7A03 Aluminum Alloy Wire for Fasteners
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7A03 Aluminum Alloy Wire for Fasteners

7A03 aluminum alloy is an alloy for superhard rivets. The plasticity of quenching and artificial aging is enough to make rivets riveted; 7A03 aluminum alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment, with high shear strength at room temperature, good corrosion resistance, and good machinability.

7A03 fastener aluminum wire is generally used in aerospace, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry and construction and other fields.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 7A03 aluminum alloy wire for fasteners?

Quality could fully meet international standard, such as GB/T3195-2023.

Chalco produces various grades of aluminum alloy wires with very strict tolerances, specifications covering 0.5mm-20mm, and the weight of a single coil is produced according to customer requirements. 7A03 fastener aluminum alloy wire is used to produce various fasteners, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, screws, nuts, and various high-end fields such as military industry, aviation, shipbuilding, and automobiles.

Specs of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

Type Alloy Temper Diameter mm
Fastener aluminum wire 7A03 H14、T6 1.60~10.00

Chemical composition of 7A03 alloy

Element Composition %
Si 0.20
Fe 0.20
Cu 1.8-2.4
Mn 0.10
Mg 1.2-1.6
Cr 0.05
Zr -
Zn 6.0-6.7
Ti 0.02-0.06
Al Remainder

Shear strength and riveting properties of 7A03 fastener aluminum wire

Alloy Temper Sample Temper Diameter mm Shear strength τ Mpa Riveting property
Protrusion height of sample ratio to diameter Riveting test time
7A03 H14 H14 1.6-8.0 1.4
>8.0-10.0 1.3
T6 T6 1.6-4.5 ≥285 1.4
>4.5-8.0 1.3
>8.0-10.0 1.2

Dimension tolerance of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

Diameter Tolerance allowed
Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
≤1.6 +0.000
±0.015 +0.00
>1.6-4.0 +0.000
±0.025 +0.00
>4.0-6.0 +0.000
±0.040 +0.00
>6.0-10.0 +0.000
±0.060 +0.00

Appearance Quality of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

Defect name Technical requirement
Fastener aluminum wire
Cracks, burrs, peeling, air bubbles, bumps, dents, scratches, triangular mouths, metal press-in, non-metal press-in and surface corrosion Not allowed
Scuffs, scratches, bumps Allowable depth does not exceed half of the negative deviation value
Oil spots Allowed

Features of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

The characteristics of 7A03 fastener aluminum alloy wire are as follows:

High strength: 7A03 aluminum alloy has high strength, which makes it suitable for manufacturing high-strength fasteners, such as screws, bolts, rivets, etc.

Good machinability: 7A03 aluminum alloy wire has good machinability, and can manufacture fasteners of various shapes and specifications through extrusion, drawing and other processes.

Lightweight: aluminum alloy has a lower density and is lighter than other metals such as steel, so fasteners made of 7A03 aluminum alloy can help reduce overall weight.

Corrosion resistance: aluminum alloys generally have good corrosion resistance, which makes 7A03 aluminum alloy fasteners stable in wet or corrosive environments.

Heat treatment strengthening: 7A03 aluminum alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment to further improve its strength and performance to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Wide range of applications: 7A03 aluminum alloy fasteners are suitable for many fields, such as aerospace, automobiles, ships, construction, etc., especially in occasions that require lightweight and high strength.

It should be noted that the performance and characteristics of 7A03 aluminum alloy fasteners may be affected by other factors, such as production process, product size, surface treatment, etc. When purchasing and using, it is recommended to consult a professional aluminum alloy supplier or an expert in the related field to ensure that the appropriate product is selected and meets the specific application requirements.

Features of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

Use of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

7A03 fastener aluminum wire has high application value in fasteners and is usually used in the following aspects:

Aerospace field: in the aerospace industry, the material requirements are very stringent, requiring high-strength and light-weight materials. 7A03 aluminum alloy has high strength and low density, which is suitable for manufacturing aerospace fasteners, such as rivets and screws.

Automotive industry: in automotive manufacturing, fasteners are key elements for connecting and fixing various components. 7A03 fastener aluminum wire can be used to manufacture high-strength aluminum alloy screws, bolts and other fasteners to meet the needs of the automotive industry for lightweight and high performance.

Shipbuilding industry: in shipbuilding and maintenance, it is often necessary to use high-strength, corrosion-resistant fasteners. 7A03 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and high strength, and is suitable for the manufacture of fasteners used in marine environments.

Construction engineering: in the field of construction, various fasteners are used to fix and connect structural components. 7A03 fastener aluminum wire can be used to manufacture aluminum alloy screws, bolts and other fasteners with high shear strength, which is suitable for construction engineering applications.

Electronics: in some electronic devices, lightweight and strong materials are required for fasteners. 7A03 aluminum alloy has appropriate strength and light weight properties, which can meet the fastener needs of some electronic equipment.

In general, the advantages of 7A03 fastener aluminum wire in fastener manufacturing lie in its high strength, good processability and corrosion resistance, making it an important material in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, construction and other fields. However, in specific applications, it is still necessary to select the appropriate fastener material according to the specific needs and use environment.

Use of 7A03 fastener aluminium wire

Precautions for purchasing 7A03 fastener aluminum wire

When purchasing 7A03 fastener aluminum wire, you need to pay attention to the following:

Supplier reputation: choose reputable and experienced suppliers or distributors. Check the supplier's customer testimonials and word of mouth to ensure that the products they provide are of reliable quality.

Product specifications: confirm whether the specifications of the purchased 7A03 aluminum alloy wire meet your needs. Including parameters such as diameter and strength, make sure it is suitable for your specific application scenario.

Quality certification: find out whether the product has passed relevant quality certification, such as ISO certification, quality management system certification, etc. Certification demonstrates that a product meets international quality standards.

Material identification: make sure that there is a clear identification on the product, indicating that it is 7A03 aluminum alloy wire, so as to avoid buying the wrong product.

Lot tracking: find out if the supplier is able to provide lot tracking services. In this way, in the later use, if there is a problem, the source of the raw material can be accurately found.

Inquiry and comparison: multiple suppliers make an inquiry and compare prices and services offered. Consider not only the price, but also product quality and after-sales service.

Transportation and packaging: confirm whether the supplier's transportation method and packaging can ensure the safe transportation and proper storage of the product.

Return policy: know the supplier's return policy in case there is an unforeseen problem after purchase and you need to return or exchange the product.

Legal compliance: ensure that the purchased 7A03 aluminum alloy wire complies with local laws, regulations and quality standards.

Communicate with suppliers: communicate with suppliers before purchasing to clarify your needs and confirm product availability and delivery time.

You need to be cautious when purchasing any product, especially for some special materials, such as 7A03 aluminum alloy wire, it is very important to ensure that the purchased product meets your requirements. If there are specific technical requirements or quality standards, it is recommended to fully communicate with the supplier and carefully verify the relevant information of the product before purchasing.

Precautions for purchasing 7A03 fastener aluminum wire

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