High Precision Aluminum Plates
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High Precision Aluminum Plates

This product has outstanding machinability, excellent high-speed cutting rates, and exceptional feed rates, all of which contribute to reducing machining time and improving efficiency. Chalco Aluminum offers improved performance characteristics when compared to standard aluminum tooling plate, including stringent flatness tolerances that are unsurpassed in the industry.

High Precision Aluminum Plates

Chalco Aluminium main aluminum plates products

5052/5083 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

5052/5083 is known for being one of the easiest types of aluminum to weld and also known for its resistance to salt water. They are widely used in the bodies of ships, buses, trucks, trailers and chemical barrels. One side of these sheets and bars is polished to a brushed or mirrored finish. The polished surface is covered with a protective release film.

5052/5083 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

Features of high-precision aluminum plate 5052/5083

Standing specifications

Alloy Quality Level Thickness Tolerance of Thickness Flatness HB Size
5052 5083 A 4mm-20mm ±0.05mm 0.1mm/m2 55-65HB 1525*3050/1500*3000mm
A+ 4mm-20mm ±0.05mm 0.1mm/m2 55-65HB 1525*3050/1500*3000mm
25mm-40mm ±0.05mm 0.2mm/m2 55-65HB 1525*3050/1500*3000mm

Application of 5052/5083 high-precision aluminum plate product

5052/5083 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate is mainly used for electronic and electrical product accessories, medical equipment, optical instruments, high-precision tooling, fixtures, and carriers.

6061 T651 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

6061 aluminum sheet is the standard aluminum sheet for general purpose applications. Silicon and magnesium are the main alloying elements of this heat treatable aluminum alloy. it has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance and often be used in structural applications.

6061 T651 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

Although it may not be as machineable as 2024 and 7075, it is certainly used in many machined part applications that do not require the higher strength levels present in 7075 and 2024.

One of the main benefits of choosing the 6061 High Precision Ultra Flat is the versatility of the alloy. It is suitable for all fields such as electronics and agriculture, and also for storage tanks, hydraulic cylinders, pipes, construction and even sporting goods.

Advantage of using 6061 aluminum sheet is corrosion resistance, which is a major benefit if your product is frequently exposed to weather, humidity or extreme temperature changes.

Features of high-precision aluminum plate 6061 t651

Alloy 6061 T651
Quality Level A+
Thickness 3mm-12mm 15mm-20mm
Tolerance of Thickness +0.03mm +0.06mm
Flatness 0.05mm/m2 0.1mm/m2
HB 90-110HB 90-110HB

Specification of standing high-precision aluminum plate

Thickenss Size (mm)
3mm-20mm 2000/2500*5000/6200
25mm-30mm 1525*5000
35mm-40mm 1250*5000

Application of 6061 aluminum plate

This special aluminum or precision plate can be used for almost any application or general purpose project. Alloy 6061 is suitable for the following projects:

7075 T651 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

The main alloying element in 7075 is zinc. 7075 is the first Al-Zn-Mg-Cu high-strength alloy with added chromium as an alloying element, so that the sheet has good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Although 7075 aluminum is not weldable, has low levels of corrosion resistance, and offers only average performance, this alloy has considerable fatigue strength.

7075 T651 high-precision ultra-flat aluminum plate

Alloy 7075 has a high strength-to-density ratio and is commonly used in applications such as rock climbing equipment, hang glider airframes, and military rifles. 7075 aluminum is still considered the alloy of choice for today's aircraft and aerospace industries.

Features of high-precision aluminum plate 7075 T651

Standing specifications

Alloy 7075 T651
Thicknes 3mm 4mm-12mm
Tolerance of Thickness ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Flatness 0.1-0.5mm/m2 0.1-0.5mm/m2
HB >150HB >150HB
size 1250*2500/5000mm 1250*2500/5000mm

7075 aluminum applications

In terms of strength, 7075 aluminum ranks among the top aluminum alloys manufactured for consumer and industrial market demands. Among other 7XXX alloys, alloy 7075 exists as a standard with a variety of properties suitable for aircraft and aerospace applications. In particular, this alloy is used in various forms, including 7075 aluminum rods, which are ideal for parts subject to high stress levels. The strength properties of alloy 7075 are beneficial in the manufacture of items such as aircraft structures, military-grade rifles, bicycle parts and equipment, and plastic industrial molds.

The aluminum alloy best suited for aerospace applications is 7075 T651. This tempered alloy has high tensile strength, making it particularly suitable for certain high-strength applications.

Main features of Chalco high-precision aluminum sheet

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