6005 6005A T5 T6 Aluminum Bar
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6005 6005A T5 T6 Aluminum Bar

6005 6005A are Al-Mg-Si series wrought aluminum alloys with moderate strength, excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, good weldability, and thermal extrusion performance.

6005 6005A performance lies between 6061 and 6082, and they can be used interchangeably with 6005A. The strength and machinability of 6005-T5 are equivalent to those of 6061-T6 and superior to 6063-T6. Moreover, 6005 6005A exhibit better extrusion characteristics and smoother milling surfaces.

However, manufacturing thin-walled and complex shapes can be challenging, but these alloys exhibit excellent bending performance and high fatigue strength. Therefore, they are often applied in the manufacturing of high-speed railway vehicles and subway car bodies. Using 6005A can significantly reduce the weight of vehicles and increase their operational speed.

Chalco 6005 6005A aluminum bar specifications

Alloy 6005, 6005A
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar States T5, T6
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Types Square, Round, Hex, Flat, Wire In Black & Bright Finish
6005 6005A Extruded Aluminum Round Bar Diameter Φ5-200mm
6005 6005A Extruded Aluminum Square Bar Diameter 5-200mm
6005 6005A Extruded Aluminum Hexagonal Bar Diameter 5-200mm
6005 6005A Extruded Aluminum Flat Bar Specifications Thickness:0.15-40mm Width:10-200mm
6005 6005A Aluminum Cast Bar Diameter Φ124-1350mm
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Length 1-6m, Random, Fix & Cut Length or as per clients’ requirement
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Surface Bright, Polish & Black
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Quality Click to view detailed appearance quality requirements
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Packaging Click to view detailed appearance quality requirements
6005 6005A Aluminum Bar Standards ASTM B221, EN573, EN485, EN 755-2, GB/T 3191

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Chemical composition of 6005 6005a aluminum bar

Element Composition %
6005 6005A
Si 0.6-0.9 0.5-0.9
Fe 0.35 0.35
Cu 0.10 0.3
Mn 0.10 0.5
Mg 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.7
Cr 0.10 0.30
Zn 0.10 0.20
Ti 0.10 0.10
Mn+Cr - 0.12-0.50
Each 0.05 0.05
Total 0.15 0.15
Al Re Re

The 6005A alloy (Si: 0.50-0.9, Mg: 0.40-0.7, Mn and Cr 0.12-0.50%) is registered in France. Compared to the American 6005 alloy, it has equal amounts of Mg and Si, but it also incorporates 0.12%~0.50% of Mn and Cr. This not only grants it extrusion performance comparable to alloy 6063, but also enhances its strength properties.

Physical properties of 6005 6005a t6 aluminum bar

Property Value
Density 2.70 g/cm³
Melting Point 605℃
Thermal Expansion 24 x10-6 /K
Modulus of Elasticity 70 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 188 W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity 0.034 x10-6 Ω.m

Mechanical properties of 6005 6005a t6 aluminum bar

Mechanical Property ≤25mm 25mm-50mm 50mm-100mm
Proof Stress 225 Min MPa 225 Min MPa 215 Min MPa
Tensile Strength 270 Min MPa 270 Min MPa 260 Min MPa
Elongation A50 mm 8% - -
Shear Strength 205 MPa - -
Hardness Brinell 90 HB 90 HB 85HB
Elongation A 10 Min % 8 Min % 8 Min %

Features of 6005 6005A aluminum rods

  • 6005 6005A aluminum rods exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance, maintaining stable performance in various environments, especially in wet and corrosive gas conditions.
  • Heat treatment can be applied to 6005 6005A, allowing for adjustments in mechanical properties and other characteristics through controlled thermal processes to meet specific application requirements.
  • Notably, 6005A alloy boasts excellent extrusion performance, making it suitable for manufacturing complex-shaped components using the extrusion process.
  • These aluminum rods offer excellent bending performance, making them suitable for applications requiring bending or shaping without excessive fracture or damage.
  • They demonstrate high fatigue strength, ensuring reliability in applications involving prolonged or repeated loads.
  • Both 6005 6005A alloys perform excellently in various welding methods, including gas welding, TIG welding, spot welding, and roll welding, enhancing their manufacturing and processing versatility.

Features of 6005 6005A aluminum rods

Chalco's types of 6005 6005A aluminum rods

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum round bar

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum round bar

Diameter: Φ5-350mm

Length: 1000-6000mm

These rods exhibit good extrusion performance and can undergo in-line quenching. They offer high strength and corrosion resistance, finding wide application in the manufacturing of light rail passenger cars, railway passenger cars, and high-speed EMUs, making them crucial materials in rail transportation manufacturing.

