6082 O T6 Marine Aluminum Square Bar
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6082 O T6 Marine Aluminum Square Bar

6082 aluminum alloy is an Al-Mg-Si series heat-treatable aluminum alloy with medium strength, good weldability and corrosion resistance, and can still maintain good workability after annealing. It is mainly used in mechanical structures, including Rods, plates, pipes and profiles etc. Its T6 state has high mechanical properties and is widely used in shipbuilding.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum's 6082 aluminum square bar?

Quality could full meet world wide marine grade standard: CCS, DNV, NK, CCS, ABS, BV, LR, KR.

marine grade certification

Production and management comply with international marine quality system, to make sure best quality of super resistance to corrosion, good welding ability and strong impact-resistance.

Specs of 6082 aluminum square bar

Alloy 6082
Temper O, T4, T3511, T6, T8511
Side length mm 10 -220mm
Normal length 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm
Standard GBT 26006-2010, EN 755, EN754

Chemical composition of 6082 Alloy

Si 0.7-1.3
Mg 0.6-1.2
Fe ≤0.5
Cu ≤0.1
Mn 0.4-1.0
Cr ≤0.25
Ti ≤0.10
Zn 0.20
Al Remainder

Property of 6082 aluminum square bar

Alloy Temper Inscribed circle diameter of square bar /mm Tension Strength /(N/mm2) Yield Strength/(N/mm2) Elongation /%
A A50 mm
Not less than
6082 O ≤12.50 ≤160 ≤110 - 12
≥12.50-150.00 ≤160 ≤110 14 -
T4, T3511 ≤12.50 205 110 - 14
>12.50-120.00 205 110 14 -
T6, T8511 ≤5.00 295 250 - 6
>5.00-12.50 310 260 - 10
>12.50-120.00 310 260 8 -

Dimension tolerance of 6082 aluminum square bar

Square bar width (or side length) 6082 aluminum alloy corresponding width or side length allowable deviation
10.00-18.00 ±0.22
>18.00-25.00 ±0.25
>25.00-40.00 ±0.30
>40.00-50.00 ±0.35
>50.00-65.00 ±0.40
>65.00-80.00 ±0.45
>80.00-100.00 ±0.55
>100.00-120.00 ±0.65
>120.00-150.00 ±0.80
>150.00-180.00 ±1.00
>180.00-220.00 ±1.15
Square bar width (or side length) The allowable deviation of fillets (or chamfers) corresponding to the width (or side length) of 6082 alloy square rods
10.00-25.00 ≤1.0
>25.00-50.00 ≤1.5
>50.00-80.00 ≤2.0
>80.00-120.00 ≤2.5
>120.00-180.00 ≤2.5
>180.00-220.00 ≤3.5
Square bar width (or side length) Angular deviation corresponding to width (or side length)
10.00-100.00 ≤0.01×Width
>100.00-180.00 ≤1.0
>180.00-220.00 ≤1.5
Square bar width (or side length) Curvature h on any 300mm length of square bar Curvature h on the full length of the square bar (L meters)
10.00-80.00 ≤0.8 ≤2×L
>80.00-120.00 ≤1.0 ≤2×L
>120.00-220.00 ≤1.5 ≤3×L
Square bar width (or side length) Twist degree of any 1000mm length of square bar Twist over the full length of the square bar
10.00-30.00 ≤1 ≤3
>30.00-50.00 ≤1.5 ≤4
>50.00-120.00 ≤2 ≤5
>120.00-220.00 ≤3 ≤6
Square bar width (or side length) Permissible deviations in the following lengths on square rods of fixed length
2000 >2000-5000 >5000
10.00-100.00 +5 +7 +10
0 0 0
>100.00-200.00 +7 +9 +12
0 0 0
>200.00-220.00 +8 +11 +14
0 0 0

Features of 6082 aluminum square bar

High strength: 6082 aluminum alloy has excellent strength characteristics, and has higher strength than general aluminum alloy materials such as 6061 and 6063. This makes 6082 aluminum square bar excellent in applications requiring higher strength.

