will make 7005 aluminum tube difficult to process. 7075 aluminum tube is difficult to weld, increasing the difficulty of processing.

The related products if Chalco 7005 aluminum tube

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