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum square bar

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum square bar

Diameter: 5-200mm

Length: 1000-6000mm

After solution heat treatment and artificial aging, these rods have slightly reduced ductility but higher strength and mechanical performance. They are widely used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing for support structures, frames, and more.

6005 6005A T5 extruded aluminum flat bars

6005 6005A T5 extruded aluminum flat bars

Thickness: 0.15-40mm

Width: 10-200mm

Length: 1000-6000mm

6005-T5 extruded aluminum flat bars match the strength and machining performance of 6061-T6, surpassing 6063-T6. They find applications in domestic and international subways, high-speed railways, and various types of passenger and freight vehicles.

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum hexagonal bar

6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum hexagonal bar

Diameter: 5-200mm

Length: 1000-6000mm

Following heat treatment, 6005 6005A T6 extruded aluminum hexagonal bars generally exhibit high strength and mechanical properties. They are commonly used in areas that require specific strength and mechanical performance, such as high-speed rail components, mechanical parts, and manufacturing industries.

6005 6005A aluminum cast round bar

6005 6005A aluminum cast round bar

Diameter: Φ124-1350mm

Length: 1000-6000mm

6005 6005A Aluminum Cast Round Bar are mainly used for subsequent extrusion blanks, with a maximum diameter of up to 1350mm.

Applications of 6005 6005A aluminum bar

6005 6005A aluminum alloys belong to the Al-Mg-Si series wrought aluminum alloys, offering moderate strength, excellent plasticity, corrosion resistance, weldability, formability, and good thermal extrusion performance. As a result, they have versatile applications, including.

Rail transportation car body structures

6005A-T6 aluminum bar achieve medium strength through online air cooling or water mist cooling followed by artificial aging. They can be extruded into wide, flat, thin-walled hollow profiles. As such, they are extensively used in the manufacturing of light rail passenger cars, railway passenger cars, and especially high-speed EMU car bodies, making them indispensable materials in rail vehicle manufacturing.

High-speed EMU car fronts

6005 aluminum rods medium strength, excellent plasticity, corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability have led to its application in welded structural components and the manufacturing of high-speed train fronts in recent years. Its exceptional overall performance makes it a key material for achieving high-speed train operations.

Building curtain walls

6005 aluminum bar sections are used as replacements for 6063 alloy sections in building curtain walls. They exhibit superior mechanical and processing properties, reducing processes and costs while meeting national standards.

Building bridges and guardrails

Aluminum guardrails made from 6005 aluminum rods are widely applied in bridge manufacturing, shops, residences, factory gates, as well as fencing at construction sites and ranches. Their lightweight nature, high strength, and easy installation and disassembly characteristics provide convenience for construction.

Industrial sector

Al6005A rods is widely used in tower structures, platforms, structures, and pipe manufacturing. Its moderate strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, and formability make it an ideal material for manufacturing communication tower structures, industrial platforms, industrial ladders, and structures. It meets the requirements of outdoor and industrial environments while offering advantages in lightweight and ease of processing.

Applications of 6005 6005A aluminum bar

6005 6005A aluminum bar supplier

Chalco is a large modern aluminum processing enterprise that combines research, processing, and manufacturing. It possesses equipment such as 12, 500-ton horizontal extruders, 2800mm hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, and 6, 000-ton stretch straighteners. It has the world's most advanced "1+4" hot rolling production line.

Additionally, Chalco has multiple imported cutting machines, fully automatic feeding saws, large vertical automatic feeders, and other processing equipment, allowing material processing according to various industry requirements and fulfilling different processing needs. Services like ultrasonic testing of aluminum bars, sawing, milling, facing, thin-film laser engraving, etc., are also provided. All products are certified by CE and ISO9001, and they can be customized to meet different standards, such as Japanese, European, American, etc. For more details, please email us to discuss. Chalco looks forward to cooperating with you!

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6005 Aluminum Alloy vs. 6005A Aluminum Alloy

6005A aluminum alloy is a medium-strength wrought alloy developed based on AA6005 . It is characterized by excellent extrusion performance, online quenching capability during extrusion, and corrosion resistance. Here is a summary of their main similarities and differences.


  • Both belong to the 6000 series aluminum alloys, mainly composed of magnesium and silicon, strengthened by heat treatment.
  • Both exhibit superior corrosion resistance, formability, strength, and weldability, suitable for various applications.
  • They possess excellent bending performance, although they are not recommended for frequent overloading or impact applications.
  • Easily undergo brazing and welding in commercial applications, though welding heat can reduce strength.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and enhanced surface treatment properties.