Corrosion resistance: 6082 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, especially for seawater and various industrial chemicals. This makes it suitable for applications such as marine environments and the chemical industry where corrosion resistance is required.

Machinability: 6082 aluminum square bar has good machinability and can be processed and manufactured by conventional metal processing methods, such as milling, drilling, cutting and welding. This makes 6082 aluminum square bars widely used in the field of manufacturing.

Heat treatment: 6082 aluminum alloy can be processed and strengthened by heat treatment methods, such as heat treatment, age hardening, etc. This makes 6082 Aluminum Square Bar very useful in applications where further improvements in strength and hardness are required.

Lightweight: aluminum alloy has a lower density than other common metals, and the same is true for 6082 aluminum square rods. This makes 6082 aluminum square rod very popular in applications that require a lightweight material, such as aerospace, automotive, and transportation.

It should be noted that the above characteristics are the general characteristics of 6082 aluminum square rod, and the specific performance characteristics are also affected by factors such as material processing state, shape and size.

Features of 6082 aluminum square bar

Uses of 6082 aluminum square bar

Structural support: 6082 aluminum square rods can be used to manufacture structural support materials for the hull, such as masts, beams, support columns, etc. Its high strength and corrosion resistance make it ideal for hull construction.

Deck and railing: 6082 aluminum square bars can be used to manufacture ship decks and railings. Its lightweight nature makes the hull more stable and able to bear the weight of the crew and equipment.

Handrails and guardrails: 6082 aluminum square bars can also be used to make handrails and guardrails on ships. They provide extra security and support, while also resisting saltwater erosion and harsh environmental conditions.

Ship equipment bracket: 6082 aluminum square rod can be used to manufacture various ship equipment brackets, such as steering gear brackets, navigation equipment brackets, etc. Its strength and rigidity ensure secure installation and proper operation of equipment.

Ship interior decoration: 6082 aluminum square rod can also be used for decoration and design of ship interior. It has beautiful appearance and strong corrosion resistance, and can be used to make handrails, lamp brackets, storage racks, etc.

These are just some of the common uses of 6082 Aluminum Square Rod on ships, there are actually many others, and specific uses may vary by ship type and design needs.

Uses of 6082 aluminum square bar

Precautions for buying 6082 aluminum square bar

Specifications and dimensions: determine the specifications and dimensions of the 6082 aluminum square rod you need, including side length, length and thickness, etc. This will depend on your specific project and usage.

Quality certification: ensure that the purchased 6082 aluminum square rod meets the relevant quality certification standards. Generally, aluminum should meet international standards (such as ASTM) or industry standards.

Supplier reputation: choose a reliable supplier or distributor to purchase 6082 aluminum square rods. They should have a good reputation and experience, be able to provide high-quality products, and be able to provide necessary technical support and after-sales service.

Price comparison: compare prices from different suppliers and make sure they are reasonable and in line with market conditions. Be careful not to focus only on price, but also product quality and service.

Logistics and delivery time: understand the supplier's logistics arrangement and delivery time. Make sure they can deliver the product on time and with proper packaging and shipping to avoid damage.

Inspect the product: before purchasing 6082 aluminum square rod, inspect the product for surface defects, scratches, or other non-conforming issues. You can also ask the supplier to provide a product sample or provide a physical inspection if possible.

Quality assurance: understand the supplier's quality assurance policy, including return policy and after-sales service. Make sure you have adequate coverage after purchase.

In conclusion, the purchase of 6082 aluminum square bars requires careful consideration of factors such as product specifications, quality, supplier reputation, and price. Establishing a good cooperative relationship with reliable suppliers can ensure that you get high-quality products that meet your requirements.

Precautions for buying 6082 aluminum square bar

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