4047 T4/T6/T6511 Aircraft Aluminum Wire
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4047 T4/T6/T6511 Aircraft Aluminum Wire

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AMS 4185 Welding wire (AWS 5.10);

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Production request

The production requirements for 4047 aircraft aluminum wire can vary depending on the specific application and customer requirements. However, here are some general considerations for producing 4047 aluminum wire.

Material selection

The aluminum used for the wire should meet the appropriate industry standards for chemical composition, mechanical properties, and surface quality. It is also important to ensure that the aluminum is free of impurities and defects that could affect the wire's performance.

Wire drawing

The 4047 aluminum wire is typically produced by drawing a larger diameter aluminum rod through a series of dies to reduce its diameter to the desired size. The wire drawing process should be carefully controlled to ensure consistent diameter and surface quality.

Heat treatment

As mentioned in the previous answer, the temper designation of the 4047 aluminum wire can vary depending on the application. The wire may need to undergo a specific heat treatment process to achieve the desired temper.

Quality control

To ensure that the 4047 aluminum wire meets the required standards and specifications, it is important to implement a comprehensive quality control process. This can include testing the wire for mechanical properties, surface quality, and other parameters, as well as conducting visual inspections and documentation.

Packaging and shipping

Once the 4047 aluminum wire has been produced and tested, it should be packaged and shipped in accordance with industry standards to ensure that it arrives at its destination in good condition.

It is important to work closely with the customer to understand their specific requirements and ensure that the 4047 aluminum wire is produced to meet those requirements.

production process of 4047 aerospace aluminum wire

People concern about 4047 aerospace aluminum wire

Customers will be concerned about the material quality of the aluminum wire, including its chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality, etc. Because the quality of aluminum wire directly affects its service life and performance.

Size and specifications

Chalco 4047 aircraft aluminum wire size: 0.13 mm~3.18 mm.

Customers need to ensure that the size and specifications of the aluminum wire ordered meet their specific application requirements. This includes requirements for diameter, length, cross-sectional area, etc.

Corrosion resistance

Aerospace aluminum wire typically needs to have good corrosion resistance to ensure its longevity in harsh environments.

Strength and hardness

The strength and hardness of aluminum wire is of great concern to the customer, as it is directly related to its ability to withstand loads in specific applications.

Surface finish

Customers may have special requirements for the surface treatment of the aluminum wire, such as the need for special surface treatments such as anodizing to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Delivery time and distribution methods

Customers usually need to receive the aluminum wire within a reasonable period of time, so they are also concerned about the delivery time and distribution methods.


Price is one of the factors that customers need to consider when they consider ordering aluminum wire, and they want to get a cost-effective product.

In response to the different concerns of customers, aluminum wire manufacturers and suppliers need to provide products that meet the needs of customers and provide quality pre-sales and after-sales services.

key points for buying 4047 aerospace aluminum wire

4047 aerospace aluminum wire chemical composition

Element Composition(%)
Si 11-13
Fe 0.80 max
Cu 0.30 max
Zn 0.20 max
Mn 0.15 max
Mg 0.10 max
Remainder (each) 0.05
Remainder (total) 0.15
Al Remainder

4047 aerospace aluminum wire mechanical property

Density: the density of 4047 aluminium wire is approximately 2.73 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3), which is lower than the density of many other metals.

Melting point: the melting point of 4047 aluminium wire is approximately 1080°C (1976°F), which is lower than the melting point of many other metals. This makes it relatively easy to work with using common techniques like welding and brazing.

Electrical conductivity: 4047 aluminium wire has a high electrical conductivity, which makes it useful in electrical applications where low resistance is important.

Thermal conductivity: 4047 aluminium wire also has a high thermal conductivity, which makes it useful in applications where heat dissipation is important.

Corrosion resistance: 4047 aluminium wire has good corrosion resistance, particularly in environments with a high pH, making it useful in marine and other corrosive environments.

Ductility: 4047 aluminium wire is ductile, which means it can be easily drawn into wires of different diameters and lengths without breaking.

features of 4047 aerospace aluminum wire

4047 aerospace aluminum wire application

Aircraft structural parts: 4047 aviation aluminum wire is often used in the manufacture of aircraft structural parts, such as fuselage, wings, tail fins, etc., because of its high strength and light weight.

Engine components: 4047 aviation aluminum wire is also commonly used in the manufacture of engine components, such as turbine blades, combustion chamber wall plates, gas wheel discs, etc.

Aviation electrical: 4047 aviation aluminum wire has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in the connection of aviation electrical systems, such as power lines, signal lines, instrument lines, etc.

Aircraft heat dissipation: 4047 aviation aluminum wire's high thermal conductivity makes it an ideal material for manufacturing aircraft radiators, heat exchangers and other components.

Spacecraft: 4047 aviation aluminum wire is also often used in the manufacture of structural components of spacecraft and satellites, avionics systems, etc.

application of 4047 aerospace aluminum wire

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