  • 6005 aluminum alloy contains high silicon content, lowering the melting point and improving extrusion performance. 6005A aluminum alloy contains more chromium and additional manganese to reduce stress corrosion risk and enhance toughness. The additional manganese increases extrudability and strength.
  • While generally similar in overall mechanical performance, slight differences in alloy element content and processing techniques may lead to slightly different strength, plasticity, and mechanical performance under specific conditions.
  • 6005 6005A alloys share similar properties with 6106 and 6005 6005A alloys and are sometimes interchangeable. However, 6005 6005A alloys exhibit superior extrusion performance, and 6005A can even replace 6061 due to its better extrudability and surface appearance.

6005 6005A aluminum rods are among our featured products. If their characteristics do not meet your project's requirements, we also offer other rod materials from the 6000 series, such as 6061 aluminum rods, 6005 6005A aluminum rods.

Production process of 6005 6005A aluminum bars

Process for casting 6005 6005A aluminum bars

  • Melting: the raw aluminum alloy material is melted at high temperatures, transforming it into liquid aluminum alloy.
  • Casting: the molten aluminum alloy is poured into pre-made molds, and after cooling and solidification, it takes the initial shape of aluminum bars.
  • Sawing: the solidified aluminum bars are cut using saws to remove any undesired parts, leaving the desired length of aluminum bar blanks.
  • Homogenization: the aluminum bars undergo a heat treatment process to achieve a uniform internal structure, reducing internal stresses.
  • Cooling and cleaning of bars: the homogenized aluminum bars are cooled and cleaned, preparing them for subsequent processing.
  • Aluminum bars storage: the processed aluminum bars are stored for future use.

Process for extruding 6005 6005A aluminum bars

  • Pre-extrusion preparation: the aluminum alloy material is prepared for the extrusion process, which includes heating it to the appropriate temperature.
  • Extrusion: the heated aluminum alloy is forced through a specially shaped die to produce aluminum bars with the desired cross-sectional shape.
  • Stretching and straightening: the extruded aluminum bars are stretched and straightened to improve their mechanical properties and alignment.
  • Cutting finished products: the stretched bars are cut into the desired lengths using cutting equipment, creating finished aluminum bars.
  • Framing and edge trimming: the finished aluminum bars are framed and their edges are trimmed to meet the required specifications.

Guidelines for purchasing 6005 6005A aluminum bar from Chalco Aluminum

Before purchasing 6005 6005A aluminum bars from China Aluminum, please confirm the sizes and quantities you need. Then, contact our customer service team, and we will provide you with the highest quality products and the most competitive market prices.

6005 6005A aluminum bar price

6005 6005A aluminum bar price: (LME ingot price + processing fee) × weight + packaging fee + transportation fee

Please contact China Aluminum for price inquiries, as well as the processing fee per ton for various specifications of aluminum bars. The processing fees for different sizes of 6005 6005A aluminum bars may vary significantly, and we will provide you with the most favorable quotation.

6005 6005A-T5 Aluminum Bar, 6005 6005A-T6 Aluminum Bar are the most commonly ordered conditions.

Calculation of 6005 6005A aluminum bar weight

Weight of aluminum round bar: πR² * h × 0.0000027 (3.1415 * square of the radius of the aluminum bar * length of the aluminum bar * density, radius length in millimeters). Insert link to aluminum round bar weight calculator.

Calculation of Aluminum Square Bar Weight = A-side * B-side * 0.0027 * h (length of the aluminum bar)Where A-side and B-side are the dimensions of the square bar's sides, and h is the length of the aluminum bar in millimeters.

Appearance quality of 6005 6005A aluminum bar

  • The surface of 6005 6005A round, square, or hexagonal bars should be free from cracks, bubbles, or corrosive spots.
  • The thickness of 6005 6005A round, square, or hexagonal bars must not exceed the allowable deviation range.
  • The surface of 6005 6005A round, square, or hexagonal bars should be free from deep scratches, abrasions, dents, or straightening marks that exceed the deviation range.

Packaging of 6005 6005A aluminum bar

  • Plastic or kraft paper packaging with moisture desiccants.
  • Mounted on wooden pallets, reinforced with steel straps, and provided with fumigation certificates.
  • Conforming to GB/T3199 standard requirements.
  • Packaging can be tailored to other customer requirements.
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