5B05 Hx8/O Aerospace Grade Aluminum Wire
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5B05 Hx8/O Aerospace Grade Aluminum Wire

Why Chalco 5B05 aluminum wire?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

GB/T 3196-2018.

We meet international aviation quality certification standards


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Chalco is a manufacturer with advanced technology and R&D capabilities in the field of aerospace materials, committed to common development with customers.

Specification of 5B05 aluminum wire

Alloy 5B05
Temper Hx8/O
Round wire diameter (mm) 0.5 to 20
Flat wire width (mm) 2 to 20
thickness (mm) 0.5 to 6

Chemical composition for 5B05 aluminum wire

Element Composition
Si (Silicon) 0.4-0.8
Fe (Iron) 0.35
Cu (Copper) 0.1
Mn (Manganese) 0.15
Mg (Magnesium) 4.2-4.9
Cr (Chromium) 0.05-0.25
Zn (Zinc) 0.2
Ti (Titanium) 0.06-0.20
Al (Aluminum, balance) Balance

The above is the standard range of chemical composition, and it can be fine-tuned according to specific production requirements in practice.

Physical performance 5B05 aluminium wire

Typical shear strength of 5B05 alloy wire at room temperature

Temper d/mm Shear strength /(N*mm-2)
Hx8 5 223
- 216
2.5-4 235
1.6-10.0 205
O - 186

High temperature resistance of 5B05 O wire with diameter of 4~10mm

d/mm Temper/°C Shear strength /(N*mm-2)
4-10 20 195
100 195
200 157
300 98

Other physical performance 5B05 aluminium wire

Index Requirements
Density Not greater than 2.76 g/cm3
Linear expansion coefficient (20-100°C) Not greater than 24.0×10-6/K
Linear expansion coefficient (20-200°C) Not greater than 25.5×10-6/K
Linear expansion coefficient (20-300°C) Not greater than 27.0×10-6/K
Electrical resistivity (20°C) Not greater than 0.055 Ω·mm2/m
Magnetic susceptibility (20°C) Not greater than 1.3×10-6
Thermal conductivity (20°C) Not less than 122 W/m·K
Melting point range 509-638°C
Melting enthalpy Not less than 380 J/g

What are the characteristics of 5B05 aviation aluminum wire?

High strength

Aviation aluminum wire has higher strength than general aluminum alloys, which provides better strength and rigidity and can improve the stability and durability of the aircraft.

Good processing properties

  • Good plasticity suitable for deep drawing;
  • Good weldability suitable for various welding methods;
  • Good machinability suitable for various cutting and drilling operations

Corrosion resistance

Aviation aluminum wire has excellent corrosion resistance and can work in high humidity and high temperature environments without rusting or corroding, resulting in a longer service life.

features of 5B05 aerospace aluminum wire

Light weight

Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy has a lower density, which can reduce the weight of the structure and help improve the fuel efficiency and load capacity of the aircraft.

Environmental protection

Aviation aluminum wire is a recyclable material, which is environmentally friendly and conforms to the concept of sustainable development.

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