7A04 T6 T6511 Aerospace Aluminum Rod Bar
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7A04 T6 T6511 Aerospace Aluminum Rod Bar

Chalco can produce UNS A97A04 QQA 200/2 7A04 aerospace aluminum rod bar, has AS9100 Collin Aviation Certification.

Specifications of Chalco Aluminium 7A04 aerospace rod bar

Alloy: 7A04

Material tempers: T3, T6, T8, T651, T6511 etc.

Standard: UNS A97A04 QQA 200/2

Diameter: From 0.25" (6.35mm) to 10" (254mm).

Length: usually about 12 feet (3.66 meters), different lengths can also be customized according to customer needs.

Other dimensions may vary depending on the needs of the application.

7A04 aerospace aluminum bar

Chemical composition of Chalco 7A04 aerospace aluminum alloy

Element Composition %
Si 0.5
Fe 0.5
Cu 1.4-2.0
Mn 0.20-0.60
Mg 1.8-2.8
Ti 0.1
Cr 0.10-0.25
Zn 5.0-7.0
Other (Each) 0.0-0.05
Aluminium (Al) Balance

Mechanical properties of Chalco 7A04 aerospace high quality rod bar

Tensile strength 530 MPa
Yield strength 400 Min MPa
Electrical conductivity 5% IACS

Product features of Chalco 7A04 aviation aluminum alloy rod bar

High strength: the tensile strength of 7A04 aviation aluminum rod can reach more than 500MPa, which is one of the highest strength varieties among aluminum alloys, and can meet the high requirements for material strength in the aviation field.

Lightweight: 7A04 aviation aluminum rod has a lower density and is lighter than metal materials such as steel and titanium alloys. It can effectively reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve the load capacity and economy.

Good corrosion resistance: the surface of 7A04 aviation aluminum rod has been specially treated, which has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as atmosphere and sea water.

Excellent processing performance: 7A04 aviation aluminum rod has excellent processing performance, and can be processed by various processing techniques to produce various complex shapes of parts.

features of 7A04 aerospace aluminum bar

Application of Chalco 7A04 industrial aerospace grade aluminium rod bar

Due to the high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good processing performance of 7A04 aluminum rods, 7A04 aviation aluminum rods are widely used in the aviation field, and are often used to make wings, fuselages, engine parts, etc.

application of 7A04 aerospace aluminum bar

Production process of Chalco Aluminum 7A04 (UNS A97A04) rod bar

Material preparation: choose the appropriate aluminum alloy material and cut it to an appropriate length according to the requirements.

Heat treatment: heat the aluminum rod material to a specific temperature and then cool it in air to improve its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Stretching: the heat-treated aluminum rod material is stretched to the required diameter and length by a stretching machine.

Cutting: cut the stretched aluminum rod material to the required length and shape.

Surface treatment: chemical treatment or mechanical polishing of aluminum rod material to improve its surface finish and corrosion resistance.

Inspection: inspect the appearance, size and mechanical properties of the aluminum rod material to ensure that it meets the relevant standards and requirements.

Packaging and storage: the aluminum rod material is packaged and stored for subsequent processing and use.

key points for buying 7A04 aerospace aluminum bar

Why choose Chalco Aluminium as alloy 7A04 aerospace rod bar aircraft materials manufacturer?

Chalco provides excellent quality aerospace materials, as well as the best technical services in the market, and has a deep knowledge base on how to support customers in meeting future challenges.

We have a complete set of domestic advanced aerospace materials research and development, testing and analysis instruments, which guarantee the efficiency of new product research and development and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In addition, our R&D & innovation and verification capabilities can help enhance customers' competitiveness by saving time and cost in new product development and marketing.

We have passed the AS9100 certification required by the aviation industry and the Colin Aviation certification, and produce according to the UNS A97A04 QQA 200/2 standard required by customers, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of aerospace materials produced by our company.

aerospace certification

The Chalco brand stands for quality, delivery and a solid reputation. With leading technology and globally competitive products, we can continue to develop together with our customers in the future.

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