7A09 T4/T6 Aerospace Aluminum Wire
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7A09 T4/T6 Aerospace Aluminum Wire

7A09 aluminum wire is an aluminum alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It has excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, and can be used in the manufacture of various structural parts and high-strength parts, such as aerospace, ships, automobiles, railway vehicles and other fields.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum 7A09 T4/T6 aluminum wire?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

AMS 4123

EN 485-2

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specs of 7A09 T4/T6 aluminum wire

Alloy 7A09
Temper T4, T6, T7, T73
Diameter 0.5-12MM
Standard AMS 4123, EN 485-2

Chemical composition of 7A09 aluminum alloy

Element Composition range(%)
(Al) Reminder
(Zn) 2.4%-2.8%
(Mg) 1.8%-2.4%
(Cu) 1.2%-1.8%
(Cr) 0.08%-0.15%
(Mn) 0.06%-0.15%
(Ti) 0.05%-0.15%
(Si) 0.15%-0.40%
(V) 0.04%-0.12%
(Fe) <0.30%
(Sn) <0.10%
(Zr) <0.10%
Other <0.05%

Property of 7A09 aluminum wire

Physical properties Value
Density 2.79 g/cm3
Melting point 570°C
Yield strength <680 MPa
Tensile strength 780 MPa
Elongation <10%
Hardness 160 HB
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.8×10-6/°C(20°C)
Thermal conductivity 121 W/(m·K)(20°C)
Conductivity 27.6 MS/m(20°C)

Tempers of 7A09 aluminum alloy

Solid solution temper (7A09-T4)

The 7A09 aluminum alloy that has undergone solid solution treatment forms a solid solution state after rapid cooling (water quenching or air cooling), also known as T4 temper. Alloys in solid solution state have high plasticity and toughness, but relatively low strength.

Age hardening temper (7A09-T6)

After solution treatment and then aging treatment, the age hardening state is formed, also known as T6 temper. Alloys in the age-hardening state have high strength, hardness and wear resistance, but relatively low ductility and toughness.

Other tempers

In addition, 7A09 aluminum alloy can also undergo other treatments, such as overaging treatment (T7, T73) and intermediate aging treatment (T6), to adjust its mechanical properties.

The use of 7A09 aluminum wire

The high strength and low density of 7A09 aluminum wire make it an ideal material for the aerospace field, and can be used to manufacture the following parts on the aircraft:

  • aircraft structures
  • aircraft engines
  • aircraft propellers
  • other components, such as the circuit system, information transmission system, etc.

application of 7A09 aerospace aluminum wire

The characteristics of 7A09 aluminum wire

High strength:7A09 aluminum wire is a high-strength aluminum alloy, which has higher yield strength and tensile strength than traditional aluminum alloys.

Good toughness:7A09 aluminum wire has good toughness and ductility at the same time of high strength, so that it has better performance when bearing shock and vibration.

Good corrosion resistance:7A09 aluminum wire has good corrosion resistance, and its performance is stable and not susceptible to corrosion in harsh environments such as air and sea water.

Good electrical conductivity:7A09 aluminum wire has good electrical and thermal conductivity, which makes it widely used in the field of power transmission.

Lightweight:7A09 aluminum wire has a lower density and is lighter in weight than steel and other materials, which helps to achieve lightweight design.

features of 7A09 aerospace aluminum wire

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